The world’s top ten best-selling airplanes are also enjoyed by planes.

Traveling by plane or on a business trip, long-term flight is not only good to sleep, it is best not to be too terrible to eat, but some airplanes are often difficult to eat “disgusting.” Today’s leaderboard 123 ( editors have checked out the world’s top ten best airplane meals for everyone. After reading it, I can’t help but say that Air China is really defeated!

TOP10 delicious and environmentally friendly Thai Airways

 They all say that Thai aviation sisters are beautiful. They are always dressed in colorful national costumes and smile to provide pleasant “Asian style” services. In fact, Thai Airways’ dining has a very high reputation and has been voted the most delicious economy class airplane meal. On the menu, Thai-style soups such as Tom Yum Goong, Curry Chicken, and Coconut Cake can’t be less. There may also be “Fish Soup”, “Salmon Shrimp” or “Broiled Meat” to comfort your Chinese stomach. Among them, salads and desserts are the most popular, so be sure to remember them. Thai Airways is also the first airline to offer a carbon footprint-labeled aircraft meal, reducing carbon emissions to a minimum standard and practicing environmental protection at a fine level.

TOP9 is the only French airline that offers champagne in economy class

 French dinner is famous, and Air France’s plane meals are naturally not lost. As far as Chinese food is concerned, it is jointly launched by Air France and “South Beauty”, and the menu is changed every three months. It is very authentic. It is worth mentioning that Air France is the only airline in the world that provides champagne to all classes on long-haul routes. Passengers can also choose a small bottle from the six wines offered for their own consumption.

TOP8’s most lavish Emirates

 The flight search engine Skyscanner announced the results of the aircraft meal comparison of the world’s major airlines. Six of the top ten airlines are from the Middle East and Asia, and none of the airlines in China, the United States and Australia can reach the top ten, and Emirates Airlines Ranked first in the list.

 Emirates attaches great importance to the eating habits of passengers of different nationalities, with a special focus on nationality and diversity. At the same time, it may be the most lavish flight. The tableware used only for tableware is all stainless steel and fine porcelain. Most airlines are concerned about the load, so use plastic disposable tableware to reduce weight and save fuel.

TOP7 Star Chef: Lufthansa

 Lufthansa is a subsidiary of Lufthansa, which specializes in aircraft meals and serves hundreds of airlines. It is reported to account for about 30% of the aircraft meal market. With such strong support, Lufthansa’s catering is quite standard.

 It also created the “Star Chef” program to find top chefs on a global scale. The “Star Chef” team strives to showcase local cuisine in an original way and guarantees that the menu will be changed every two months. For example, since September 2012, passengers who boarded the first class or the morning cabin from China can taste the cooking skills of Huang Xiaowei, the chief chef of the Portman Ritz-Carlton in Shanghai.

TOP6 Singapore Airlines: Have an appointment with a chef

 Singapore Airlines has won numerous awards for its catering. Since 1998, it has established an international culinary advisory group composed of top chefs from all over the world. Zhu Jun, the executive chef of Shanghai Jinmeng Suzhehui, is the only Chinese chef. Its service is also notoriously intimate, with Chinese service on board, passengers with a range of 4 hours or more can choose their own meal time, tableware and linen napkins are designed by Givenchy. Singapore Airlines also offers exclusive culinary services, just pick up the reservation from the chef’s menu 24 hours in advance, but this service is only for luxury suites, first class and business class passengers.

TOP5 “Catering Housekeeper” on Etihad Airways

 Etihad Airways is the national airline of the United Arab Emirates. It claims to have the most spacious economy class seats and has opened direct flights between Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu to Abu Dhabi. On the menu, the Arabic flavor is naturally indispensable, but you can also taste the Chinese taste of beef noodles, rape, mushrooms, egg noodles and so on. Etihad Airways also has a menu service, so you can enjoy your meal at any time without having to eat time. It is particularly worth mentioning that Etihad has set up a unique “food housekeeper” on the plane. They have worked in five-star hotels. If you don’t know what to eat, please consult these experts.

TOP4 is now ready to do Cathay Pacific

 Cathay Pacific is the leader of Hong Kong’s aviation industry. Its food service company is as big as five football fields and can produce more than 80,000 plane meals a day! Cathay also placed rice cookers, toasters and pans on board. The flight attendants were able to cook rice, toast and omelettes, but only in first class, but all classes of cabins offered Chinese tea after meals.

 On long-haul routes, Cathay Pacific also provides nightingale service for passengers. Just press the service bell to get hot steamed noodles. In addition, its wine is also very famous, you can buy or log on the “DiscovertheShop” online platform on the plane, select “Future Delivery Service”.

TOP3 EVA Air’s HelloKitty Super Plane Meal

 For passengers on the EVA Air HelloKitty Painter, Kitty is omnipresent from the moment of boarding the boarding pass. Whether it is boarding pass, luggage tag, aircraft body, or hand sanitizer, paper cup, screen, toilet paper in the cabin… even the flight attendants are wearing pink kitty aprons. The plane meal is no exception. The main course, dessert, seasoning, tableware and even paper towels are all full Kitty. This kind of airplane meal may not be the most luxurious and best, but it must be the most loved, the most crazy girl. Screaming. Since May last year, EVA Air has opened the Shanghai Hongqiao-Taipei Songshan route, and everyone who has a pink kitty dream is welcome to take it.

TOP2 ANA: “The best on-board light meal”

 ANA is Japan’s largest and most passenger airline, and has the reputation of “the best on-board light meal.” The Japanese have high requirements for food, and they pay great attention to the details of the plane meal. The production and placement of the dishes are very particular. The raw materials and seasonings are also made in Japan. And the most fresh seasonal seasonal dishes are introduced every month, and the passengers who like “new and tired” are very happy.

 The plane meals are mainly Western and Japanese, and no order is allowed. For coffee, only coffee, Japanese tea, apple juice, and mineral water are free, and they are required to be provided to the flight attendants. Cola and beer are available for a fee.

TOP1 Asiana Airlines: “Da Jang Geum” at high altitude

 Asiana Airlines is one of the six five-star airlines rated by Skytrax. In South Korea, its boarding pass can be used in a designated steaming hall. The plane meal is not even said, even the economy class meal evaluation is very good. High, with a special focus on healthy fit. Hana’s healthy recipes include traditional court cuisine, gourmet acorn rice, seasonal vegetables and fruits, tofu skin for the elderly, nutritious stewed ginseng chicken and more. In addition, on Asiana Airlines, you can enjoy the authentic Rainforest Alliance certified natural green coffee without pesticides, and the “ASIANATeaGarden” service including a selection of teas to ensure the original taste. Oh.

 After reading these introductions, will you go to the food selection airline next time you travel? Eat the food and share it with your friends!

The world’s top ten most exotic restaurants, the toilet theme is only ranked eighth

  The restaurant is a place that everyone has long been familiar with and integrated into, but do you know that there are some restaurants in the world with quirky themes? Want to find out? Recently, the US Fox News Network has collected a series of such restaurants for you, and have a long experience together!
    10. Cave Restaurant

The cave restaurant called Ali Barbour in Kenya is located in a reef cave. Here, the original ecological things are displayed one by one. The most special one is the “skylight” at the top of the cave. It is especially suitable for diners to come at night, the moon. And the stars have become a bright light, is there a feeling of returning to the original?

9. Roller Coaster Restaurant

Eating and roller coasters are things that gossip can’t do, but the German restaurant combines the two. This roller coaster restaurant is fully automated. You just need to sit on your seat and order from the tablet, then just wait for the food to “ride” the roller coaster to come to you!

8. Toilet restaurant

The unique “toilet restaurant” is designed with the theme of toilet culture. Customers can sit on the toilet and use the dishes like the mini toilet to enjoy the delicious food in the shape of a stool. I really admire the diners who dare to try, so you can eat it in such a “nausea” dining environment?

