The ten most dangerous viruses in human history

In the course of human civilization, there are always new viruses constantly appearing. Some viruses that are highly toxic, mutate quickly, and have a wide range of transmission routes tend to have catastrophic consequences for humans. Let’s review the ten most dangerous viruses in human history together and awaken those sad memories that year.

Ebola virus-currently the most dangerous

The ten most dangerous viruses in human history

Ebola is a very rare virus. After its presence in southern Sudan and the Ebola region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly known as Zaire) in 1976, it attracted widespread attention and attention from the medical community. “Bola” got its name. Is a generic term used to refer to a group of viruses belonging to the family Fibrovirus Ebola virus. It is a severe infectious disease virus that can cause Ebola hemorrhagic fever in humans and primates. It has a high mortality rate between 50% and 90%. The main causes of death are stroke, myocardial infarction, and low blood pressure. Volume shock or multiple organ failure. In July 2014, the Ebola virus broke out again in Africa, with more infections and deaths than ever before, and it continues to spread without any sign of control.

Influenza A virus-“most dangerous member” of the influenza virus family

The ten most dangerous viruses in human history

There are three types of influenza viruses, namely type A, type B and type C. Among them, influenza A virus is the one we are more familiar with and the most dangerous one. The most shocking flu in history occurred in 1918. This global flu claimed 50 million lives. The culprit was the influenza A virus named H1N1. The avian flu that has changed color is also a type of influenza A. In recent years, H5N1 and H7N9 have been prevalent. The terrible thing about influenza A is that it can evolve new disease strains through short-term genetic recombination. Each recombination has increased toxicity, increased infectivity, and can cause the original treatment to fail. The symptoms of patients after infection are mainly high fever, cough, runny nose, myalgia, etc. Most of them are accompanied by severe pneumonia. In severe cases, heart and kidney failure cause death, and the mortality rate is very high.

HIV-attack on immune cells, malignant tumors “visited”

Top 10 most dangerous viruses in human history

The virus can cause AIDS. The virus targets the most important T lymphocytes in the human immune system as the main target of attack, destroying a large number of these cells, causing the human body to lose its immune function. Therefore, the human body is susceptible to various diseases, malignant tumors can occur, and the mortality is high. The incubation period of the virus in the human body is 8-9 years on average. Patients can live and work for many years without any symptoms before the symptoms of AIDS occur. There are currently no drugs that can cure AIDS, and some drugs that have been developed can only alleviate the symptoms of AIDS patients and prolong their lives to a certain extent.

Smallpox virus-rest assured, it has been eliminated!

The ten most dangerous viruses in human history

The virus can cause the small infectious disease smallpox, which is by far the only infectious disease that has been eliminated worldwide by humans. Patients infected with variola virus will have asparagus on their face after recovery, hence the name “smallpox”. Smallpox incidence of human history is the highest , most of those who died of infectious diseases. In the 16th to 18th centuries, the number of smallpox deaths in Europe was about 500,000 in Asia and about 800,000 in Asia. In the 18th century, the total number of smallpox deaths in Europe was over 150 million. From the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century, smallpox was still rampant; this continued until the second half of the 20th century.

Rabies virus-100% mortality after onset!

The ten most dangerous viruses in human history

The virus can cause rabies, which is a serious acute infectious disease that is mainly transmitted from humans to humans through rabies virus. It can cause acute encephalitis and peripheral nerve inflammation in animals, with mortality rates as high as 100%. Infectors who have not been immunized with vaccines have almost all died after the onset of neurological symptoms. The usual cause of death is due to the destruction of the central nervous system (brain-spinal cord) by the virus, and they eventually die of organ failure and breathing caused by damage to the autonomic nervous system Exhaustion. The source of infection was mainly dogs, followed by cats and wolves. Rabies can be prevented by vaccination. If accidentally bitten or scratched by animals such as dogs, cats, wolves, or damaged skin or mucous membranes, animals must be vaccinated.

Hepatitis virus-there are “five brothers” at home, all are “ruthless roles”

Top 10 most dangerous viruses in human history

The virus can cause hepatitis. Hepatitis is often divided into five types: A, B, C, D, and E. They are all infectious diseases. Patients may experience symptoms such as loss of appetite, nausea, upper abdominal discomfort, pain in the liver area, and fatigue. Liver cancer caused the patient to die. Hepatitis B is the most common infectious disease in the world alongside tuberculosis and AIDS. About 350 to 400 million people worldwide are infected with the hepatitis B virus. Different hepatitis transmission routes are different. Hepatitis B and D are mainly transmitted through contact with the blood and other body fluids of infected people. Hepatitis C is mainly transmitted through blood. Hepatitis A and E are transmitted through diet.

