Why drugs are addictive, why drug addiction cannot be quit (dopamine’s fault)

  Drugs are extremely dangerous and inaccessible. In the list of the most difficult drugs to quit , there are also some reasons why drugs are addictive, and the harm of drugs is frightening. The following list 123 net gives you a detailed introduction to why drugs are addictive and why drug addiction cannot be quit.

Why drugs are addictive: excessive dopamine production

  When people do anything pleasant and exciting, the brain produces dopamine, which is a kind of excitement-generating substance. If the amount of dopamine produced by doing something reaches a certain amount and exceeds the willpower of the person, the person will do it uncontrollably. Any addiction is like this: Dopamine has reached a certain amount and the will is uncontrollable.

  Ordinary excitement, such as going to the amusement park on a roller coaster, eating ice cream, and dopamine are kept in the normal range, but drug and addictive behaviors will make dopamine exceed the will of people, and have a reflection on this matter Live again. This reflection is too strong to control the desire to do it again. For example, drugs: the stimulus of sex × 30 times, you can imagine what it feels like to do it absolutely uncontrollably. (Quiting quit means never to do it again. Anyone who feels that he has a strong will, can first try not to have sex for a year.)

  What is dopamine: neurotransmitters

  Dopamine, like serum, is a neurotransmitter that transfers neuron information from one part of the brain to another. Serotonin is associated with emotional sadness and depression, while domamine is closely linked with excitement and joy. Sometimes a hug, a kiss, a word of praise, or even winning a deck of cards can cause dopamine to rise. The intense excitement is like the action of drugs. Researchers even believe that dopamine is not only a chemical that transmits excitement, but also the “culprit” that causes addiction.

  People who lack self-control are more addicted

  When obese people see that they like food, the cerebral cortex will be stimulated to change, and their mouths, tongues, etc. will be involuntary. For them, the stimulation of these areas opens the door to happiness. So in this sense, anything that makes you deeply happy can be addictive. So drugs first addicted to people who lack self-control.

Why can’t quit drug addiction

  Drug use leads to increased blood oxygen supply

  The brain of a normal person can produce two substances, “endorphins” and “dihydrophenylalanine”. They are the source of all pleasure. When drugs enter the human body, they can replicate these two substances and greatly To increase the blood oxygen supply, which produces excitement and pleasure above normal levels. When this effect disappears, there is a sudden shortage of oxygen in the body, resulting in hypoxia in the blood. The normal oxygen supply function of the human body is weakened. At this time, drugs must be repeatedly used to stimulate the supply of oxygen in the body. Over time, if not stimulated by drugs, the blood is in a stagnant state and produces a variety of extremely painful symptoms. Do not use drugs again. This is why the human body develops drug dependence (addiction).

  Physical damage can only be compensated by drugs

  Because drugs can give people a sense of euphoria, this euphoria cannot be sustained for long. Therefore, the only way to continue to pursue this thrill is to keep taking drugs.

  Moreover, because the original balance mechanism in the human body has been disrupted, once the drug is stopped, anxiety, panic, fear and desire to re-use drugs will appear after 8-14 hours; various symptoms will occur after 36-38 hours It will reach an orgasm, like Wan Ant rodent, Wan needle stabbing heart, Wan mouth sucking blood, Wan insect broken ribs, Wan blade split skin, unbearable, unbearable, so it leads to the desire to re-drug; 36-38 hours after various Symptoms can reach orgasm and lead to mental and behavioral out-of-control, and in some cases suicide. In order to get rid of this pain, drug addicts will naturally search for drugs desperately. Some drug addicts will say, “Just let me take another sip, and it won’t matter if I get shot right away.” It is not difficult to understand.

  This is why drugs are addictive, and why drug addiction cannot be quit. Drugs can’t be contaminated bit by bit, they will never be contaminated if they are contaminated. Below is the advice of a special anti-drug policeman, with his years of experience in drug control and detoxification, to tell everyone how terrible drugs are.

Advice from an anti-drug swat:

  We now assume that you want to take drugs. If you have the idea to try now, I must tell you the fact that heroin cannot be completely banned.

  Don’t be curious, don’t have to worry, don’t try, don’t try. People who are contaminated with Shanghai Luoyin are better off than die. The only hope is to die from drug overdose.

  Inside my army, we all know that the relapse rate of heroin addicts is 100%. This is not much data. This is only what I have seen with my own eyes. As for the various data given from the perspective of medicine and statistics, we have different opinions. Anyway, I do n’t believe it. The facts I have seen with my own eyes are like this. Countless people have died of drug abuse, and countless others have died. But they have never seen a single person successfully detoxify.

  In fact, this question represents the curiosity of many people, and I worry about them. It’s a very vulgar saying that people do not live for themselves, and your parents, wives, children, brothers and sisters. Taking care of yourself means taking care of them.

  Finally warn you, friends, stay away from drugs. treasure.

Types of drugs, types of new drugs (don’t eat milk tea jumping sugar by the way)

  They all know the dangers of drugs , and they are not contaminated. They also explain why drugs are addictive . However, there are many drugs in the world, and some people are infected with drugs by ghosts with ulterior motives. The following list 123 website will announce the types of drugs for you, as well as the types of new drugs. Do not eat when you see it.

Types of drugs


  Opium is a tan or black paste extracted from poppy fruits. It is called “opium” in medicine, and it is called “big smoke”, “smoke soil”, “smoke cream” and so on in the folk. The opium herbaceous plant poppy immature fruit is cut with a knife and the sap flowing out is air-dried and concentrated to a brown paste. This is raw opium. Raw opium is matured by heating and frying. It is a brown viscous liquid, commonly known as tobacco paste.

  Opium is a primary drug. Opium mainly contains opium alkaloids. There are more than 25 known species, the most important of which are morphine and codeine. The content can reach 10% to 20%. Opium and morphine, heroin and other drugs derived from it are the most harmful addictions and are extremely susceptible to poisoning. In the 1980s, as many as 100,000 people died of opioid poisoning in the world.


  Morphine is a white needle-like crystal or crystalline powder extracted from opium. It has a bitter taste, and is easily deteriorated when exposed to light. It is soluble in water and slightly soluble in ethanol. It is an alkaloid. It has a strong inhibitory effect on the respiratory center. Excessive dosage can cause slow breathing and even respiratory central paralysis, which is usually the direct cause of death from morphine poisoning. Morphine is more addictive than opium. Generally, drug dependence (addiction) can occur for more than one week of continuous medication, and sometimes it can be addicted for several days.

  Morphine addicts often use subcutaneous or intravenous injections. At first it was used clinically as an analgesic, but because it has a strong inhibitory effect on the respiratory center, like taking evil tablets, coma, excessive pupil shrinkage, respiratory depression, and even respiratory paralysis after morphine overdose Stop and die. This extreme addiction damages the body.