7. Waterfall Restaurant

Luzon Island in the Philippines has a peculiar waterfall restaurant. The tables and stools in the restaurant are placed in the place where the waterfall flows. During the meal, the customers can not only enjoy the beauty of the waterfall, but also the beauty of the waterfall. The flowing water passes under the feet and is in close contact with nature.

6. Prison restaurant

This prison-themed hotel in Jilin, China is very unique. The customers dine in the iron cage. The waiter sends the meal to the cage from the small window of the cell door. The sign of each place is also a prison uniform. In addition, the hotel has specially developed a prison. Package”. Many customers are curious to come to experience the “iron window life”, the owner said that the decoration is to attract customers, on the other hand, to warn the public not to commit crimes.

5. Sexy Robot Restaurant

In addition to a variety of flavors, the biggest gimmick in Japan’s robotic restaurant is the sexy girl robot who can sing and dance. They are hot, not only squinting at the guests, but also dancing their hands with the rhythm of music. When dining in such an environment, customers will definitely be able to feast their eyes!

4. Automatic robot restaurant

Science fiction has always been a popular theme. The “beauty” robots with different colors are shuttled back and forth in the restaurant. They are laid along the ground with a magnetic strip track. They walk along the road to be flexible and light, and serve customers, and interact with guests from time to time. Turning people, they will say “Hello, welcome,” “Trouble you please, thank you” and other statements.

3. Ninja Restaurant

The ninja restaurant in New York, USA has a unique atmosphere. The waiters are all dressed up as ninjas, and they are equipped with knives. They will suddenly turn down from the ceiling and hang up for customers to order, and the timid customers will be careful!

2. Sky Restaurant

The sky restaurant is popular all over the world. The diners can not only enjoy the food and wine at high altitude, but also enjoy the charming scenery of the city. The aerial dining environment is open, no walls are separated, no floor, and the eager eateries come quickly. Experience it!

1. Hospital theme restaurant

There is a hospital-themed restaurant in Latvia. The waiters are dressed in sexy hot nurses to entertain customers. All the restaurants are built according to the hospital. Do you still have to eat in such a unique atmosphere?

Whitening food list, these foods help whiten

For the beauty girl, whitening is the most concerned, especially in the hot season, afraid of being tanned by the sun. Whitening food has become a favorite of girls, so what are the whitening foods and fruits, and what are the whitening foods? The list 123 ( will take you to see it.

 There is a saying in our people that is good, a white cover is ugly, as long as the skin is white, people will not be particularly ugly, I believe everyone can understand.

 Although the girl who walked by is not very beautiful, but because of the white skin, your eyes have not left her, this is the charm of white skin, want to whiten MM to quickly look at the introduction for everyone Some whitening foods, you can whiten what you eat, and what kind of fruit you can eat!

 Chinese medicine believes that people must start with food, regulate the body and expel toxins. To clear the skin’s yellow and black gas, you can have a healthy, white and moisturizing complexion. See which foods in your daily life can help us condition the skin and increase whitening.


 Cherry contains sugar, protein, and various nutrients. It can be whitening, elastic, and smooth and delicate.


 Lychee contains sugar, protein, pectin, vitamin C, phosphorus, iron and the like. Vitamin C and iron are the nutrients that people have white and red, but eating lychee is easy to get angry, so the fire is big, and the acne-prone eyebrows should be suitable, not excessive.


 Guava is also a lot of white fruit, it contains vitamin C, fructose, glucose and other nutrients, just vitamin C is several times more than other fruits, beauty beauty can eat more.


 The whitening effect of tomato is as good as the slimming effect. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, organic acids and proteins. Tomato also protects vitamin C. It can absorb a lot of vitamin C and anti-oxidation. A beautiful woman, it is not wrong to eat more tomatoes every day.


 Green vegetables have always been regarded as a relatively healthy food by the people. They are rich in various nutrients, which can whiten the skin and contain zinc, magnesium and other elements in vegetables. Zinc can make people feel refreshed; magnesium can make people look ruddy. Vegetables are also good for weight loss! The water is easy to have a feeling of fullness, the fiber helps digestion, and you don’t have to worry about getting fat when you eat more.


 According to the “Compendium of Materia Medica”, peas have the effect of “going to black sputum and making the face shiny”. Modern research has found that peas are rich in vitamin A, and vitamin A can be converted into vitamin A in the body to moisturize the skin.

White radish

 Chinese medicine believes that white radish can “profit the five internal organs, make people white muscles.” White radish has this function because it is rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that inhibits melanin synthesis, prevents fat oxidation, and prevents lipofuscin deposition. Therefore, eating white radish can make the skin white and delicate.


 Carrots are known as “skin foods” that moisturize the skin. In addition, carrots are rich in pectin substances, which can be combined with mercury to eliminate harmful components in the body and make the skin look more delicate and rosy.


 Asparagus is rich in selenium, which can resist aging and prevent various diseases related to excessive oxidation of fat, making the skin white and tender.

sweet potato

 Sweet potato contains a lot of mucin, vitamin C is also very rich, the original content of vitamin A is close to the content of carrot. Regular consumption of sweet potato can lower cholesterol, reduce subcutaneous fat, supplement deficiency, benefit Qi, spleen and stomach, and benefit kidney yang, thus contributing to skin care and beauty.


 Mushrooms are nutritious, rich in protein and vitamins, low in fat and cholesterol free. Eating mushrooms will make women’s estrogen secretion more vigorous, anti-aging and anti-aging, making the skin gorgeous.

Bean sprouts

 Bean sprouts prevent freckles, dark spots, and whiten skin. Loofah: Loofah can lubricate the skin and prevent wrinkles on the skin.


 Cucumber contains a lot of vitamins and free amino acids, as well as rich fruit acid, which can clean whitening skin, eliminate sunburn and freckles, and alleviate skin allergies. It is a traditional beauty product.

Winter melon

 Winter melon contains trace elements zinc and magnesium. Zinc can promote the growth and development of the human body. Magnesium can make people full of energy, ruddy complexion and white skin. Chinese medicine believes that people must start with food, regulate the body and expel toxins. To clear the skin’s yellow and black gas, you can have a healthy, white and moisturizing complexion.

Pig skin

 Pork skin, pig’s trotters and pigtails are rich in macromolecular collagen and elastin, which are comparable to bear’s paw and have the reputation of “beauty food”. Collagen can promote skin cells to absorb and store water, prevent dry and wrinkled skin, make it full and smooth, and smooth and smooth; elastin can make skin blood circulation strong, nutrient supply is sufficient, enhance skin elasticity and toughness, make wrinkled skin Wrinkles become lighter or disappear. This kind of beauty and skin care function of pig skin, as early as the Han Dynasty more than 2,000 years ago, the famous doctor Zhang Zhongjing’s “Treatise on Febrile Diseases” has recorded the role of “pig skin and blood, moisturizing the skin”, “let the young woman eat, Can prevent decay and resist old age.”


 Walnut, pine nuts, hazelnuts, acorns (powder), peanuts, sesame and other nuts are rich in vitamin E. This is an effective antioxidant that prevents excessive oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids in the body and prevents premature aging of skin. (Life spot), can also effectively prevent brown pigment deposition in the skin, prevent brown spots and plaques on the face; vitamin E also promotes cell division, regeneration, delays cell aging, restores skin elasticity; Contains a variety of amino acids, vitamins A, D, K and iron, phosphorus, zinc, manganese, etc., to promote hair, nail growth, prevent hair loss, premature white hair and prevent dry and rough skin, premature aging effect.

Fresh dates

 Contains a lot of vitamin C, it is an effective antioxidant, not only can maintain the elasticity of the skin, but also inhibit and block the formation of melanin in the skin. There are many melanocytes in the skin and the skin color is black. Usually eat more fresh vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C, eat less salt, can make the pigment spots disappear or disappear.

Grape seed

 Grape seed has the reputation of “skin vitamin” and “oral cosmetics”, protects collagen, improves skin elasticity and luster, whitens, moisturizes, and removes freckles; reduces wrinkles, keeps skin soft and smooth; removes acne and heals scars.