Dengue virus-“buzz” to spread, children easily hit

Ten most dangerous viruses in human history

The virus is transmitted through mosquito bites and can cause an acute infectious disease, dengue fever. The disease first occurred in tropical regions, mostly during the rainy season, and this environment easily breeds a large number of mosquitoes that carry the virus. The scale of outbreaks of infectious diseases is getting larger and larger, and the proportion of dengue hemorrhagic fever is getting larger and larger. 50 to 100 million cases of dengue fever occur every year worldwide, and 2.45 billion people are threatened by the infection. Dengue affects people of all ages, but the majority of dengue fever occurs in children under 15 years of age.

SARS coronavirus-the Chinese people are most familiar

The ten most dangerous viruses in human history

The virus can cause severe acute respiratory syndrome, known as SARS. According to information published by the World Health Organization, the average mortality rate of SARS patients is about 9.6%, and the highest may reach 14% to 15%. The disease first appeared in Shunde, Guangdong, China in 2002, and spread to Southeast Asia and the world. The epidemic was gradually eliminated in mid-2003. The disease is an infectious disease of the respiratory tract, and the main transmission mode is close droplet transmission or contact with respiratory secretions of patients.

Marburg virus-currently unruly

The ten most dangerous viruses in human history

The virus was first discovered in Marburg, Germany in 1967. The infectious disease called Marburg hemorrhagic fever can be transmitted through body fluids (blood, feces, saliva, vomit, etc.). The patient’s symptoms were high fever, diarrhea, vomiting, and severe bleeding in various holes in the body. Usually died a week after the onset of illness. Onset mortality is 25% to 100%. There is currently no vaccine or cure for this highly infectious and deadly disease.

West Nile virus-again a mosquito

The ten most dangerous viruses in human history

West Nile virus is a tropical and temperate virus that can cause the infectious disease West Nile Fever. It mainly infects birds, but also humans, horses, cats, skunks, squirrels, and rabbits. The source of human infection with the virus is mosquitoes, which can be prevented by mosquito killing. The virus is relatively mild, and about 80% of humans have no obvious symptoms after infection. About 20% of people have only mild flu-like symptoms, and only 0.7% of patients die because the virus enters the brain and causes encephalitis.

Although the virus is terrible, a strong body is the best weapon to protect the body from the virus. After work, strengthen physical exercise.

What are the causes of oral ulcers, and how can oral ulcers get better quickly?

Mouth ulcers affect our daily lives, and recurrent mouth ulcers make us very uncomfortable. So what are the causes of oral ulcers? What is the best way to eat oral ulcers?

Mouth ulcer pictures, what are the causes of mouth ulcers

There are many causes of oral ulcers, and there are obvious individual differences. So what are the causes of oral ulcers? Most doctors believe that oral ulcers are related to the following factors:

Oral ulcers caused by stress

In a fast-paced modern life, the pressure from various aspects is too great, which can easily lead to mental stress, mood swings, and poor sleep. This is one of the causes of oral ulcers.

Abnormal immune system causes oral ulcers

When the body’s immune system is abnormal, some viruses or bacteria that are present inside the mouth are particularly active and can cause significant deterioration of the ulcer. Most of these viruses belong to the primary virus. After human infection, they exist in the body, hide in the blood vessels under the epidermis, and multiply in the nucleus. Common are Streptococcus, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and E. coli. This is also the main cause of oral ulcers.

Digestive system diseases and dysfunctions cause oral ulcers

Patients with digestive system diseases are prone to oral ulcers, which are caused mainly by affecting the immune system. Oral ulcers are related to gastric ulcers, duodenal ulcers, ulcerative colitis, localized enteritis, and hepatitis. Studies show that 30% -48% of patients with oral ulcers have gastrointestinal diseases such as bloating, diarrhea or constipation. More than 9% of them have gastrointestinal ulcers.

Oral ulcer caused by oral injury

It may be caused by external forces, or the mouth may be bitten when eating. If it is not treated in time, it will gradually turn into an ulcer. Coupled with people’s emotional factors, they often like to get angry, nervousness, mood swings, and poor sleep conditions, which can easily cause mild mouth ulcers.