  3. Heroin

  Heroin is a white powder extracted from morphine. It is currently known as the “king of drugs in the world”. It can cause psychological dependence after only one use, and it is extremely difficult to quit. Because heroin is the fastest addiction and the most toxic, it was once known as the “king of drugs in the world”. Generally, people who continue to use heroin can only live 7 to 8 years. Generally, continuous use of heroin is divided into “No. 2”, “No. 3” and “No. 4” heroin with different uses and purity.

  ”No. 2″ heroin is also called sub-heroin. Its chemical name is diacetylmorphine, which looks like a brick and has a light grayish brown color. Sub-heroin is made for easy transportation and trading.

  ”No. 3″ heroin is a brown or gray granular substance, also known as brown sugar cubes, containing 30-50% of heroin. It has been used for smoking.

  ”No. 4″ heroin is refined from morphine, after acetylation, hydrochloric acid, and then purified, whitened, into a light and fine white powder. Compared with morphine, heroin is more water-soluble, rapidly hydrolyzes to morphine in the body, absorbs quickly, exerts effects quickly, and is more fat-soluble. Addictive and difficult to quit. Once his addiction is severe, the painful torture will await him. The painful experience has made drug addicts trapped in poisonous ponds, and they are unable to help themselves.

  4 hemp

  There are three main forms of cannabis: cannabis resin and cannabis oil. Cannabis is usually smoked as a hemp smoke, or used as a cannabis drink, or mixed with food, and can also be chewed, snuffed, or swallowed. Those who use marijuana suffer from a decline in learning ability and memory, depression, and the formation of “fallen syndrome”. They lose control of their behaviors and suddenly have a desire to attack violently.


  Cocaine is an alkaloid extracted from the coca leaves of the South American bush. The chemical name is benzylecgonine. It is the strongest natural central stimulant. It is white crystal, odorless, bitter and hemp.

  A small dose of cocaine can cause a slowing of the heart rhythm; an increase in the dose causes a rapid heart rhythm, shortness of breath, vomiting, tremors, convulsions, and convulsions; large doses can cause death. A dose of 70 mg of pure cocaine can kill a person weighing 70 kg on the spot.

  Cocaine is abused by drug users through nasal mucosal absorption. Because of the irritating and vasoconstrictive effects of cocaine, the nasal mucosal tissue of long-term nasal users can be necrotic or ulcerated. Because of the stimulating effect of cocaine on the nasal mucosa, drug users often dig their noses involuntarily, resulting in perforation of the nasal septum or even Collapse. Adding cocaine can lead to addiction within a few weeks, accompanied by loss and can lead to paranoid psychosis. Large-dose inhalation can stimulate the spinal cord and cause respiratory failure and death.

  6 Ice

  ”Ice” poison belongs to a class of amphetamine derivatives, also known as methamphetamine, and the drug is called “methamphetamine”. Such drugs were mainly used at the time to treat narcolepsy and ADHD in children. Because it has the functions of exciting the brain, enhancing vitality, and eliminating fatigue, it was widely used by some countries in the military during World War II to relieve the fatigue of soldiers and strengthen their combat operations. After the end of the Second World War, a large amount of “ice” poison stored in the army flowed into society, resulting in a pandemic of “ice” poison in some countries. By the 1970s, countries had implemented legislation and controls on amphetamine abuse.

  ”Ice” addicts are characterized by compulsive heavy drug use every day. These people have become strongly dependent on it and have become a necessity of their lives, so they must use “ice” every day to keep them excited, otherwise they will be difficult to spend; they are unable to fall asleep at night due to the highly excited nerves and must use Sleeping pills to make up for the unpleasant effect of the “ice” effect in the later stage, otherwise sad; the vicious cycle began again the next day, so repeatedly, can not dial. High-dose or repeated use of “ice” can produce toxic psychosis, medically known as amphetamine psychosis, clinical symptoms are very similar to paranoid schizophrenia, mainly due to forced delusions, hallucinations, hallucinations, and disorganized speech. Drug addicts experience intense pain, anxiety, terror, and suicide are not uncommon. There are also some mixed types of hallucinogens and stimulants, which are derivatives of methamphetamine, which are very harmful to human health. Sufferers will have disturbances of consciousness and various unrealistic delusions. Their behavior is extremely abnormal and it is easy to cause violent punishment. .

  7.Ecstasy drugs

  ”Ecstasy” is a new drug-the common name of methamphetamine (MDMA) and methamphetamine (MDA), derivatives of “ice” poisonous drugs. Get the name. “Ecstasy” originates from the Netherlands. According to the type of hallucinations, the time when hallucinations occur and the duration of hallucinations, there are 198 kinds of products. At present, there are about 20 kinds more commonly found in Shenzhen.

  About twenty minutes after taking “ecstasy”, first I was dizzy, my palms sweated, my feet started to soften, and then I felt excited, appeared hallucinations, and couldn’t control myself. Some wanted to do whatever they wanted, such as fighting or driving fast . In the strong dance of music, the stronger the music, the more comfortable it feels. There is a feeling of wanting to get into the music. Without music, you will feel tired, shake your head slightly, and want to sleep. “Ecstasy” can be used for 4-6 hours, and can be tested from urine within one month after taking it.


  Cannabis dependence is dominated by psychological dependence, physical dependence is relatively light, and it is not easy to develop tolerance. After taking it, it has some potential social hazards and is considered to be one of the three major drugs in the world. Moreover, the cultivation and processing of cannabis is relatively easy, and it has become the most popular and cheapest drug in western countries today, known as the “poor drug”.

  The toxicity of cannabis is very low, and the lethal dose in humans is estimated to exceed 5000 mg / kg. Therefore, it is extremely rare that cannabis is fatal. But cannabis, like other psychoactive substances, can cause problems such as dependence if it is used in large quantities for a long time. And worldwide, the vast majority of drug-related crimes are related to cannabis. So it’s one of the hardest drugs to quit.


  Its main ingredient is methamphetamine, which is a processed methamphetamine tablet with an appearance similar to that of ecstasy. It belongs to the amphetamine-type stimulant and has been tested to contain methamphetamine and caffeine. Has a strong addiction. After taking it, it will make people’s central nervous system and blood system extremely excited, which can greatly exhaust people’s physical and immune functions. Long-term use can cause depression and fatigue, mental disorders, damage to the heart, kidneys and liver, and even severe death.


  Duolidine, namely pethidine hydrochloride, is a synthetic opioid receptor agonist and belongs to the phenylpiperidine derivative. It is a clinically used synthetic analgesic. It is a white crystalline powder with slightly bitter taste and odorless Its effect and mechanism are similar to morphine, but its sedative and anesthetic effects are relatively small, only equivalent to 1 / 10-1 / 7 of morphine. Long-term use creates dependence and is classified as a strictly controlled narcotic.