Sweet potato

 Sweet potato contains a kind of estrogen-like substance and vitamin E. It is effective in keeping the skin tender and delaying aging. It also contains a lot of mucin, which promotes health, prevents fatigue and energizes people. Sweet potato also contains a lot of cellulose, which can inhibit the conversion of sugar into fat, which is an ideal diet food.

Livestock and poultry liver

 It is rich in vitamin A, which has the effect of lubricating, strengthening the skin, preventing rough skin, scaly or dry eye, corneal ulcer and angular keratitis.


 Known abroad as “natural beauty food”, regular food can make the skin delicate and tender, slim, light and powerful. Cucumber is rich in propanol diacids, which prevents the conversion of sugars into fat in the body and can digest excess fat from the body.


 In addition to containing more carotene, vitamin B, and C, it also contains more magnesium, which can make people’s skin fit, rosy, lustrous, and also remove the chloasma and butterfly spots on the face.


 Rich in iron, it can prevent iron deficiency anemia, make people’s skin ruddy and beautiful, and can prevent iron-deficiency alopecia; rich in iodine, can prevent “rough neck” disease, but also promote metabolism, make human tissue update The speed is getting faster, and people are young and rejuvenated.


 Fat is mainly distributed in the chest and buttocks of the girl, which constitutes the unique curvaceous beauty of women. It reflects the youthful vitality of modern women, which makes the “women’s big eighteen changes, the more they look better.” Subcutaneous fat makes the skin smooth without wrinkles, and is elastic and not soft. Insufficient fat intake can make people’s skin dry and rough, dull, giving people the feeling of premature aging.


 Containing 17 kinds of essential amino acids, the highest content of anti-fatigue aspartic acid , containing a superoxide-acidifying enzyme, which has the effect of delaying aging and prolonging life: its roots, stems and leaves are washed and washed. It has the cosmetic effect of treating skin lice, black sputum, freckles and lubricating skin.


 Beauty, anti-aging will freshly cook tomatoes smashed juice and add a little sugar, use it to paint the surface every day, can make the skin smooth and delicate, beauty anti-aging effect is excellent, female friends can not get good things, cheap and practical, but also environmentally friendly .


 Rich in vitamin C and niacin, it can promote the absorption of oxygen in the blood by epidermal cells, facilitate the formation of interstitial cells and enhance the ability of cells to regenerate, keeping the skin white, plump and smooth. In addition to regular consumption, you can also wash half of the onion, soak in a bowl of water, wash your face with this water before going to bed, you can receive beauty effects.


 Contains a variety of vitamins and more than 10 kinds of amino acids and calcium, phosphorus, iron, copper, zinc, etc., with the effect of liver and kidney, nourishing Yin and nourishing blood, black invention, rickets and years of disease. Mulberry can also increase the activity of enzymes in the human body and delay the cell aging.


 Contains a substance called pantothenic acid, which can make hair dense, black, shiny, and prevent early white hair; also contains copper and B vitamins, can also prevent hair whitening and dryness.

 Of course, foods that have a cosmetic effect are not limited to the above list, and there are many simple beauty methods in life.

 Through the above introduction, I think everyone has a lot of understanding of whitening food. Whitening food is still more in our daily life, but if you want to whiten, you still have to insist on it. The role of whitening.

Top6 Airlines offering luxury airline meals

Most people mention airplane meals, and they all look disgusted. Yes, the meals served by the aircraft usually have fewer choices and a bad taste. In addition to no need to save money, there is basically no difference with the train. But if you are on the flight of the following six airlines, it is another matter.

 6. Etihad Airways

 First appearance is the Emirates Etihad Airways, ranked sixth in the delicious index. The reason for the three-foot-high dining experience and the five-star restaurant is that the chefs come from Michelin restaurants around the world. Can’t afford first class? It doesn’t matter, Etihad Airways of the United Arab Emirates is not inferior to the standard of economy class.

 5. Cathay Pacific

 Cathay Pacific is currently one of the few airlines that have the first frying pan, rice cooker and steam oven on the plane. Although Cathay’s production is not high and fine, it is absolutely fresh enough. Allows passengers to taste the baked toast, organic omelet, espresso or cappuccino. Passengers in the Deluxe Economy class can also use metal cutlery and enjoy Haagen-Dazs ice cream~ If you are hungry, there are an unlimited number of cup noodles for you to enjoy! Great value!

 4. Singapore Airlines

 The most creative aspect of Singapore Airlines’ catering service is that it will make a special menu based on the destination. If you fly to Hong Kong, the plane meal will be Hong Kong-style noodles, rice wine stewed cowboy bones; if you fly to Tokyo, then you can taste traditional Japanese tea; if you fly to Italy, then a variety of meat sauce pasta Appear on your table. There are also local and local Michelin restaurant chefs from around the world who are at your disposal, quality assurance!

 3. Emirates

 In the first class of Emirates, you are waiting for a 7-course luxury jet meal! The economy class also has delicious meals, smoked tuna with marinated vegetable salad, fragrant kebabs with broccoli, chocolate, cheese and biscuits, and brandy will be presented to you one by one.

 2. Air France

 Thibaut Ruggeri, winner of the 2013 Bocuse d’Or Cooking Competition, is the master of the Air France design menu. Every 8 months, the company will re-select a palace-level chef to help redesign the aircraft meal, so that the trapeze can taste different star flavors. And no matter which route you fly, every 10 days, it will change.

 Turkish Airlines

    The airline champion of the world’s most luxurious airline meal is awarded to the Turkish Airlines that won the Passenger Choice Awards “Best Food and Beverage Award” this year. As long as you board the plane, you will not feel that your purpose is to fly to a certain place, a row of white The chefs in the overalls will send you greetings one by one, you are like entering a top restaurant. Enjoy the food, the dining is finished, your destination is here.

Counting the top ten food industry Rolls Royce

A company boss issued three boxes of spicy strips as the employee’s year-end award, and called it the “Rolls Royce” in the food industry, and also quickly cried their friends. Food is not high or low, but its scarcity and people’s love for it determines the value of the high, low, the following list 123 network for you to count the top ten food industry Rolls Royce.

Top 10 food industry Rolls Royce TOP10: Tricholoma matsutake

    Matsutake is like a truffle in the French, and it is considered to be the best in the mushroom. Tricholoma matsutake is mainly grown in China, Japan, Korea, the United States, Canada, Finland and Sweden. Its rarity is not only because of its slow growth rate, but also because of the difficulty in collecting. Once the pine mushroom is opened, the fragrance will be lost a lot, so it is necessary to dig out the roots when the head is out. It is necessary to collect a wealth of experience. The annual average yield of Japanese pine mushrooms is less than one thousand tons.

Top 10 Foods Rolls Royce TOP9: Westin Hotel Bagel

    It seems that this may be just an ordinary bagel, but it is famous for its origins. Frank Tujague, the chef of the Westin New York, added a small amount of white truffle cheese and 枸杞Riesling wine jelly to this bagel. With the buck of white truffle, one of the world’s most expensive ingredients, it is worth a lot of money.

Rolls Royce TOP8 of the Top Ten Foods: Lobster Omelet

    The omelet is simple to make, and the Norma restaurant at the Le Méridien New York has launched a deluxe omelet. The lobster meat and 10 ounces of Sevruga caviar were added to the quiche of 6 eggs to create a $1,000 lobster stuffed omelette. This quiche also has a light luxury version, adding only 1 ounce of caviar for $100. The taller version of the omelet has sold 12 copies in history, while the light luxury volume has sold about 50 copies per year.

Top 10 food industry Rolls Royce TOP7: Kraft and Beef Eye Steak

    Japanese beef is recognized as the best quality beef in the world, and its meat marble pattern is obvious, also known as “snow flesh”. The best beef is produced in Hyogo, Kobe, where the cows are fed with beer and are often massaged during the growth process to ensure the tenderness of the meat. The price of a beef steak in New York’s Craftsteak restaurant was as high as $2,800, but the restaurant is now closed.