Genetic factors cause oral ulcers

Recurrent oral ulcers have obvious family genetic tendencies. For example, when both parents have recurrent oral ulcers, their children are about 80-90% of the disease. If one of the parents has this disease, their children are about 50-60. % Sick.

How can oral ulcers get better?

1. Oral ulcers are generally caused by the lack of B vitamins. You can choose some oral B vitamin tablets. At the same time, you should eat more fruits and vegetables and then eat more eggs and milk.

2. Develop the habit of going to bed early to ensure adequate sleep. Try not to stay up late so that you can recover faster.

3. Do not eat spicy, too salty food, but eat more green vegetables and fruits. During oral ulcers, if you eat foods that are too spicy or irritating, they will irritate the ulcers and ban alcohol.

4. Rinse your mouth with saline to keep your mouth clean.

What to do about baby’s oral ulcers

Oral ulcers are a torture. Especially when the baby has oral ulcers, they will cry. The parents must be distressed when looking at them, in order to quickly eliminate the baby’s oral ulcers. Let’s start at the source to understand what causes your baby’s mouth ulcers. At the same time, we have compiled some tips for treating your baby’s mouth ulcers.

Baby mouth ulcer

What are the causes of oral ulcers in babies?

1. Predictive type of oral ulcer

Hand, foot and mouth disease, herpes stomatitis, measles and other common infant and young child diseases are usually accompanied by clinical manifestations of oral ulcers. In this case, the key is to symptomatically solve the related diseases in order to cure the oral cavity ulcers of young children from the root cause.

2. Deficiency in the oral cavity ulcer

Some young children have debilitating constitutions and heat build-up in their bodies. Overheating of the heart and spleen can easily cause oral ulcers. Oral ulcers caused by this situation are prone to recurrent episodes. Mothers need to adjust their diet in time to allow children with ulcers caused by overheating of the heart and spleen to eat more cold foods to help children with stomach fire as soon as possible. And children with ulcers caused by deficiency cold eat more brown sugar, mutton, muscle and other high-heat foods to help children warm the spleen and kidney.

3. Vitamin B deficiency or zinc deficiency oral ulcers

Due to the unreasonable diet structure, the baby lacks vitamin B, zinc and other trace elements. Children with oral ulcers that lack vitamin B or zinc usually develop with oral inflammation. Such as cheilitis, cheilitis, glossitis and other inflammations. Oral ulcers lacking vitamin B or zinc deficiency are not easy to heal, and the condition is easy to repeat.

The easiest way to treat ulcers caused by vitamin B deficiency is: while taking multivitamin b, riboflavin and other treatments, pay attention to adjusting the diet structure, eat more riboflavin-containing milk, animal liver, spinach, carrots, Chinese cabbage can cure oral ulcers in a short time. In the same way, zinc deficiency can also achieve the effect of zinc supplementation to relieve oral ulcers through dietary adjustment.

4. Traumatic oral ulcer

Babies are very curious and like to stuff everything they touch into their mouths. This is likely to cause local scratches in the mouth, and oral ulcers caused by bacterial infections. In this case, the mothers don’t have to worry too much. They just need to stop the baby from stuffing their mouths and get bacterial infections again. Pay attention to the application and care. They will recover in a few days without recurrence.

Quickly eliminate baby’s mouth ulcers

A wonderful recipe for treating oral ulcers in babies: tomato juice

There are tomatoes in the house. Fry the tomatoes into tomato juice, let the baby hold it in his mouth for a few minutes, and then spit it out. This can be done several times a day until the baby’s oral ulcer will have a significant effect. The ulcer contains tomato juice several times a day.

Baby’s oral ulcer treatment recipe two: watermelon juice

Put the peeled watermelon flesh into the juicer and squeeze it into watermelon juice. Keep the baby in your mouth for a few minutes and then spit it out. You can also drink a little watermelon juice. You can drink it three times a day. Already.

Baby’s oral ulcer treatment formula three: whole milk powder

Buy some whole milk powder to feed your baby. You can add a small amount of sugar to the milk powder, and then drink it with boiling water. If you want your baby’s oral ulcers to be faster and better, especially when your baby is going to sleep at night, Pour a cup of whole milk powder and your baby’s mouth ulcers will heal faster.

Recipe 4 for treating oral ulcers in babies: Persimmon cream on persimmon

There is no persimmon cream on the persimmon cake. We can use persimmon cream to flush the water. Persimmon cream has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying. The baby’s mouth ulcer must be seriously heated. After eating some hot food, you can use persimmon cream to flush the water. Feeding it to your baby has a certain effect on oral ulcers.