Types of new drugs:

  1. Qat grass is commonly known as “Arabian Tea”

  The price is surprisingly cheap, the effect is similar to heroin, the toxicity is amazing, and it is very easy to be addicted to the spirit! Its appearance is very confusing. Many drug addicts chew directly, so in case someone passes you such a “leaf” for you to chew, don’t say no.

  2.Milk tea

  Be wary of the new drug “milk tea”. It is powdery in appearance. It is usually masked with milk tea, coffee, tea bags and other packages. It is ready to drink, and after brewing, it smells milk tea, but it is mixed with methamphetamine and K powder.

  3. Cough water

  Commonwealth, Li Jianting, Au Ting … their common names are cough water, the main ingredient is codeine phosphate, and its metabolite is morphine. On the black market, cough water trades from time to time. Police said that nowadays, students are drinking in large bottles, and the addiction of morphine is highlighted.

  4.Red ice

  Shaped like amethyst, shaped like large grains of sea salt. Its power is at least two or three times that of ordinary methamphetamine. Once you get used to it, you will be deeply addicted to drugs and the amount will continue to increase.

  5.Jump Candy

  Dissolve in water, drink immediately, mix with a variety of drinks, the taste does not change, and even the flavor is similar. This new drug has a strong stamina, and the brain will be excited for two days after drinking it. Be wary, if a bad-hearted person gives you such a pack of so-called “nostalgic snacks”, you don’t even open it.

  6.Bath salt

  Is a new type of hallucinogen, colorful. It is actually a high-purity crystal of a highly effective psychotropic drug, cathinone. Police said that “bath salt” is the most powerful drug available today. After eating, you will feel like a giant and inaccessible. There have been cases in other countries. After taking “bath salt”, drug addicts sacked almost 80% of each other’s face.

  7.Dried flowers

  Dried flowers are actually a substitute for cannabis drugs. They dilute K3 and soak it in flowers and leaves, and then dry it. Dried flowers are deceptive. First, they can avoid inspection. At the same time, they can also cause artifacts when they smoke. When they want to attract others to drink, they will say that this is just a good smelling flower, which is easy to be fooled and become a drug addict without knowing it.

Anorexia: Demon behind skinny figure (up to 20% mortality)

  Earlier we had understanding of the world’s most thin man and the world’s most thin woman because of anorexia, and anorexia as a disease, the mortality rate as high as 20%, entertainment actress is deeply disturbing, though Anorexia can bring the body down quickly, but it is extremely harmful, and the number of people who have died of anorexia in recent years has gradually increased, causing concern. What is anorexia? How severe is anorexia? The following sisters will answer them one by one.

  What is anorexia?

  Anorexia refers to menstrual anorexia (AN) refers to an eating disorder characterized by an individual deliberately causing and maintaining weight that is significantly lower than normal through dieting and other means, and belongs to the category of “physical disorders related to psychological factors” in the psychiatric field .

  Anorexia is mainly divided into two categories: restricted patients rely mainly on fasting and exercise, and binge eating patients have intermittent binge eating, and then use various methods to reduce weight. In addition, anorexia is a mental disorder that causes excessive weight loss, malnutrition, and even refusal to maintain a minimum weight due to a depressed mood.

  Characteristics and harms of anorexia

  The main features of anorexia are extreme attention to weight and body type, which is characterized by a strong fear of weight gain and obesity, blind pursuit of slimness, significant weight loss, malnutrition, metabolic and endocrine disorders, such as amenorrhea in women. Severe patients can suffer from cachexia due to extreme malnutrition, body failure, and endanger life. 5% to 15% of anorexia patients eventually die of cardiac complications, multiple organ failure, secondary infections, suicide, etc.

(The picture shows patients with anorexia)

  Causes of anorexia

  The cause of anorexia varies according to each situation, but is roughly divided into the following cases:

  1. Social factors : Because of worrying about getting fat, thinking that being fat is unhealthy and unattractive, and being thin is energetic and attractive. Therefore, the requirements for body shape and expectations of themselves make them pay great attention to diet and weight, lest they will become fat when eating. So eat less or no food, or try to spit it out.

  2. Climatic factors : High air temperature and high humidity can affect gastrointestinal function, reduce digestive juice secretion, reduce digestive enzyme activity, and decrease gastric acid, etc., resulting in decreased digestive function and anorexia.

  3. Family factors : Anorexia is also related to the family environment, such as: parents are too strict with their children and excessive pursuit of perfection; children are too dependent on their parents; they have been abused since childhood, single-parent families, and so on. Such children are prone to extremes, are very sensitive, and have poor psychological tolerance.

  4. Emotional factors : Forced feeding causes aversion in children. Various factors that affect children’s emotions can cause anorexia.

  5. Physical factors : Anorexia is related to hormonal imbalances in the body, such as decreased estrogen, thyroid hormone secretion, and elevated corticosteroid hormones. In addition, acute and chronic diseases can cause gastrointestinal insufficiency (functional dyspepsia) and cause anorexia. The long-term application of almost all antibiotics will cause intestinal flora disturbances and micro-ecological imbalances, causing abdominal distension, nausea and anorexia.

  Representative population of anorexia

  1. The thinnest man in the world suffers from anorexia and weighs only 41 kg.

  It is reported that the world’s thinnest man is Frail Jeremy Gillitzer (Gilitz) of Minnesota, USA, and weighs only 41 kg due to anorexia. In fact, at first, Ji Liz would feel sick when she looked thin and skinny, but later she told others about her daily life and even wrote her experience as a blog to warn others not to have anorexia. It has attracted much attention because it is the thinnest man in the world. [Click to view the world’s thinnest man, suffering from anorexia weighs only 41 kg (thinned into a bamboo pole) details]

  2. One of the thinnest women in the world, American girl Ashley

  Ashley, an American girl with extreme anorexia, weighs only 30 kilograms. From the information on her various social networking sites, despite being tortured by anorexia, she is still a cute and naive girl. I hope she can receive good treatment and return to normal weight as soon as possible. After all, food is the true meaning of life. [Click to view the list of the world’s thinnest people, Tita Wantis ranked fifth (sexy 16-inch waist) Details]

  3.Supermodel Ataui Deng

  Supermodel days later rely on anorexia to maintain weight. Models need to diet to skinny, but also under heavy pressure. Some people will use drugs to “refresh”, Ataui Deng can be considered a representative. She confessed that she was seen as the source of evil in the world because of her anorexia, smoking and drug use. A tabloid disclosed video footage of her taking drugs five times in 40 minutes.

  4.Famous Brazilian models

  An 18-year-old model died of anorexia, 1.74 meters tall and weighing 40 kg. In November 2006, 18-year-old Brazilian model Anna Carolina Reston died of anorexia and sepsis. Before dying, Anna, who was 1.74 meters tall, weighed only 40 kg.