Top 10 Foods Rolls Royce TOP6: Mumbai Brasil Seafood Treasure Curry

    Mumbai Brasil is a British TV show “Who wants to be a millionaire? The winner of Who Wants to be a Millionaire? has designed a local-level dish, which has been smashed in the seafood treasure curry, including Devonshire crab, white truffle, golden leaf Beluga caviar. Sheet metal Scottish lobster, 4 abalones and 5 quail eggs.

Top 10 food industry Rolls Royce TOP5: Dominique – Flora 007 Royal Pizza

    Dominique-Cola is a Scottish chef who likes to use pizza to create portraits. Although the makers of the James Bond 007 series did not entrust him, he decided to create his own 007 Royal Pizza. This 12-inch pizza filling includes lobster soaked in cognac, caviar soaked in champagne, ketchup, Scottish smoked salmon, prosciutto, venison and vintage balsamic vinegar. The most exciting thing is that the pizza is decorated with 24 carat gold pieces.

Rolls Royce TOP4 in the top ten food circles: black skin watermelon

    Black-skinned watermelon is a rare substance, and the Densuke variety of black-skinned watermelon is even rarer, only produced in Hokkaido, Japan. This kind of watermelon has only a few dozens of harvests per harvest. It is so expensive, except for the scarcity of production, because its hardness and brittleness are perfect, and the third is its sweetness is unparalleled. A 17-pound Densuke black melon is worth $6,100.

Rolls Royce TOP3 in the top ten food circles: Yu Zhang Wang Melon

    Compared to the melons that pile up in the supermarket, Yubari King can be regarded as a nobleman in the melon world. It is the best melon that consumers have dreamed of. In order to sell this melon, even a special auction was held. At an auction in 2008, there were more than 100 melons from the city of Yubari, Japan. The most perfect one was sold for nearly $23,000. The buyer was a seafood restaurant operator.

Rolls Royce TOP2 of the top ten food circles: Emma Caviar

    Emma Caviar is an extremely rare food from Iran. Caviar is the ingredient of Jingui, but the rarity of the Emas caviar makes its value double. It is generally difficult to find a store that sells such caviar. The only known store that can buy Emas caviar is Caviar House & Prunier in Piccadilly, London. The store’s Emmas caviar is sold in kilograms and is available in a 24 carat gold can, at a price of $25,000. If you just want to taste something fresh, you can buy a small can, the price is $ 1,250.

Rolls Royce TOP1 of the top ten food circles: Italian Alba White Truffle

    Truffles are a relatively expensive ingredient, the most precious of which is the Italian Alba white truffle. This kind of truffle is very difficult to grow, so the price is hard to find. Once, a truffle of about 1.51 kilograms was sold for $160,000. The buyer was an investor in Hong Kong and his wife.

Check out the world’s top ten spicy food countries, people who love spicy food

Different countries have different histories, different territory, different ethnic composition, different religious beliefs, habits in the diet is different, and some countries, especially spicy food, the following chart 123 net for your global inventory Top ten spicy gourmet countries, people who love spicy food come.

  TOP 10: Spicy and spicy – Thailand

  Thailand is one of the most important tourist countries in Asia. The charming tropical style and unique Buddhist culture are important factors to attract tourists. Thailand is a long-established Buddhist country. This beautiful country, known as the “White Elephant Kingdom”, has unique cultural traditions and ethnic customs, such as colorful festivals, freshman recitals on the water, and world-famous Classical dances and folk dances, fun mime and Luo Kun dramas, unique Muay Thai, cockfighting, playing fish and beautiful shemale are all “learning.” It is full of splendid, towering temples and stupas, with exquisite and beautiful Buddha statues, stone carvings and paintings. These monuments, shaded by long green trees, add to the fascinating tropical scenery of Thailand. Brilliant colors.

  Thai cuisine is famous for its color and aroma. The first major feature is sour and spicy. Thai chefs like to season with a variety of ingredients such as garlic, chili , sour orange, fish sauce, shrimp paste and so on. The pot is sour and spicy Thai cuisine. The signature dishes include Tom Yum Kung (Sour and Spicy Seafood Soup), Coconut Chicken Soup, Curry Fish Cake, Green Curry Chicken, Mango Rice and so on. Fish, shrimp and crab are the killers of various restaurants, what are charcoal-fired crabs, char-grilled shrimps, pork neck meats, curry crabs, etc. There is also the hottest chili in the world! It is said that Thai Chaotian Pepper is the hottest chili in the world. The Thai language is called “mouse and pepper”, which is a very small but extremely spicy pepper. It is widely used in the cooking art of Thai people. It does not sprinkle a few chopped peppers, just like eating Sichuan food without spicy.

  Stimulus index: ★ ☆

  Spicy index: ★★★

  Comprehensive index: ★ ★ ☆

  TOP 9: Hot and sour – South Korea

  There are many beautiful mountains and rivers on the Korean peninsula. Therefore, the highest peak that Koreans often call “the beautiful mountains and rivers” is the Baitou Mountain (Changbai Mountain) on the northern border of South Korea. It is 2,700 meters and 44 meters above sea level. This extinct volcano is full of mysterious atmosphere. There is a crater on the top of the mountain called Tianchi. The first kingdom in Korea’s history about 5,000 years ago was built in the area of ​​Baitou Mountain. This mountain is also known as the treasure house of wildlife.

  The weather is wet and greasy, and the appetite is also discounted. At this time, I want to eat some hot and sour refreshing. Korean food, which has always been known for its sour and spicy taste, was immediately put on the agenda. What is the cow’s intestines and beef belly? What do Koreans like to eat beef intestines and beef belly? “Geoid” Mr. Ji said: Please let Koreans eat shark fin abalone will not react very much, but if you say please ask them to eat grilled beef belly Intestines, to ensure that the saliva “哗” will come out, and immediately promised to spray the rice! In South Korea, the beef sausage tripe is sold by a special barbecue shop, the most qualified one is Omaiji (a transliteration of Korean small grass house) It is not the English transliteration of “oh my god”, because the beginning of the barbecue beef beef belly is sold in the small grass house on the roadside in South Korea), this is the first store in Korea to make the beef sausage belly barbecue. Busan has a 60-year history since its inception.

  Korean food features kimchi culture, and it is inseparable from kimchi for three meals a day. Korean traditional dishes such as roast meat, kimchi and cold noodles have become world famous dishes. One of the most addictive hot sauces in the world, a must-have for Korean kitchens. It looks a bit like ketchup, but it tastes different and has different ingredients, mainly made from glutinous rice flour, fermented soybeans and red pepper. Eating with grilled tripe, rice, etc. is almost a perfect sacred combination.

  Stimulus index: ★ ★

  Spicy index: ★★★

  Comprehensive index: ★★★

  TOP 8: Spicy – India

  Located in the south of Asia, India is the largest country in the South Asian subcontinent and one of the oldest civilizations in the world. It has beautiful diversity and rich cultural heritage and tourism resources. It borders countries such as Bangladesh, Myanmar, the People’s Republic of China, Bhutan, Nepal and Pakistan, and faces Sri Lanka and the Maldives across the sea. The ancient Indians created a splendid ancient civilization, and India is also one of the three major religions in the world – the birthplace of Buddhism.

  Indian food is unique in the world. Indians prefer to use spices such as curry, chili, black pepper, cardamom, clove, ginger, garlic, fennel, cinnamon, etc. The most common and most used curry powder. Curry powder is a spicy seasoning made from more than 20 kinds of spices such as pepper, turmeric and fennel. It is yellow powder. Indians have a special liking for curry powder, almost every dish, curry chicken, curry fish, curry potatoes, curry rice… every restaurant has a curry flavor. In addition to curry powder, the Indian market also sells a variety of spices, red, orange, yellow, green, brown and colorful.

  One of the most addictive hot sauces in the world, the most popular of which are mango, tamarind and nuts, and red pepper chutney. Other flavors can also be made with beetroot, shrimp, curry leaves and eggplant. Used to match barbecue, pancakes, etc., the taste is unique.