Formula five for treating oral ulcers in babies: Vitamin C tablets

Vitamin C tablets are pressed into a powder and applied to the baby’s mouth ulcers. Let the baby close his mouth for a few days. However, this method may be unwilling to the baby because it will cause more pain. Just do it once a day, after all, the baby will not cooperate and feel pain.

Baby’s oral ulcer treatment recipe six: bee juice

Give your baby some bee juice or gargle with bee juice, because many mouth ulcers are caused by fire, and honey juice not only has anti-inflammatory properties, but also has analgesic effect, and also helps to promote wound healing. .

Baby’s oral ulcer treatment recipe 7: fungus

Use black and white fungus, hawthorn 10 grams each and add three bowls of water to a bowl, then eat fungus and soup. Drinking a few times a day can relieve mouth ulcers.

Treatment of baby oral ulcers

Apply Yunnan Baiyao directly on the surface of the baby’s ulcer. Take care not to let the baby eat when applying it.

Formula 9 for treating oral ulcers in babies: cocoa powder

Use cocoa powder and honey to make a paste, and then often swallow it. And the taste of cocoa powder and honey is the child’s favorite, I believe this treatment method is the best for preventing and treating baby’s oral ulcers.

Recipe 10 for treating oral ulcers in babies: apples

Peel the apples and boil them with cold water. Then take the apples with a little wine and put them in your mouth for a while. However, this method is not acceptable to ordinary babies.

The above methods are folk remedies. It ’s best to have an ulcer. It ’s best to consult a doctor. Baoma must know that oral ulcers are contagious. If it does not turn into a herpes-toxic aphthous ulcer, then it will be very troublesome to care. Already.

Correct and scientific bathing sequence

The most pleasant thing every day is to bathe and sleep. When you take a shower, you can give up the pressure of work, the troubles of life, and the body is greatly relaxed. However, taking a bath is not a random thing. Incorrect bathing sequence and unhealthy bathing behavior may cause some harm to the body.

Bath picture

What is the correct and scientific bathing sequence?

The first step is to wash your face: After entering the shower room, as soon as the hot water is turned on, steam will be generated, and the human body’s pores will expand when it is heated. Dirty things will sneak into your pores while your pore door is open. Over time, your pores will become more and more crowded with these dirty things, occupying the territory that should not belong to the dirt, and the acne on your face will increase.

The second step is to take a bath: the temperature of the water can be too hot during the bath, which can effectively promote metabolism, speed up blood circulation, expand pores, and completely expel body sweat. For every kilogram of sweat the human body emits, it can take away about 540 calories. Taking a shower in hot water at 40 ° C for about 10 minutes will consume 200 calories! Losing weight happily in a relaxing bath is really killing two birds with one stone. After a bath, skin and mood can be fully decompressed.

The third step is to wash your hair: the hair is moisturized in the steam, and at this time, the best time to wash your hair has come. First, moisten the hair thoroughly in water and then apply shampoo. Rub the hair on the top for a while and rinse with water. Be sure to rinse it off. Then apply the fire cream or conditioner evenly and gently massage three to For five minutes, comb with a wide-tooth comb and wash. Finally, rinse your body thoroughly with water.

The following health-threatening bathing behaviors are best not to have!

1), go to bed immediately after bathing

Immediately getting into the bed after bathing can easily lead to insomnia. Because of the hot water, the body’s capillaries will quickly open, and the body temperature will rise rapidly, which will inhibit the brain from secreting melatonin, causing insomnia and falling asleep. So it is best to take a bath one to two hours before sleeping, and apply cold water to your forehead to calm your brain after washing. It is understood that people who sleep immediately after taking a bath are prone to rheumatism and migraine headaches because their bodies and hair are not completely dry, and the quilt is not tightly closed, which leads to cold wind.

2) Take a shower immediately after strenuous exercise

The capillaries of the human body expand after strenuous exercise. If you take a bath with cold water at this time, the capillaries will suddenly shrink, which is bad for your body. You cannot take a hot bath after sweating, which will cause hypoxia in the brain. It is best to take a bath after taking an hour or so of rest.