  It is reported that when Lynn was 14 years old, her breast cup reached 34E, which often attracted the attention of men. Male students in school also laughed at her, making her feel embarrassed and depressed. Lynn started dieting and shrinking because she didn’t like her breasts being too plump. Lynn suffered from anorexia due to a crazy diet. By the age of 26, she weighed less than 29 kg and was admitted to hospital for treatment three times.

National Depression Hospital Rankings Which Hospital Is Good For Depression?

  National Depression Hospital Rankings, Which Hospital Is Good For Depression? At present, China has become the country with the most depression in the world , with nearly 100 million people suffering from depression. Depression has also become the leading cause of suicide in China, and less than 2% of the depression patients are treated. Therefore, we must attach importance to depression and treat depression. Today, I will bring you the national depression hospital rankings, reliable and trustworthy.

National Depression Hospital Rankings

  1. Beijing Anding Hospital, Capital Medical University

  Hospital address: No. 5 Ankang Hutong outside Deshengmen, Xicheng District, Beijing (north corner of Chengsheng Building, Deshengmen)

  Recommended Expert Depression: Shenglixia Road, Asia Rail Changle, Jiang Lu, Wujiang, Ren Yanping, Xie Xin, Bao Feng, Feng Rong, Fu Keyue

  2. Peking University Sixth Hospital

  Hospital address: 51 Huayuan North Road, Haidian District, Beijing

  Recommended expert depression: Zhang Yanping, Zhao Zhenhai, Liu Jinghuang, Xue Bingji, Xue Xue, Zhang Jianxue, Li Bing, Fang Mingzhao, Wang Yi, Song Chongsheng

  3. Brain Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing Medical University

  Hospital address: No. 264 Guangzhou Road, Gulou District, Nanjing

  Recommended experts depression: Ma Hui Wu Xin Liu Zenglong Wang Chun Gu Xiaoying Hou Gang Zhang Shining Zhou Min Wu Ruizhi Chen Yan

  4. Beijing Huilongguan Hospital

  Hospital address: General Hospital: Beijing Changping Huilongguan, Beijing-Tibet Expressway on the east side of the auxiliary road West Sanqi Bridge 800 meters north to 300 meters east; Outpatient Department; Andingmen Inner Cheludian Hutong A 35; Yuetan Outpatient Department: Xicheng District, Beijing 1 Yuetan South Street

  Recommended experts depression: Zhang Lixia Wang Jian Sun Yi Jin Hongmin Ji Chengjun Sun Hongqiang Wang Yi Cui Yong Wang Jinxia Wang Shaoli

  5. West China Hospital of Sichuan University

  Hospital address: No. 37, Wainan Guoxue Lane, Chengdu, Sichuan Province

  Recommended experts depression: Deng Wei, Li Bin, Zeng Yao, Tao Qinglan, Wang Qiang, Chen Ting, Geng Ting, Huang Hong, Deng Xiaojuan, Liu Zhizhong

  6. Tianjin Anding Hospital

  Hospital address: No. 13 Liulin Road, Hexi District, Tianjin

  Recommended experts depression: Lu Enguang Li Yongzhi Lin Hong Zhang Xinjun Sun Ling Jin Hongxia He Jing Mao Zhixia Li Genqi Wang Zhengwu

  7. Shandong Mental Health Center

  Address: 49 Wenhua East Road, Lixia District, Jinan City

  Recommended experts depression: Zhang Yan, Zhai Jing, Zhao Yuping, Liu Tongzhou, Feng Yongping, Chai Xinsheng, Liu Binglun, Yang Xiaodong, Liu Lanfen, Yuan Wei

  8. Wuhan Mental Health Center

  Hospital address: No. 70 Youyi Road, Qiaokou, Wuhan

  Recommended experts depression: Ma Yan Xiang Dongfang Zhou Juan Zhu Junhong Wang Yan Zhang Shufang Feng Shaohui Shi Qijia Liu Xiaolin Zhang Jianjun

  9. The Sixth People’s Hospital of Hebei Province

  Hospital address: No. 572 Dongfeng East Road, Baoding, Hebei Province (South side of Military Academy Square)

  Recommended experts depression: Zhang Yong Sang Wenhua Cui Lijun Yu Xuezhu Liu Huilan Zhang Xiangyun Liu Zenglong Wang Yaqing Li Yuxin Yan Min

  10.Shanghai Mental Health Center

  Hospital address: 600 Wanping South Road, Xuhui, Shanghai

  Recommended experts depression: Zhu Yiqiao Yi Sha Rong Shen Yifeng Chen Yihui Pan Lingyi Yu Yizheng Xiang Zhiqing Deng Hongyu Lu Guanghua

  11. Guangzhou Brain Hospital

  Hospital address: 36 Mingxin Road, Fangcun District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province

  Recommended experts depression: Chang Qing, Xu Wenjun, Ruyi Zhao Zhen, Huan Cheng Dao Meng Fang Shaoxin, Old Hong Yao, Miao Guodong, Wang Xilin, Yang Mingzhe

  12, Second Xiangya Hospital Affiliated to Central South University

  Hospital address: 139 Renmin Middle Road, Changsha City, Hunan Province

  Recommended experts depression: Ant Jinyao Liu Qiaosheng Xiang Xiaojun Li Qiuxiang Chen Yuanguang Yang Lingling Zhu Xiongzhao Cai Taisheng Hao Wei Li Xuerong

  13. Guang’anmen Hospital, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences


  Hospital address: No. 5 North Line Pavilion, Xuanwu District, Beijing, China

  Recommended experts depression: Xu Fengquan, Hong Lan, Liu Chao, Zhang Zhi, Zhao Zhifu, Liu Yanjiao, Wang Caifeng, Bear resistance to beauty, Bai Qiaoling, Bear resistance to beauty

  14. Hefei Fourth People’s Hospital

  Hospital address: 316 Huangshan Road, Hefei

  Recommended experts depression: Zhong Hui Jin Shengchun Hu Yanqiong Peng Keqin Wang Keyong Xia Haitao Zhang Xulai Ji Yifu Gu Qingcui Dong Yi

  15. Second People’s Hospital of Hunan Province

  Hospital address: No. 427, Section 3, Tujiachong, Furong Middle Road, Changsha

  Recommended experts depression: Zuo Jing Gao Chengzhong Wang Chaoying Liu Xuejun Zhang Xiyan Li Wen Cai Yi Kuang Weiping Zhang Honggeng Luo Xiaolin