  Stimulus index: ★ ★

  Spicy index: ★ ★ ☆

  Comprehensive index: ★★★★

  TOP 7: Spicy – Afghanistan

  Afghans love to dance at the Atan dance every national holiday and hold a fun chanting event to celebrate. March 21-23 is the New Year in the Persian calendar. It is also the most important national festival in Afghanistan – the Nauls Festival. Muslims go to the holy land of Alibaba to worship, while holding horses, playing musical instruments, and being the highest-ranking local governor. And celebrities hosted a grand spring ploughing ceremony.

  The staple food of the Afghans is the pilaf of the flatbread, which is made by roasting wheat, barley, corn and dried mulberries and peas. The cake is available in both stuffed and unfilled. But no matter which one, the cooked cake is fragrant, and the roasting of the mutton is delicious. Pilaf is to pour the oil into the pot to heat, add carrot and diced green onion, stir fry, add water, sheep oil, salt, boil and then enlarge the rice, cooked and put on the plate, mix with lemon juice, pepper or other spices.

  Afghans often drink a yogurt soup in the summer with the right amount of yogurt, salt and cucumber slices. They like sour, spicy and fragrant. Milk and beef and mutton are important foods on the table. Of course, chickens, ducks, etc. are also eaten, but they do not eat pork and rarely eat fish. They often use roasted lamb leg with roast lamb, and they also roast the whole sheep on a major festive day or entertaining guests. It can be made by first removing the sheepskin and internal organs (sometimes stuffed with rice, salt and other ingredients in the lamb’s stomach), stringing them on a special barbecued iron bar, fixing the ends with brackets, and then using charcoal. Light the barbecue. After roasting, cut the meat with a knife, eat salt, chili or other spices. Afghans also eat “horse meat intestines.” “Horse meat intestines” is to stuff horse meat and salt into the horse’s intestines and cook them in the sun.

  Stimulus index: ★★★

  Spicy index: ★★★

  Comprehensive index: ★★★★

  TOP 6: Spicy – Malaysia

  Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, is a country located in Southeast Asia. Malaysia consists of thirteen states and is divided into two parts: one in West Malaysia on the Malay Peninsula, the other from Thailand to the north, the South through the Johor Strait, and the new Johor Bahru and the second passage to Singapore; the other is East Malaysia, located in the northern part of Kalimantan, south to Indonesia, and Brunei is between Sabah and Sarawak. Malaysia is also a founding member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. The style of Malaysia is like the weather here – enthusiasm. Whether you see a friendly smile, you can hear a thick Malay mandarin “Hello! (Apa khabar?)”

  Assam Laksa is the most famous in Malaysian cuisine. Malay dishes are famous for their spicy flavor. Coconut is the main ingredient. Seasonal dishes also feature spicy flavors. Malaysian staple foods include mulberry in addition to rice. The mulberry is fermented with shrimp and made into shrimp paste. It is mixed with chili, placed in a stone mortar and chopped, and poured with lime juice to make it slightly medicinal. Rice, mulberry and vegetables are the most basic meals. If you add onions, garlic, ginger, spices, small dried fish, etc., it is a rich meal.

  Stimulus index: ★★★☆

  Spicy index: ★★★

  Comprehensive index: ★★★☆

  TOP 5: Spicy and spicy – Argentina

  The gorgeous and elegant “Tango” dance originated in Argentina and was regarded as the national quintessence by the Argentines. The gorgeous and elegant “Tango” dance originated in Argentina and was regarded as the national quintessence by the Argentines. A football has swept the world with its free and easy style, and won the World Cup championship and runner-up many times. Argentine roast beef is also well known.

  Argentines eat beef mainly for roasting. Whether it is the capital city of Buenos Aires or the small towns in the interior, rotisseries are everywhere, many homes are also equipped with barbecue kiln or equipped with an active grill, and even some suburban park forests have dedicated barbecue grills. Black or brown beef specimens stand at the door of a large barbecue shop in the downtown area. In the large glass window of the floor, there are dozens of pounds of beef next to the bears, and the broiler wears the clothes of “Gao Qiaoren”: black felt hat, tight top and embroidered breeches, and a red scarf on the neck. . Some rotisseries deliberately put the oven in a conspicuous position, allowing customers to listen to the sound of the sizzling, watching the red charcoal fire, and eating more taste.

  Grilled meat can be eaten everywhere, but it is not a good match with Argentina’s Chimiqili hot sauce. Chimiqili hot sauce is also one of the most addictive hot sauces in the world. Chimichurri is a commonly used meat marinade in Argentina and Uruguay. Most Argentines drool as soon as they hear the name. The main ingredients include chopped parsley, minced garlic, oil, vinegar, and chilli flakes.

  Stimulus index: ★★★☆

  Spicy index: ★★★★

  Comprehensive index: ★★★★

  TOP 4: Hot – Mexico

  Mexico is an ancient civilization of the Americas. It has preserved ancient Indian cultures such as Maya, Aztec, Toltek, Olmeiga and Teotihuacan. The Musical and Sabato dances combine Spanish and Indian music and dance to become a unique national art form in Mexico. Ink has 21 monuments declared by the United Nations as “human culture and natural heritage.”

  Mexico is the birthplace of peppers. About half of the world’s peppers are grown in Mexico. Red, yellow, green and green are all available. Mexico is not only the world’s first spicy country, but its pepper is the second hot pepper in the world. There are hundreds of kinds of peppers. The names of fresh and dried are different. The processing methods are also numerous, such as used for bacon. Soups, barbecues, salads, sweets, and drinks are all delicious. Authentic Mexican cuisine, the main ingredients are pepper and tomato, the taste is sweet, spicy and sour, and more than 90% of the sauce is made of pepper and tomato.

  Stimulus index: ★★★☆

  Spicy index: ★★★★☆

  Comprehensive index: ★★★★☆

  TOP 3: Red and spicy – Tunisia

  Tunisia is the capital of Tunisia and the largest city with a population of 1.6 million. It is divided into two parts: the new urban area and the old city. Tunisia’s landscape, like the average international city, has modern high-rise buildings, network-intensive trams, and the sale of fashionable boutiques, making her one of the most modern cities in North Africa, with “Geneva II” and ” Paris in Africa and other famous names.

  Tunisia has long coastlines and rich seafood resources, so seafood and fish are common on people’s tables. Cooking in the form of couscous is the main specialty of Tunisia. Vegetables like red pepper, tomato, green pepper, eggplant and pumpkin are also widely used in the cooking process. Because the cattle and sheep in Tunisia are stocked on aromatic grasses, they are like lamb, veal and goat meat. The use of thyme, rosemary and herbal seasonings has spread to cooking.

  Harissa chili sauce, made from tomato and pepper, is one of the world’s most addictive spicy sauces, even in North Africa as an appetizer, especially in Tunisia, where every meal must be eaten.

  Stimulus index: ★★★★

  Spicy index: ★★★★☆

  Comprehensive index: ★★★★★

  TOP 2: Spicy – Chengdu

  The Chengdu Plain is the largest plain in southwestern China. The Dujiangyan water conservancy project on the main stream of the Lancang River has its irrigated canal network fanned out over the vast Chengdu Plain, making the Chengdu Plain a “land of heaven” with “water and drought from people and no hunger”. Fuhe and Nanhe (Jinjiang), which are diverted from Dujiangyan, pass through Chengdu. Therefore, Chengdu has the characteristics of a typical plain city. Chengdu has a long history and is one of the famous historical and cultural cities in China.

  Sichuan cuisine is famous for its spicy, but not just spicy. Sichuan cuisine is one of China’s four major cuisines (Chuan, Yue, Jing, Su), and its strong influence has penetrated into every corner of the country. The signature dishes of Sichuan cuisine include: spicy tofu, eight-flavored cold dish, tea duck, casserole, fish-flavored pork, kung pao chicken, hot and sour tendon, hand-cut meat, pork back, ant on tree, jade shoot duck tongue, water Boiled beef, Dongpo elbow, steamed beef, pickled fish, etc. The most revolutionary of Sichuan cuisine is the hot pot. The hot pot conquered the spleen and stomach of the entire Chinese people with its all-encompassing, enthusiasm-like, approachable and rapid carpet-like bombing.