3) Take a bath on an empty stomach

As the saying goes, do n’t wash your hair when you ’re full, and do n’t take a shower when you are hungry. When fasting, bathing can easily cause hypoglycemic syncope. Because a person’s blood sugar level is relatively low on an empty stomach, a hot water, blood circulation speeds up, water transfers heat quickly, the body will consume a lot of energy as the temperature rises, when the energy can not meet the demand, hypoglycemia, fainting Even shock.

4), take a bath immediately after eating

Just after eating, a lot of blood is concentrated in the stomach in preparation for digesting food. At this time, taking a bath will increase blood flow, vascular muscles will expand, and blood concentrated in the stomach will flow to the whole body, which will affect digestion and absorption and indirectly hurt the stomach.

5) The temperature of the bath water is too high

If the water temperature is too high, the skin blood vessels dilate, which may lead to heart ischemia and hypoxia, and in severe cases may cause coma or sudden death. So, how much water temperature is suitable for bathing? The recommended temperature for bathing in summer is 24-30 degrees, and the recommended temperature for bathing in winter is 35-40 degrees. There is still a difference in bath temperature between winter and summer.

6), bath time is too long

Excessive bathing time will lead to dehydration of the skin surface, which will easily make people tired, and the cells of the body will expand, providing conditions for the invasion of bacteria and reducing the body’s immunity. The friends who like to take a bath, pay attention, do not rely on the bathtub and refuse to come out, be careful to reduce your immunity. The recommended bathing time should not exceed 30 minutes.

Why can’t I wash my hair first in the shower?

Friends once mentioned in the chat that it is not good for the body to wash their hair when taking a shower. Why is this? Really like people say that washing your hair before bathing will cause sudden death? Xiao Bian searched the information on the Internet, and found the reason, and realized that there is a certain reason for not washing the hair first.

Why ca n’t I wash my hair first in the shower?

Why ca n’t I wash my hair first?

Under normal circumstances, a large amount of human blood is concentrated in the head and internal organs. At this time, the bath water suddenly drips from the head, which may lead to poor blood circulation in the head. For a long time, it may induce cerebrovascular disease. So what is the correct and scientific bathing sequence ?

When washing the body, you should also start from the limbs away from the heart, wait for the body to adapt, then wash the trunk, and finally wash your hair.

What should I pay attention to after washing my hair sooner or later?

1. They are all people who live in the daytime. They should also be busy for various things during the day and have no time to clean up themselves. Many people choose to wash their hair at night or before going out in the morning, but going to bed before their hair is dry or being blown out by the cold wind will pose a great threat to their health.

2. After working for a day, fatigue will greatly reduce the body’s ability to resist pain. If you wash your hair at night and dry it insufficiently, moisture will stay on the scalp. If you do this for a long time, it will cause qi to stagnate blood and block the meridians. If in the winter, the cold and dampness is a major hidden danger for the body. Some people often fall asleep with wet hair at night. After a period of time, they will feel a numbness in the scalp with a faint headache. Some people will feel headache and numbness in the early morning after washing their hair, and they will be cold. As you age, you will gradually feel a marked numbness on your head, accompanied by dizziness and headache.

3. It is not advisable to wash your hair before going out in the morning, especially in the cold winter, because the hair is not dry, and the pores on the head are open. It is very easy to suffer from cold and cold, and the mild person will also suffer from cold headache. If this is often the case, it can also cause pain in the large and small joints, and even paralysis of the muscles. If you have the habit of washing your hair at night or in the morning, be sure to wipe dry and sleep or wipe out before going out. After taking a bath, ladies must pay attention to dry their bodies and hair, to avoid coldness and moisture from entering, so as to avoid headaches, neck and back pain, and even cause some gynecological diseases.

2016 Chinese Private Hospital Group Ranking Top 50, 14 hospitals in Beijing on the list

  2016 China Private hospital group recently released rankings TOP50, Aier Eye Hospital Group Co., the company ranked first, with its headquarters located in Changsha, now has a branch in 24 provinces and cities, a total of 65 hospitals. Ranked second is China Resources Phoenix Medical Holdings Co., Ltd., currently located in 6 provinces and cities, with a total of 13 hospitals. The third place is Beijing Medical Industry Group Co., Ltd. The following list 123 brings you the detailed list of TOP50 of the 2016 China Private Hospital Group Rankings.