  16.Dalian Seventh People’s Hospital

  Hospital address: No. 179 Lingshui Road, Dalian

  Recommended experts depression: Ding Yihua, Shen Xiulan, Xu Hong, Chang Gu Guangzhong, Wang Danli, Wang Fei, Yu Rui, and Chun Jiang Jiyan Chen Baoping

  17.Xi’an Mental Health Center


  Hospital address: No. 15 Yanyin Road, Qujiang New District, Xi’an

  Recommended experts depression: Wang Xinrui, Li Yue, Lu Cuiping, Fang Ming, Chen Fengli, Zhang Hui, Dai Zunxiao, Wang Zanli, Yang Ling, Fang Caixia

  18. First Affiliated Hospital of Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

  Hospital address: No. 19 Renmin Road, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province

  Recommended experts depression: Zhang Xiangzhi Zhang Haiyan Yu Junli Ma Xiuqin Zhang Xiangzhi Zhang Xiangzhi Ma Xiuqin Yu Junli Zhao Duo Jinjie

  19.Xianyue Hospital of Xiamen City

  Hospital address: 399 Xianyue Road, Kaiyuan District, Xiamen

  Recommended experts for depression: Zhang Xiaoyang, Sun Xingcui, Liu Farong, Li Yuchen, Ding Lijun, Chen Jindong, Luo Yao, Chartered Ruohuang, Xia Chen, Hou Jianhui

  20. Luoyang Fifth People’s Hospital

  Hospital address: 50 Dingding South Road, Luoyang City (overpass bridge north)

  Recommended experts depression: Wang Haibin, Dong Linlin, Wu Guangxian, Xiao Yimiao, Liu Huaqiang, Niu Ben, Shi Xiangsheng, Wang Yutang, Liu Yunxia, ​​Pan Huiping

Guangzhou Depression Hospital Ranking Which Guangzhou Depression Hospital Is Good?

  Guangzhou Depression Hospital Ranking, Which Guangzhou Depression Hospital Is Good? At present, China has become the country with the most depression in the world , and Guangzhou is a first-tier city. People living here are under great pressure in all aspects, and people with depression are not in the minority. . Therefore, we must attach importance to depression and treat depression. Today I will introduce to you the list of Guangzhou depression hospitals, which is better. If you are not friends in Guangzhou, it doesn’t matter, you can check the ” National Depression Hospital Rankings “.

Guangzhou Depression Hospital Ranking

  1. Guangzhou Brain Hospital

  2. Guangdong Provincial People’s Hospital

  3. Guangzhou Southern Hospital

  4. Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

  5.Zhongshan Third Hospital

  6, Zhongshan First Hospital

  7. Guangzhou First People’s Hospital

  8.Zhongshan Second Hospital

  9. Second Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University

  10. General Hospital of Guangzhou Military Region

  11. The First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University

  12, Guangzhou Medical First Hospital

  13. Guangdong Armed Police Corps Hospital

  14. Guangzhou Medical Third Hospital

  15.Pearl River Hospital

  16. Guangzhou Red Cross Hospital

  17. Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital of Southern Medical University

  18. The First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine

  19. Guangdong Maternal and Child Health Hospital

  20. Guangdong Second Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

  21. The First Affiliated Hospital of Guangdong Pharmaceutical University

  22. The Third People’s Hospital of Nansha District

  23.Guangzhou Development Zone Hospital

  24. Conghua Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital

  25. Guangzhou Twelve People’s Hospital

  26. Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Haizhu District

  27. He Xian Memorial Hospital Guangzhou

  28. Guangzhou Women and Children Medical Center

  29. Zhongshan Sixth Hospital

[Picture of fish mole] How is fish mole formed? How did the fish mole grow?

Fish mole pictures

    Fish mole, Xiaobian heard this term for the first time today, I believe many friends do the same. What is a fish mole? How is a fish mole formed? Why does the picture of fish mole look so disgusting? Fish moles, literally mean fish-like moles. In fact, fish moles refer to fish-like moles that grow on humans. The following introduces the knowledge of fish moles, the reasons for the formation of fish moles, the conditions under which fish moles are formed, and whether or not fish moles can be treated.

                                                                            Fish mole pictures

What is fish mole

    Fish moles are also called scaly moles. They are a stubborn disease. The main symptom is that they produce small crickets on the forehead, back of hands, and shoulders. If they are not cured in time, they will spread. Fish scale mole Chinese medicine prescription: Mian Yin Chen 27g, Platycodon 27g, Chenpi 27g, Dingzizi 27g, Laizizi 27g, Euphorbia 27g. Shuijianbi, even two doses can be taken (not spicy during the medication). Fish scale nevus can also be removed by freezing, laser, etc.
Fish mole is not a mole in nature. Generally we know that moles are born. The fish mole is actually a kind of common wart, which is what we often call a mule. It should be noted that scaly moles are contagious. This disease is an epidermal neoplasm caused by a viral infection and is mostly benign. This kind of scaly moles can occur in children and young people if their immunity is poor. Fish scale moles most commonly occur on the back of the fingers and hands, as well as the skin on the back of the feet and the area around the nail. Fish scale nevus will form a small pimple after the onset of it, which will not make others feel pain or itching.
 Fish scale nevus is very contagious, mainly autologous. For example, sometimes there is only one fish scale nevus, but fish scale nevus also grows in other parts of the body after a month, which is caused by infection. Fish scale moles are difficult to remove completely and easily relapse.

How do fish moles form

    Regarding how the fish mole is formed, we need to know that the fish mole is a common wart. It started out as rice grains, slightly yellow keratotic pimples, with a small red dot on the center, and gradually increased to the size of mung beans. The shape is uplifted, the state is obvious, the quality is hard, the surface is rough and thorny, gray, stained or stained brown. There is often one initial outbreak, which is constant or increasing for a long time, and neighbors merge with each other, and sometimes they can vaccinate themselves.
    The pathogenic bacteria are human papillomavirus (HPV-1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 27, 28, 29). Damage to the skin and mucous membranes and abnormal cellular immune function are the direct causes of infection. Human papillomavirus enters exposed basal cells through the wound. The basal cells that can divide are the storage place for viral DNA, and epithelial cells with viral DNA can be latent without any clinical manifestations. At the time of the onset, the spinous layer of the skin was hypertrophic, papillomatous hyperplasia and hyperkeratosis accompanied by incomplete keratosis.