  Chengdu, China was approved to join the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in February 2010 and was awarded the title of “Gourmet Capital”. “Gourmet Capital” is the title of one of the cities in the city of UNESCO that is a member of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network. Sichuan cuisine is one of the four major cuisines in China, paying attention to the five flavors and focusing on spicy. The ancient Sichuan cuisine started from the Qin and Han Dynasties, and now its powerful forces have penetrated every corner of the country.

  Stimulus index: ★★★★☆

  Spicy index: ★★★★★

  Comprehensive index: ★★★★★☆

  TOP 1: Spicy – Philippines

  Located in eastern Asia, the Philippines is a democracy formed by the Philippine Islands (7,107 islands) in the Western Pacific. Like other South Asian countries, the Philippines is also a summer-only country. Traveling to the Philippines, you will feel the warm sunshine, the beach and the tropical atmosphere.

  The food culture of the Philippines is deeply influenced by the traditional Chinese food culture and the Spanish food culture. In the Philippines, Chinese restaurants, Japanese restaurants and Western restaurants can be found everywhere to meet the needs of different travellers. Of course, all kinds of local dishes are still the most popular among tourists, because they best reflect the unique food culture of the country. The local dishes of the Philippines will surely add a lot of spicy spices such as vinegar and garlic, which are spicy and unique.

  The taste of the Philippines is spicy and it is often used in condiments such as balsamic vinegar, sugar, chili, and ketchup. The diet in the Philippines is unique. Fresh, delicious, succulent, colourful and exotic cuisine has become a feast for tourists. Whether you are immersed in a street food stall (locally known as Kainan) or enter a fine dining restaurant, there are authentic Filipino foods and European dishes to choose from, so that visitors can relish their hearts and minds.

  Stimulus index: ★★★★★

  Spicy index: ★★★★★

  Comprehensive index: ★★★★★★

The world’s hottest 10-course list is the hottest before signing a disclaimer agreement

Nowadays, spicy dishes have been welcomed by the masses. There are many people around the small series who eat and add spicy food to feel the taste. Some people are not spicy and not happy. They feel comfortable when they eat spicy food. The following list of 123 online for you to inventory the world’s hottest 10 dishes.

  The world’s hottest 10 dishes TOP10: Thai Tom Yum Goong Soup

Thai Tom Yum Goong Soup

  It is a bit like a combination of soup and salad. Thailand is located in the tropics, so many famous YAMs have been born. The famous one is the papaya salad called “SOMTAM”. This salad is mainly made of papaya, shrimp and lemon juice, accompanied by fish sauce, garlic and miscellaneous. The crushed peppers are spicy.

  Spicy level: ***

  The world’s hottest 10 dishes TOP9: Mexican dried chili fried prawns

Mexican dried chili fried prawns

  The hot prawns are served with garlic, tomatoes, and butter. The spicy taste quickly reaches your stomach. The heat is not something that ordinary people can bear, but the delicious taste will make you unforgettable.

  Spicy level: ***

  The world’s hottest 10 dishes TOP8: Turkish raw meatballs

Turkish raw meatballs

  Raw, similar to steak, but very spicy, usually with lettuce leaves and lemon juice. It is said that the spicy taste is to “burn” the meat. Be careful before you try!

  Spicy level: ****

  The world’s hottest 10 dishes TOP7: Chinese broiled chicken

Chinese drool chicken

  Needless to say, everyone knows! And you can eat it when you go out!

  Spicy level: ****

  The world’s hottest 10 dishes TOP6: Bhutanese cheese chili

Bhutanese cheese chili

  Bhutan’s home-cooked food is very simple. The most basic ingredients are pepper and cheese. It is an indispensable dish for Bhutanese people to eat.

  Spicy level: ****

  The world’s hottest 10 dishes TOP5: Malaysian Devil Curry Pork

Malaysian Devil Curry Pork

  This dish is mainly made of pork or wild pork and curry. The curry is made up of spicy turmeric root powder, mustard, vinegar, and red pepper, especially Thai red pepper.

  Spicy: *****

  The world’s hottest 10 dishes TOP4: Chinese taste bullfrog

Chinese taste bullfrog

  This dish has many varieties in China, but overall, it is spicy!!!

  The world’s hottest 10 dishes TOP3: Chinese taste snake

Chinese taste snake

  The famous dish in Hunan cuisine uses high-protein, low-fat, tender meat and local snake raw materials to prepare the taste with fresh, fragrant and spicy characteristics.

  Spicy: *****

  The world’s hottest 10 dishes juxtaposed with TOP1: American suicide spicy chicken wings & British hot Bollywood

American suicide spicy chicken wings
British hot Bollywood

  Two dishes juxtaposed, the reason is that before eating these two dishes, you need to sign a disclaimer agreement with the restaurant! The hot Bollywood main ingredient is lamb, the ingredients are the world’s most spicy peppers, after eating it is said to be Top-heavy, feeling dizzy.

  Spicy level:******

Check out the top ten best decompressed foods and come to decompression!

 With the development of society, people’s standard of living getting higher and higher, the pressure itself is also growing, and thus is likely to gain weight, but nutritionists say there are 10 kinds of food can be effectively reduced, the following rankings 123 network for you to inventory the top ten best decompression food, come to decompression!

  Top 10 Best Decompression Foods TOP1: Berry Fruits

Check out the top ten best decompressed foods and come to decompression!

Check out the top ten best decompressed foods and come to decompression!

  Berry fruit has always been popular because it is rich in antioxidants, which can prevent premature aging and relieve some chronic stress. After consumption, it also regulates the amount of sugar released into the blood. Therefore, when you want to eat some desserts or sweets, the first choice is berry fruits such as raspberries, strawberries, blackberries and blueberries. Because berries are different from other common fruits, they produce a slight fermentation and a small amount of gas in the large intestine. Since chronic stress can affect your diet, it is very beneficial to use berry foods when you are under heavy stress.

  Top 10 Best Decompression Foods TOP2: Chamomile

Check out the top ten best decompressed foods and come to decompression!

Check out the top ten best decompressed foods and come to decompression!

  You may know that chamomile is a tranquil plant that can be placed at the bedside, which releases the highly nervous nervous system by releasing glycine. At the same time, it also raises a level called horse uric acid, which can fight infectious diseases, which is crucial in your nervous state. Drinking chamomile tea after a meal can also solve some of the digestive problems caused by intestinal stress syndrome.

  Top 10 Best Decompression Foods TOP3: Dark Chocolate

Check out the top ten best decompressed foods and come to decompression!

Check out the top ten best decompressed foods and come to decompression!

  If you are embarrassed to eat high-calorie chocolate, then you don’t have to. Stress will make us want to eat sweets and some greasy foods, if this happens, because chocolate can release endorphins against stress in the brain, and some dark chocolate can be successfully resolved. The study found that eating 40 grams of dark chocolate daily can be effective against stress. But please be careful to choose those unprocessed chocolates, such as cocoa beans or dark chocolate with a cocoa content of 70% or more.

  Top 10 Best Decompression Foods TOP4: Nuts

Check out the top ten best decompressed foods and come to decompression!

Check out the top ten best decompressed foods and come to decompression!

  Nuts have the ability to balance blood sugar, which can effectively inhibit human desire for sweets, regulate appetite, and promote metabolism. When you are under high pressure, your body and brain are consuming a certain vitamin at a faster rate, but nutrients such as vitamin B, zinc, magnesium and deep sea fish oil, which are rich in nuts, can come in handy when fighting stress. Also, don’t be afraid of fat in nuts, because studies have shown that people who normally eat nuts can manage their weight more successfully.

  Top 10 best decompression foods TOP5: celery

Check out the top ten best decompressed foods and come to decompression!

Check out the top ten best decompressed foods and come to decompression!