2016 Chinese Private Hospital Group Ranking Top 50, 14 hospitals in Beijing on the list

2016 Top 10 Private Hospital Group Rankings in China

  Ranking Group name Headquarters City distribution Provincial hospitals Number of tertiary hospitals Number of top 500 hospitals Benchmark hospitals listed

  1. Aier Eye Hospital Group Co., Ltd. Changsha 24 65 18 7 Wuhan Aier Eye Hospital (Top 500) Yes

  2. China Resources Phoenix Medical Holdings Co., Ltd. Beijing 6 13 6 6 China Resources WISCO General Hospital (17) Yes

  3. Beijing University Medical Industry Group Co., Ltd. Beijing 3 5 5 1 Beijing University International Hospital

  4. Shanghai Fosun Hospital Investment (Group) Co., Ltd. Shanghai 5 5 3 3 Foshan Chancheng Center (2) Yes

  5. CITIC Healthcare Industry Group Co., Ltd. Beijing 4 7 5 3 CITIC Huizhou Hospital (77) No

  6. Tongren Medical Industry Group Co., Ltd. Nanjing 3 4 4 2 Nanjing Tongren Hospital (24) No

  7. Guizhou Xinbang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Guiyang 1 7 3 4 Guizhou Yuezhong Tumor Hospital (58) Yes

  8. Jinling Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Nanjing 2 3 1 3 Suqian People’s Hospital (9) Yes

  9. Huainan Oriental Hospital Group Huainan 1 31 2 2 Huainan Oriental General Hospital (57) No

  10. Wenzhou Kangning Hospital Co., Ltd. Wenzhou 1 8 1 1 Wenzhou Kangning Hospital (29) Yes

Hospital group development has obvious advantages

  First, member hospitals may be located in different provinces and cities, forming a grouped joint operation network, thereby enhancing the earthquake resistance of market fluctuations;

  Second, relying on the strength and scale of the group, the quality of doctors can be further improved, for example, senior and powerful doctors can be hired in the group general hospital;

  Third, groupization can urge member hospitals to be more self-disciplined, because one glory and one glory, one loss and one loss, which is beneficial to the group’s integrity and brand building;

  Fourth, the group can implement unified procurement, has strong bargaining power, and can reduce purchase costs;

  Fifth, the group makes patient referrals more convenient and also facilitates the practice of doctors in more points of practice and hierarchical diagnosis and treatment.

The private hospital group index system is divided into four dimensions

  I. Basic indicators: Including the number of hospitals and the number of provinces in which the hospitals are distributed. The number of hospitals includes three-level comprehensive / specialty and two-level comprehensive / specialty hospitals to reflect the quality of the group member hospitals.

  2. Competitiveness ranking: Refers to the competitiveness ranking of Chinese hospitals? The number of non-public hospitals in the top 100 and 101-500, further reflects the quality of the group hospitals.

  Third, brand integrity: Private hospitals have different strengths and weaknesses, brand and integrity are particularly important. Including brand influence, three factors of one vote veto and patient satisfaction. The brand influence is reflected by the hospital-wide certification program maintained by the hospital, the appointment of industry associations, and the provincial or higher government or industry association awards; one vote vetoes three elements. If a hospital is found to have false advertising, fraud, fraud, or fraud Patient behavior, disqualification of the hospital.

  4. Service capability: It is an important indicator of the group’s size and quality, including business volume, number of employees and academic influence. The business volume includes the actual number of beds, ICU beds, annual outpatient and emergency departments, annual discharges, and annual hospitalizations; the number of employees reflects the size and talent structure, including the total number of employees, the number of full-time doctors, the number of senior doctors, nurses and doctors. The number of technical personnel; academic influence, the National Health Planning Commission and the Chinese Medicine Bureau, the Provincial Health Planning Commission and the Traditional Chinese Medicine Bureau of clinical key specialists were used as indicators.

2017 Baby Milk Powder Ranking, Baby Milk Powder Quality Ranking

  Since the frequent occurrence of infant milk powder incidents, parents have become more cautious and cautious in choosing infant milk powder. A good milk powder can not only ensure the health and safety of food, but also enhance the baby’s resistance and help the baby to thrive. Take a look at the 2017 infant milk powder ranking today, and the quality ranking of infant milk powder. What kind of good problem can be solved for infant milk powder that plagues many parents.