Fish mole pictures

Clinical symptoms of fish mole

Fish mole (also known as wart vulgaris) is a common skin disease. Its main symptoms are the emergence of small crickets on the forehead, back of hands, and shoulders. If not treated in time, it will spread. It is a more common wart disease that requires antiviral treatment. The virus will not recur when it turns negative. Hurry up and treat! In fact, in common terms, they are different in shape and the viruses are the same! For serious external use, apply herbal gram wart cream, which usually falls off in 2 to 6 weeks; for severe fish scale moles, you can rub the poisonous cream.
1. The wart eye is equivalent to the common wart in western medicine, and it occurs more frequently in children and young people .
  From the beginning, it is a verrucous vegetation with a needle tip to the size of mung beans, which is hemispherical or polygonal, protruding from the surface, gray or dirty in color, and fluffy and rough on the surface, like a flower, rough and hard. Later, the volume gradually increased and developed into papillary neoplasms. This is the primary damage and is called female wart. Since then, the number has increased due to self-vaccination. Generally it is two or three, ranging from more than ten to dozens, and sometimes it can be clustered. Occurs on the back of fingers, hands, and head and face. Those born on the edge of the nail can spread to the under nail. When the cost is increased, the nail can be lifted up, causing pain or poisoning along the claws; warts born on the scalp, fingers or toes, such as finger-like protrusions, are called finger-like wart. The course of the disease is chronic, and it can subside spontaneously. Generally, there is no conscious symptom, and it is easy to bleed due to scratching, collision, friction and injury.
Second, flat crickets are equivalent to flat warts in Western medicine. It occurs more frequently in young women, so it is also called young flat wart.
  The skin lesions are smooth, flat pimples, the size of sesame to soybeans, light red, brown or normal skin color, a large number, scattered, or clustered, can also fuse with each other, the skin lesions can be linear due to scratching arrangement. Occurs in the face, back of the hand, forearm, and scapular area. It is generally non-conscious, with occasional itching, a chronic course, and can last for several years. Sometimes it can subside on its own, and it can still recur after healing.
Third, rat milk is equivalent to Western medicine condyloma. More common in children and youth.
  The skin lesions started as hemispheric pimples with large rice grains, which gradually increased to the size of mung beans, with a umbilical fovea-like depression in the center and a waxy luster on the surface. The texture is tough in the early stages and softer in the later stages. Gray or pearl. When the top is torn, a white cheese-like substance can be squeezed out. The number is indefinite, ranging from several to dozens. It is often scattered and can be clustered into clusters, but not fused. Occurs on the face, torso, limbs, scrotum, shoulder blades and eyelids. Slightly itching consciously, it can disappear by itself.
  Fourth, the plantar wart skin lesions are small shiny pimples at first, gradually increasing, rough and keratinized surface, grayish yellow or dirty gray, round, slightly concave in the center, surrounded by a thickened horny ring. Due to the pressure on the soles of the feet, the skin lesions are often not higher than the skin surface. Loose white milky horny objects can be seen after removing the stratum corneum, and small, purple-black bleeding spots can be seen on the edges, ranging from a few to dozens. There is obvious tenderness, which is exacerbated by squeezing by hand. Occurs before and after the plantar pressure and toes, sweaty feet are susceptible to this disease.
5. Filamentous warts are more common in middle-aged women.
  The skin lesion is a single soft, filiform protrusion, brown or light red, which can fall off on its own, and a new skin lesion will soon grow.
  Generally without symptoms. Occurs on the neck, eyelids, etc.

Classification of fish moles

1. Flowering Fish Mole
  Catfish mole is also called plantar wart. Longer than the heels and heels. The surface layer of the depression sometimes has a layer of light yellow powder. The yellow powder is scraped off. After breaking the surface layer, many black spines are exposed. For a long time, the surface layer gradually hardens, and the internal lesions expand to all sides and become “thorn poison”. The original small depression is Has been flat, the surface of the affected area is purple-black. Some warts grow on the sides and top of the foot, and the affected area is more prominent than the epidermis. The plantar wart surface looks like a hard pad, and the brown thorns are exposed on the film. If it stays for a long time, the brown thorns protrude from the surface and resemble flowering steamed buns, commonly known as “flowering fish moles”. They grow on the sides of the feet and the back of the feet.
2, meat fish mole
  is also a common wart on the foot. It has a round hill shape, and the surface layer is light yellow, brown, etc. How long is under the feet.
3, pink fish mole
  is the molluscum contagiosum. It can also occur in other parts of the body. At the beginning of the disease, the protrusion of the affected part was a round mound, a small depression in the middle of the surface, a hard white cone inside, and a milky odor inside the cone. The affected area gradually expanded, and a small depression formed in the middle of the diseased surface. Yellow powder, mostly small.
4, Jia Zhou Zhou, Jia Xia Yan
  The common warts that grow around the toenails or under the nails are commonly known as Jia Zhou Zhou and Jia Diya. The surface layer is keratinized and looks like corns.

Fish mole removal / treatment

     The fish mole is not a mole in nature, but it is a common wart, which is often called a mule. It should be noted that scaly moles are contagious. This disease is an epidermal neoplasm caused by a viral infection and is mostly benign. This kind of scaly moles can occur in children and young people if their immunity is poor. Fish scale moles most commonly occur on the back of the fingers and hands, as well as the skin on the back of the feet and the area around the nail. Fish scale nevus will form a small pimple after the onset of it, which will not make others feel pain or itching.

Fish mole pictures

  Fish scale nevus is very contagious, mainly autologous. For example, sometimes there is only one fish scale nevus, but fish scale nevus also grows in other parts of the body after a month, which is caused by infection. Fish scale moles are difficult to remove completely and easily relapse.
The treatment of fish scale nevus can be considered to choose physical therapy, such as: liquid nitrogen cryotherapy, or carbon dioxide laser treatment, followed by microwave therapy or electrocautery.
However, these physical therapies are more expensive to treat ichthyosis.

China is the country with the most diabetes patients in the world: 110 million patients, 10% mortality rate

  Which country has the most diabetes patients in the world? We have seen the rankings of the countries with the most depression and the world’s most AIDS population before . Let’s look at diabetes again. Diabetes is an incurable chronic disease, and its long-term existence will lead to chronic damage and dysfunction of various tissues. People with diabetes suffer in their lives, and China is the country with the most diabetes patients in the world.

The country with the most diabetes patients in the world: China

  China is the country with the most diabetic patients in the world. At present, there are 110 million diabetic patients in China. In 2011, the figure was 90 million. According to WHO predictions, without urgent action to reduce lifestyle-related risk factors, such as unhealthy diets and lack of physical exercise, the number of Chinese with diabetes will increase from the current 110 million to 150 million by 2040.

  Due to the aging population, sedentary lack of exercise, or cause obesity and type 2 diabetes. In addition to patients who have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, there are many undiagnosed or pre-diabetic patients.

  Not only is the number of diabetic patients increasing in China, the mortality rate of diabetic patients is also rising, but China is also the country with the highest number of deaths from diabetes.

China spends more than 300 billion yuan on diabetes every year

  Over the past 30 years, China ’s rapid economic development and urbanization have created wealth and spawned new lifestyles, including a growing preference for fast food and sugary beverages. These factors lead to obesity and many health problems. China spends more than 300 billion yuan on treating diabetes and related diseases each year, accounting for about 13% of national health care expenditures. For Chinese families, treating diabetes is costly. Families with people with diabetes spend 24% of their expenses on treatment, because many new drugs are out of their own pocket.