  Stress affects sleep, and common high-pressure symptoms are often awake at midnight. Celery is rich in tryptophan, which encourages the body to secrete serotonin in the brain that helps sleep and mood, so eating celery can be effective against stress. In addition, eating some sugar-free peanut butter before going to bed can improve sleep quality and prevent insomnia.

  Top 10 best decompression foods TOP6: licorice

Check out the top ten best decompressed foods and come to decompression!

Check out the top ten best decompressed foods and come to decompression!

  If chronic stress makes you exhausted, licorice can help you regulate adrenaline. Above the kidneys of the human body, there are two glands. These two glands promote stress hormones (such as cortisol, adrenaline) to help you successfully pass the stress challenge. However, their ability to extract these hormones is limited, so you will feel the same when your adrenal gland is tired. When you feel stressed, try licorice tea instead of coffee. However, because licorice tea has a refreshing effect, in order to ensure sleep, it is best not to drink after two in the afternoon.

  Top 10 best decompression foods TOP7: oily fish

Check out the top ten best decompressed foods and come to decompression!

Check out the top ten best decompressed foods and come to decompression!

  Oily fish are rich in omega-3 fish oil and are present in the form of DHA and EPA, respectively. DNA guarantees good mood and sleep, and EPA relieves stress-related inflammation in cells. In addition, vitamin B, zinc and magnesium in omega-3 fish oil can effectively relieve stress and reduce people’s desire for sweets under pressure. The best way to get this type of fish oil is to eat mackerel, anchovies, squid, squid or sardines two to four times a week.

  Top 10 best decompression foods TOP8: Garlic

Check out the top ten best decompressed foods and come to decompression!

Check out the top ten best decompressed foods and come to decompression!

  Prolonged stress reduces immunity, which explains why the body is prone to illness when you are stressed. Garlic has powerful antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties that enhance your immune system that is weakened by stress. Garlic also reduces inflammation of tissues and joints due to stress. Crush two garlic cloves, place them in a vegetable platter made of pepper, tomatoes, and onions, then add fresh oregano leaves, lemon, and a drop of olive oil. After baking for 20 minutes, serve with iron plated salmon or chicken breast.

  Top 10 best decompression foods TOP9: Cabbage and its family “compatriots”

Check out the top ten best decompressed foods and come to decompression!

Check out the top ten best decompressed foods and come to decompression!

  Nutrient-rich cabbages and other cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kale, pakchoi, wasabi and leeks, are rich in sulfur compounds called mustard oil, which helps us The liver breaks down stress hormones. Eating more of these cruciferous vegetables can also help women who suffer from premenstrual syndrome. It can be used together with olive oil or coconut oil, boiled, steamed or fried. Because raw food will affect the body’s thyroid function, it is not recommended to eat raw food.

  Top 10 Best Decompression Foods TOP10: Olive Oil

Check out the top ten best decompressed foods and come to decompression!

Check out the top ten best decompressed foods and come to decompression!

  When stress is proven to be a potential cause of heart disease, we all know the important protective effects of olive oil on the cardiovascular system. However, the recently discovered mixture in olive oil – stimulating aldehyde has the same anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects as ibuprofen without any side effects. It is best to use extra virgin cold pressed olive oil and drip it on salads and vegetables. Try to avoid cooking, as heating can destroy the fat in the olive oil.

Check out the top ten must-have breakfast in Singapore and have a taste of it.

The breakfast we usually eat is fritters, soy milk, porridge, steamed buns, and a lot of powder in the morning. This is our breakfast. In Singapore, there are many types of breakfast, and many of them are worth eating. Below is the list 123 net for your inventory Top 10 Things to eat breakfast in Singapore, come to taste it.

  One of the top ten must-have Singapore breakfasts: Caffe Toast

Check out the top ten must-have breakfast in Singapore and have a taste of it.

Check out the top ten must-have breakfast in Singapore and have a taste of it.

  Kaya Toast is a well-deserved country breakfast in Singapore, served in every café. Kaya is a local sauce made with eggs, sugar, coconut milk and pandan spice. Caffe is usually sprinkled on toast or toast with a small piece of butter. Soft-boiled eggs are the companion of the coffee-baked toast. As a novice, you may find this food difficult to put in the mouth, telling you a way, try using the coconut toast to pick up these naughty eggs!

  The top ten must-have for Singapore breakfast: Nasi Lemak

  Nasi Lemak is named after its cooking method – cooking rice with coconut milk and slightly seasoning with a little vanilla leaf to give the rice a fragrant smell. This classic cuisine can be divided into two types: the traditional Malay style is relatively simple, adding the river carp, nuts, fried fish, cucumber, and can also add an egg; the other is the Chinese practice, the rich inside Dishes include fried chicken legs, curry vegetables and more. Sometimes the store will use traditional banana leaf to wrap rice with banana leaves to add more natural fragrance.

  The top ten must-eat Singapore breakfast three: noodles

Check out the top ten must-have breakfast in Singapore and have a taste of it.

Check out the top ten must-have breakfast in Singapore and have a taste of it.

  The noodles originating from southern China usually use thick and flat yellow noodles, and the thick dark starch sauce makes it unique. The thick dark sauce is made from pork bones, eggs and spices and is the key to determining whether a bowl of noodles is superior. People sometimes thicken the sauce with potatoes and cornmeal. In Singapore, the production of noodles also requires the addition of some commonly used materials, such as garlic, ginger, red pepper and balsamic vinegar, all of which make the taste buds excited.

  The top ten must-eat Singapore breakfast four: carrot cake

  The radish cake is wrapped in steamed rice noodles and white radish, and fried with eggs to golden. It is a salty and creamy dish. The fun thing is that this dish can be divided into “white” and “black”. The “white” radish cake is original, and the “black” version adds a thick sweet soy sauce to make the radish cake dissolve in the process of caramel to form a light brown color.

  The top ten must-eat Singapore breakfast five: fish ball noodles

  Fish balls are a common food in Singapore and a common choice for breakfast. The noodles are served with some fish balls and chili sauce, usually in a bowl of clear, fragrant soup. The fish soup used here is not as thick and heavy as the western soup, but very delicate. After adding this flavor, the noodles become more lubricious and more suitable for breakfast.

  The top ten must-eat Singapore breakfast six: leeches

Check out the top ten must-have breakfast in Singapore and have a taste of it.

Check out the top ten must-have breakfast in Singapore and have a taste of it.

  The leeches are poured into the small tea cups, and then placed on the boiler for steaming. After cooking, they are cooled, and the steamed rice syrup will be in the shape of a bowl. Then put the radish and pour the sweet sauce. It is only slightly salty and does not cover up the sweetness of rice. It is the best choice for breakfast.

  Seven must-eat Singapore breakfast seven: porridge

  Singapore’s porridge tastes smoother than Chinese porridge and has a strong taste. The best porridge is creamy with meat but not sticky. Singaporeans call it “Asian oatmeal.” In addition, Singapore is also famous for its “Tianji porridge”, which is usually stewed in a casserole. It is also very tasty with relatively light porridge and different ingredients.

  Eight must-eat Singapore breakfast eight: fried noodles

Check out the top ten must-have breakfast in Singapore and have a taste of it.

Check out the top ten must-have breakfast in Singapore and have a taste of it.

  Influenced by Indonesian cuisine, fried noodles usually include potatoes, tofu and a small amount of greens. Its sweetness comes from a small amount of curry and tomato sauce. Pour the crispy side of the mouth with soft starch and a restrained sweet and sour taste into a hot iron pan. Stir fry a few times and serve deliciously. This light meal is also suitable for dinner.

  Nine must-eat Singapore breakfast nine: Indian pancakes

  Indian pancakes are made from traditional pancakes from Pakistan and India and are the food of all in Singapore. “Roti” means bread, “prata” means flat, although it has a bread name, but it is closer to pancakes, sweet and fragrant and wonderful taste makes it an excellent choice for breakfast. It is a classic way to eat chicken curry with a thick coconut milk flavor.