First, the German version of love him beauty milk powder

2017 Baby Milk Powder Ranking, Baby Milk Powder Quality Ranking

  In 2017, the baby milk powder ranked first, and the German version loved his beauty milk powder. German love him beauty milk powder is very famous in the domestic Haitao mother circle, and its reputation is also very good, because Germans have higher requirements for baby milk powder, so the milk powder segmentation is very detailed, especially in the newborn period, there are pre segments, and 1 This is especially suitable for babies who are fed pure milk powder. Because Europeans have less breast milk and are mainly based on powdered milk, the German Atamel milk formula is very similar to breast milk and contains DHA nutrition with the same breast milk ingredients. The most natural way to ensure the baby’s health needs, The taste is light and has no obvious sweet taste, easy to accept and not easy to get angry. After drinking, the baby will be firm and will not appear fat. It does not add sucrose and maltodextrin (quick-solvent), it is ten times as iron as normal milk, and is rich in vitamins A, C and D to help your baby absorb iron.

  The advantages of meticulous segmentation, formula similar to breast milk, and high cost performance are the labels of the German version of Amethyst milk powder. If the newborn baby chooses the brand of infant formula, you can choose the German version of Amethyst milk powder.

  The German version of Itamel milk powder is the version that German babies and European babies are drinking. It is quite different from the domestic version of Itamel milk powder. The formula, segmentation, and regulatory standards are different. Moms can do it according to their needs. select.

Second, the Dutch version of the cow pen milk powder

2017 Baby Milk Powder Ranking, Baby Milk Powder Quality Ranking

  The Dutch Cowpen is the first baby milk powder brand in the Netherlands, occupying 74% of the market share in the Dutch baby milk powder market. It is also a favorite baby milk powder brand among domestic Haitao mothers. In the international mummy Haitao milk powder circle, it has a good reputation. Milk source, century-old brand, light and natural formula, and cost-effectiveness, etc., ranked second in the 2017 infant milk powder rankings. If you are a novice Haitao mother and do n’t know what brand of baby milk powder to choose for your baby, you can choose Dutch cow pen milk powder.

  To give your baby a Dutch cow pen milk powder is light, not angry, not constipated, but there is no phenomenon of fat, the child’s resistance is generally good. Some mothers report that their babies are too tall, but this is not necessarily related to milk powder.

Third, the British version of the cow pen milk powder

2017 Baby Milk Powder Ranking, Baby Milk Powder Quality Ranking

  British cow pen milk powder has the world’s best source of milk —– Island of the United Kingdom. The British cow pen milk powder has a brand history of more than 300 years. It is currently the longest history of global infant milk brand, and it has never appeared in more than 300 years. After any quality problem, the British cow pen milk powder is the Royal Baby Milk Powder brand designated by the British Royal Family. It is also the first baby milk powder brand in the UK. demand. Ranked third in the 2017 infant milk formula list, it is worth the trust of moms.

  British bullpen milk powder is currently only sold in British hospitals, pharmacies and large supermarkets. Unlike domestic hospitals and pharmacies, British local pharmacies and hospitals are non-profit, directly regulated by the state, and subsidized by the local government. The price / performance ratio is very high, only about 14-15 pounds in the UK supermarket.

Fourth, the German version of Xibao milk powder

2017 Baby Milk Powder Ranking, Baby Milk Powder Quality Ranking

  Xibao milk powder has a good reputation in the international mommy Haitao mom circle, and Xiaobian also likes this brand very much. German xibao milk powder is subsidized by the German government, and its cost performance is extremely high. Not only Xibao’s milk powder, Xibao company involves a wide range of baby foods and supplies. Xibao fruit puree, meat puree, rice noodles, molar cookies and other products are also loved by international moms Haitao mothers. All products place great emphasis on organic health, quality and price.

  The biggest brand advantage of Germany’s Xibao milk powder is organic. Xibao milk powder has been selected as one of the world’s top three organic baby milk powder brands, focusing on organic health, and the complete range is divided into Xibao milk powder organic ordinary series, probiotic series and free Min series. Organic milk powder is very safe due to special requirements, pursuing natural health, retaining the essence of milk-based ingredients, and without any artificial additives.

Fifth, the Australian version loves his milk powder

2017 Baby Milk Powder Ranking, Baby Milk Powder Quality Ranking

  Australia’s Kericon milk powder is the first baby milk brand in Australia and New Zealand. It belongs to the global dairy giant Danone Group. It is said that most Australian babies grew up drinking Kericon milk powder. Australia’s Cretan Milk Powder and Germany’s Milk Powder belong to the same group, so Australia’s Creamer Milk Powder formula has inherited the advantages of Germany’s Milk Cream Milk formula and is the most sold in the Australian and New Zealand markets. Good milk powder, Australia’s Kruikang Aitamei milk powder has a large output, is not easy to be sold out, and the price is civilian.