  Diabetes is a chronic, incurable disease, but it can be controlled with insulin injections and medications. However, the problem in China is that most patients do not know they are ill. Only 35% of the patients are treated accordingly, compared with 63% in the United States and 50% in Japan. According to statistics from the International Diabetes Federation, 1.3 million people died of diabetes-related diseases in 2015 due to delayed diagnosis and treatment. Therefore, we must not only prevent diabetes but also understand it. The following editors will introduce it to you.

Early symptoms of diabetes

  There are two types of diabetes, type 1 and type 2.

  Type 1 diabetes: drink more, drink more, eat more, and lose weight

  Type 2 diabetes: fatigue, obesity

  And when those symptoms are found that year, they should go to the hospital for treatment and treatment in a timely manner. And also pay attention to your diet, prohibit sugar, prohibit too sweet, too salty, too oily.

Criteria for the identification of mental disability, the number of levels of mental disability (four / one of the most severe)

  Mental illness and injury often occur, which makes people very afraid of such mentally disabled patients. But not every person with mental disability has a hurtful behavior. In fact, mental disability Levels 3 and 4 are not very aggressive, but Level 2 and Level 1 are dangerous. The following list 123 website introduces the criteria for the identification of mental disability. There are several levels of mental disability (a total of four levels).

I. Definition of mental disability

  Mental disability refers to a mental patient who has not been cured for more than one year, and at the same time, it causes a certain degree of obstacles to the family and society’s due functions.

  Mental disability can be caused by the following mental illnesses: (1) schizophrenia; (2) emotional and reactive mental disorders; (3) mental disorders caused by organic and physical diseases of the brain; (4) caused by psychoactive substances Mental disorders; (5) mental disorders in children and adolescents; (6) other mental disorders.

Second, there are several levels of mental disability

  How many levels of mental disability are there? There are four levels of mental disability, the most severe being level one

  Mental Disability Identification Criteria: People with mental disorders over the age of 18 (inclusive) according to the World Health Organization Disability Assessment Scale II (WHO-DAS II) score and the following adaptive behavior performance, and those under 18 years of age based on the adaptive behavior Performance, the mental disability is divided into four levels.

  Level of mental disability:

  The WHO-DASⅡ value ≥ 116 points, adapting to severe behavioral disorders; life can not take care of themselves at all, ignoring their basic physical and psychological requirements. Can’t engage with people, can’t work, and can’t learn new things. Requires comprehensive and extensive support from the environment, long-term life, and full supervision by others.

  Mental Disability Level 2:

  The WHO-DAS Ⅱ value is between 106 and 115 points, and it adapts to severe behavioral disorders. Most of the lives can not take care of themselves, basically do not interact with people, only simple interaction with the caregiver, can understand the simple instructions of the caregiver, and have certain learning ability. Can perform simple labor under supervision. Be able to express one’s basic needs, occasionally passively participate in social activities; need extensive support from the environment, and most of the life still needs the care of others. The suspect in the 2017 Wuhan Wuchang Railway Station homicide was a mental secondary disability.

  Mental Disability Level 3:

  The value of WHO-DAS Ⅱ is between 96 and 105 points, and moderate behavioral obstacles to adaptation. It can not completely take care of themselves in life, can communicate with people simply, and can express their emotions. Able to engage in simple labor independently and learn new things, but the learning ability is significantly worse than ordinary people. Passive participation in social activities, occasionally can actively participate in social activities; the environment needs to provide partial support, that is, the required support services are regular, short-term needs, and some life needs to be taken care of by others.

  Mental Disability Level 4:

  The value of WHO-DAS Ⅱ is between 52 and 95 points, and mild behavioral disorders of adaptive behavior. Basic self-care, but the self-care ability is worse than ordinary people, and sometimes personal hygiene is ignored. Able to communicate with others, to express their emotions, to have a poor ability to understand the emotions of others, to be able to engage in general work, and to learn new things slightly worse than ordinary people; occasionally, the environment needs support, and in general, life does not need to be taken care of .

3. Identification standards for mental disability

  The mental disability assessment standard states that for those who have suffered from the above-mentioned mental illness for more than one year and have not recovered, the “operational assessment criteria for the classification of mental disability” should be used to assess the level of mental disability:

  (1) Severe (level 1): Three or more of the five items are rated as 2 points.

  (2) Moderate (secondary): One or two of the five scores are rated as 2 points.

  (3) Mild (Level 3): Two or more of the five items are rated as 1 point. The list is as follows:

  Social function assessment items are normal or have mild abnormalities.

  Personal life self-care ability 0 points 1 point 2 points

  Family life function performance 0 1 2

  Care and responsibility for the family 0 1 2

  Occupational work ability 0 1 2

  Social activity ability 0 1 2

  ”Note”: There is no mental disability, and the total score of five items is 0 or 1.

  Examination method of mental disability

  The “operating assessment criteria for the classification of mental disability”, that is, the assessment criteria for mental disability, were used for inspection. All scores, except for talking with insiders, should be combined with observations of patients and necessary conversational queries to determine five scores.

  Guidance: (talk to insiders)

  The following five questions are the evaluation of patients’ social functions. Please answer according to his or her situation in the past month in combination with the comparison before the illness:

  1. Self-care ability in personal life

  This condition assesses the personal living and cooking situation of the patient in the past month, such as whether to rest on time, personal hygiene habits (such as washing the face, bathing, haircutting, shaving), dressing, neat dressing, hygiene in the residence, active meals, and two meals.

  0 points — similar to before the illness, or occasionally minor problems.

  1 point-there are indeed functional defects. The need for urgency or assistance has placed a burden on others.

  2 points — severe functional defect. Most or all of the daily cooking needs to be taken care of by others, which places a great burden on others.

  2. Performance of family life functions

  This condition assesses whether the patient can do what he or she should do at least in the daily life of the family in the past month. For example, eating with family members, sharing some housework, watching TV with family members, doing sanitation, participating in family affairs discussions, repairing household items, and necessary financial support for families.

  0 points —– It is almost the same as before the disease, or there are only slight abnormalities.

  1 point-there are indeed functional defects. Failure to fulfill obligations, or to sit at home for at least two hours a day. Everything is passive.

  2 points — severe functional defect. Few involved in family activities and chores.

  3. Care and responsibility for the family

  This article assesses whether patients have close feelings and responsibilities towards their spouse, parents, children or living relatives within the past month, whether they can interact with each other, exchange opinions, emotionally or lifely care and support . Do you care about your child’s upbringing, your family members’ progress and future, and your family’s future development and arrangements? The unmarried patients should also be aware of their attitude toward mate selection.