  Ten must-eat Singapore breakfast 10: Bak Kut Teh

Check out the top ten must-have breakfast in Singapore and have a taste of it.

Check out the top ten must-have breakfast in Singapore and have a taste of it.

  The famous Bak Kut Teh is the most famous breakfast in Singapore. It is a soup made from pork bones and some Chinese herbal medicines, together with various spices. In fact, Bak Kut Teh has a history of 100 years in Singapore. It was first brought to China by Guangdong and Fujian people who worked hard at Clarke Quay. As a nutritional supplement to their usual rough tea, they did not expect to become a famous food. The most common way to eat is to use a fritter, and after eating it, take a sip of tea, and the fragrant meat will blend in the mouth.

Have you ever eaten the top ten famous dishes in southern China?

Every place has its own unique specialties in the taste of its own place. Some dishes attract a lot of tourists because of its delicious taste. China is a place with a lot of food, and different regions have their own unique features. In the south of China, there are many foods, some of which have become famous dishes. The following list of 123 nets for you to count the top ten famous dishes in southern China, have you ever eaten?

Have you ever eaten the top ten famous dishes in southern China?

Have you ever eaten the top ten famous dishes in southern China?

  One of the top ten famous dishes in southern China: Ayi Abalone

  Hong Kong Fulin Hotel. The cooking skills of Ah Yi abalone all infiltrate the Chinese traditional food culture. Mr. Yang Guanyi, who made the abalone, also won many honors for his outstanding achievements in promoting the Chinese food culture internationally. He was recognized by the international food industry as “abalone king” and “food master” and won the “International Outstanding Man of the Year”. title. Like shark’s fin, it is one of several high-end ingredients that can’t be found in Cantonese cuisine. As a famous dish, it was listed as one of the eight treasures during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Nourishing yin and nourishing yang, supplementing but not drying, the nutritional value is extremely high. Cantonese cuisine uses dried abalone. Ai abalone is simple to cook and delicious. It is the top ten famous Cantonese cuisine in this “First China Cantonese Cuisine Summit”.

  The top ten famous dishes in South China: Guangzhou Wenchang Chicken

  Guangzhou Restaurant. It is the sister dish of the traditional Cantonese chef “Jinhua Yushu Chicken”. At the beginning, it was the famous chicken produced in Wenchang County, Hainan Province. It is reported that when the Guangzhou restaurant sent several famous chefs to visit the local area, after the tasting, Wenchang chicken was found to be fat and fleshy, and the name was well-deserved. The fly in the ointment was that the chicken bones were too hard and inconvenient to eat. After some research and development, we will remove the bones and pieces, and fight with Jinhua ham, Zhengan, seasonal vegetables, etc., and the food is smooth and fleshy, with unique flavor. Because the chicken comes from Wenchang County, the Guangzhou Restaurant is located right on Wenchang Road. The name “Guangzhou Wenchang Chicken” is named after it.

  The top ten famous dishes in South China: the oven-baked suckling pig

  China Grand Hotel. There are two ways to burn pigs in Guangdong. One is to burn light skin, the fire is slower, and the oil is less when burning. The second is to burn it into a skin, to burn it, and continuously apply oil. The finished skin is golden in color, and the sesame-like bubbles are evenly distributed. The surface layer is the same size and the skin layer is more crisp. Baked suckling pigs use a knife to peel out the skin (without meat), and each piece of skin is made into 8 pieces, a total of 32 pieces. The suckling pigs are placed in the pots, the pigskin is covered on the pigs, and then the layers of cakes are served. The two small plates, such as onion balls, sweet sauce and white sugar, are eaten together and have a unique flavor. Home cooking practices

  Four of the top ten famous dishes in South China: New Dragon King Banquet

  Shunfeng Mountain Villa. This dish, choose about 3 pounds of Australian lobster, lobster meat with fresh lily, asparagus and other fried shrimp balls, lobster claws and salt, when placed, still placed as lobster, shrimp ball in the middle, claw feet on both sides, lobster head The tail is reserved and looks like a dragon. The New Dragon Emperor Night Banquet is not the same as the general fried lobster ball. It has a head and tail, and this is in line with the Shunde people’s style of doing things.

  Five of the top ten famous dishes in South China: Peninsula Royale Guanyan

  Peninsula Pearl Restaurant. The “Peninsula Royal Swallow” produced by Guangzhou Pearl Wine Restaurant has become the top ten famous dishes of Cantonese cuisine in this “First China Cantonese Cuisine Summit”. Guanyan adopts the self-selection mode and adds multicolored: jujube juice, coconut juice, papaya juice, apricot juice, and camphor juice. They are served together with colorful juice, also known as “colored bird’s nest”, “sweet bird’s nest” and so on. A dish is a “self-selected supermarket”. Some customers have their own needs and hobbies, which fully reflects the spirit of human service. This is the reason why this dish is favored.

  Six of China’s top ten famous dishes: steamed East Star spot

  Donghai Seafood Restaurant. When you arrive in Guangzhou, you must eat seafood. The East Star spot is full-bodied, fresh and tender, and the meat is white, and the steamed fish oyster sauce makes the tastes complement each other. It is one of the representatives of Cantonese cuisine, which highlights the essence of Cantonese cuisine, fresh, tender, smooth and cool. Really fresh steamed fish, when the table is on the table, the fins are dilated, the fleshy pieces are separated, and they are never sticky.

  Seven of the top ten famous dishes in South China: Hanging roast goose

  Remember the restaurant. In the late Qing Dynasty, the roast goose in Guangdong was already well-known, and now the siu mei shop in the streets of Guangzhou is indispensable. The “goose” of roast goose is best to use a small black-eyed goose with a small head. The meat is tender and delicious. After the whole goose body is spread with a special sauce, it is hung with a roast goose ring and placed in a micro-fire grill. The skin is dry and then air dried. The sauce with sour sauce is very particular. If you have enough time to go to Hong Kong, then it is recommended to try the roast goose. The Kee Roast Goose became the top ten famous dishes of Cantonese cuisine at the “First China Cantonese Cuisine Summit”.

  Eight of China’s top ten famous dishes: raw crab meat, sea tiger wings

  Shangri-La hotel. Shark fin is an important ingredient in high-end Cantonese cuisine. The braised large group of wings is the traditional signature dish of the big three yuan. It is said that in the 1920s and 1930s, it was necessary to spend 60 silver dollars to eat this dish. The shark fins of the sharks such as tiger sharks were used as raw materials. It is made by rolling many steps, such as rolling the wings, and the fins are transparent and soft, and the taste is delicious, and the toughness is crisp, thick and not greasy. Nowadays, the practice of shark’s fin in Guangzhou is very popular. The recent Cantonese cuisine at the Shangri-La’s Summer Palace in Guangzhou Pazhou is the representative of the shark’s fin.

  Nine of the top ten famous dishes in southern China: Yannanfei tea field duck

  Meizhou Yannan Feiwei Long Restaurant. At the “First China Cantonese Cuisine Summit” of the 2009 Guangdong International Tourism and Culture Festival, the “Yannanfei Tea Field Duck” produced by the Weilong Restaurant was selected by the Organizing Committee for nomination and expert jury. The “Top Ten Famous Cuisine of Cantonese Cuisine” was selected.

  Ten of the top ten famous dishes in southern China: Chaozhou lo mei

  Chaohuang Restaurant. An important component of Chaozhou cuisine, its brine is made of fine pork bone, plum meat, chicken, ham, scallop, and star anise, cinnamon, bay leaf, fresh lemongrass, licorice, turmeric, mangosteen, clove, garlic, red onion, west Parsley, carrots, onions and soy sauce, fish sauce, chicken essence, Huadiao wine, rose wine and so on. Then, poultry and livestock or aquatic products are put into it, heated and marinated to form various kinds of lo mei, such as brine goose, brine duck, brine chicken, etc., and the taste is delicious. The “Chaozhou Lo Mei” produced by Chaohuang Restaurant became the top ten famous dishes of Cantonese cuisine in this “First China Cantonese Cuisine Summit”.