  0 points-almost the same as before the disease, or only slightly abnormal.

  1 point-there are indeed functional defects. There is little communication and concern between husband and wife or other family members, and lack of care for children. Lack of concern for family arrangements.

  2 points — severe functional defect. Quarrel with family often or ignore anyone at home. Never care about children. No consideration is given to the future of the family. Unmarried people have an incomprehensible attitude towards mate selection.

  4. Occupational work ability

  This article assesses whether the level of vocational skills (referring to incumbent staff) or academic ability (referring to students) or housework (referring to those who had no occupation before illness, have been suspended from school or retired) before the illness has decreased in the past month. Whether to work according to the routine, commute to work on time, study at school on time, whether the housework has been affected by mental illness.

  0 points —– no exceptions, or only minor problems.

  1 point-there are indeed functional defects. Can’t commute on time. Occupational work has been downgraded, and academic performance or the level of housework has fallen. It also includes those who are unemployed due to mental illness, sick leave and school leave, and the patient can resume work or study, which is yet to be arranged.

  2 points — severe functional defect. Can’t work and study because of obvious symptoms of psychosis, can’t do housework.

  5. Social activity ability

  This article in the mental disability evaluation standard assesses the situation in which the patient has not interacted with or participated in social activities in the past month. Including: contacts and contacts with colleagues, classmates, relatives and friends, neighbors, and people who need to be in contact with life and work but are not necessarily familiar (such as car ticket salespersons, store salespersons). Take the initiative to visit relatives and friends, take the initiative to shop, shop, go to entertainment and other activities.

  0 points —– It is almost the same as before the disease, or there are only slight abnormalities.

  1 point —– do not actively contact others, do not take the initiative to go out, but after repeated persuasion and encouragement, they can still contact and participate.

  2 points — Serious social withdrawal, staying alone all day, refusing to associate with others, refusing to participate in any social activities, persuasion is invalid.

Demystify the 15 signs before death, and you’re done

  Although there will be reflections before people die, they will not stay long. So how to judge that a person is not far from death, Xiaobian collected and sorted out the 15 symptoms before death, and discovered the problem in time. I also hope that netizens cherish their health and do a physical examination once a year. belowThe ranking 123 net will introduce 15 kinds of signs before death.

15 signs before death

  1. I breathe into the palm of my hand, and I feel that the spit is cold. Exhale into the palm of your hand, and the exhale we generally have must be hot. This feels cold.

  2. You can’t see your shadow in the pupils of other people’s eyes. Generally, this is visible. Anything can be seen, but people who are dying cannot see it.

  3, the four major attenuation, severe pain in the limbs, for no reason.

  4. The stool becomes white.

  5. Teeth become very dry and dark.

  6. The ears are withered and tarnished. So we said earlier that the ear is also very important. At first glance, the ear suddenly became dull, withered, almost, and there were still six months.

  7. The nose is crooked, and the nose is crooked.

  8. During the daytime, other people can’t see it, so you can see the stars in the daytime.

  9, when looking at the sun, it does not feel dazzling. Of course, it is the noon sun, not to say that it is early in the morning. When the noon sun looks, people look, oops, very dazzling, dare not look, he can look at it without glare.

  10, urine becomes sour. Has a great acidity, sour taste.

  11. It doesn’t matter if it’s under the sun or under the moon. You can’t see your shadow, there is no shadow.

  12. The lines on the forehead will swell.

  13, Dantian will appear a more red cricket.

  14. The pain in the soles of the feet, Yongquan and Yintang on the soles of the feet seemed like acupuncture. The thirteenth and fourteenth, if any, are more dangerous.

  15, moody. For no reason, it is very volatile and cannot be controlled.

  The above 15 signs of death before the death of three or more, then you are not far from death. So Xiaobian recommends to exercise more, drink more water, and check up more!

Back to light

  In the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the 15 signs before a person’s death are short-lived, and the reflection of a person’s life is that before a person dies, the energy left in his body erupts instantly in a moment! People will be just like ordinary people, even better looking healthy! However, that is only a momentary thing! The candle is the same, and before he goes out, there will be a brightest moment!

Demystifying the 10 signs of depression, killing invisible

 Recently, a well-known emerging photographer Ren Hang committed suicide, suspected of depression. This is also when depression comes back to people’s eyes. Depression is invisible. Entertainment stars such as Leslie Cheung and Qiao Zhenyu all died of depression. I do n’t know how many lives are lost to this terrible depression every year, so be sure to treat it as soon as possible before the 10 signs of depression appearThe ranking list 123 introduces 10 signs of depression.

I. 10 signs of depression:

  1. People are upset at happy events. I often feel depressed and frowning for small things for no reason.

  2. Lost interest in past hobbies, even hobbies, and daily activities.

  3, life becomes lazy, does not trim the margins, feels comfortable with the situation, does not think aggressively.

  4. Long-term insomnia, especially characterized by early awakening, lasts for weeks or even months.

  5, thinking reaction becomes dull, difficult to decide in case of trouble.

  6, always feel inferior, often blame, always regret the past and lose confidence in the future.

  7. Feeling suspicious, always suspecting that he is seriously ill. Although he constantly carries out various inspections, it is still difficult to explain his doubts.

  8, memory decline, often lost three.

  9, bad temper, irritability, difficulty concentrating.

  10. Frequently flustered and uneasy.

What are the ways to treat depression?

  1. Take a deep breath

  When there are many important things in life, people are easily nervous. The simplest and most commonly used method is deep breathing. This method is also applicable to the treatment of anxiety and depression. When you are emotionally stressed, take a deep breath to help relieve stress and anxiety and tension. When you feel anxious, your pulse speeds up and your breathing speeds up. Deep breathing can force you to slow down your breathing rate and convince your body that anxiety is over. The correct abdominal breathing is that when you breathe in and out, the abdomen will fall along with it.

  2. Affirm yourself

  The friends who suffer from anxiety and depression are usually extremely unconfident about themselves, and denying themselves at any time will only make them more vulnerable, so learn to affirm yourself. When anxiety strikes, you can tell yourself repeatedly, “No problem.”, “I can deal with it.”, “I do better than others.” This will allow you to gradually eliminate the instinctual response of rapid breathing and cold sweat in your hands, so that your intelligent response will gradually manifest. As a result, you really calm down.

  3.Learn to relax

  Relaxing for a few seconds before facing daily routine disturbances can greatly improve the level of anxiety. For example, when the phone rings, take a deep breath before answering. Develop this habit of deliberately relaxing for a few seconds, which can act as an effective sedative. Lets you control anxiety instead of being controlled by anxiety. On weekends and holidays, you can also go for a drive or go to the beach. Try to do something good for your body and mind, and let go of your work troubles.