  Australia’s Kericon Atamel infant formula is characterized by sucrose-free, rich in iron more than ten times as much as regular milk, and rich in vitamin C, which can help absorb iron. While providing the calcium and protein needed for the baby’s growth, inulin is also added to help the baby’s intestinal bacteria grow, inhibit harmful bacteria, and prevent diarrhea due to infection. It can help improve your baby’s digestion and absorption, which is more beneficial for constipated babies. It is worth mentioning that 1 paragraph of his love dollar pack contains 28 vitamins and minerals (including iron, folic acid, etc.), but also rich in OMEGA3 (DHA, AA), and prebiotics. It can be said that it meets the various nutritional needs needed for the baby’s growth.

Six, the Dutch version of the US vegetarian milk powder

2017 Baby Milk Powder Ranking, Baby Milk Powder Quality Ranking

  Dutch Meisu milk powder is a genuine Dutch local brand and one of the world’s four largest dairy companies. It is sold in more than 30 countries and regions around the world. Like Dutch cow pen milk powder, Meisu milk powder is the mainstream baby milk powder brand in the Netherlands. The 140-year brand history is different from ordinary dairy groups. The Dutch Meisu milk powder is jointly operated and managed by more than 2w farmers. Therefore, the milk source is not industrially purchased like other infant milk powder brands, but is controlled by the farmers themselves. source. Therefore, Dutch Meisu milk powder has never had quality problems for more than 140 years.

  Does the Dutch Meisu milk powder have a high reputation in the Dutch market? The Dutch Meisu milk powder accounts for 22% of the Dutch baby milk market. It is the second brand in the Dutch baby milk market. U.S. milk powder is not worse than Dutch cow pen milk powder, milk source, segmentation, market supervision system and Dutch cow pen milk powder are completely the same. According to feedback from international mommy Haitao Meisu milk powder users, the taste of Dutch native US milk powder is Better than Dutch cow pen milk powder, not as bad as the Dutch cow pen milk powder. In terms of formula, Dutch Meso milk powder focuses on baby’s brain development and nerve development, while Dutch cow’s milk formula focuses on baby’s gastrointestinal development and resistance development. The formula focuses differently.

Seven, the British version of love him beauty milk powder

2017 Baby Milk Powder Ranking, Baby Milk Powder Quality Ranking

  It is well known that the formula characteristics of Aitamei milk powder are similar to breast milk. The British Aitamei milk powder is the same as the German Aitamei milk powder. The formula maintains the consistent advantages of the Aitamei milk powder formula. It contains whey protein and is very similar to breast milk. The DHA and ARA in his beautiful milk powder help the baby’s brain and city development. It contains a variety of minerals and vitamins to help the baby develop balanced nutrition. It is rich in iron and helps the baby to prevent anemia caused by iron deficiency, especially Adding prebiotics can help build a good flora and help your baby digest. British love him beauty milk powder is the most high-end milk powder brand in the UK. If you prefer high-end brands, weaning early, and your baby’s tastes are very picky, you can choose British love him beauty milk powder.

Eight, Australian version of Bellamy milk powder

2017 Baby Milk Powder Ranking, Baby Milk Powder Quality Ranking

  Bellamy’s milk powder is a native Australian milk powder brand. It is the only organic milk powder that has passed NASAA certification in Australia. Bellamy’s is also one of the three major organic milk powder brands globally recognized. Therefore, from the brand history, Bellamy Australia Milk powder and Australian Kericon milk powder are equally good.

  Australian Bellamy milk powder is produced in Tasmania, which is pollution-free. The climatic conditions are basically the same as in New Zealand. It is located on a beautiful island of Australia-Tasmania, covering an area of ​​30,000 acres. The entire farm is monitored by the Australian Organic Certification Agency NASAA. All cows must not be fed artificially. The entire farm must not use pesticides or fertilizers. Cows must not use any drugs, including antibiotics, and machinery for making milk powder. There are special requirements. Due to the high requirements of NASSA organic certification, currently only Bellamy milk powder including Australia and New Zealand has obtained the organic milk powder certificate!

Nine, French version with Baole milk powder

2017 Baby Milk Powder Ranking, Baby Milk Powder Quality Ranking

  Banbaole is the only organic milk powder brand in France. It is the milk powder brand preferred by wealthy families in France. It is displayed in high-end shopping malls and organic counters in France. It uses French Normandy organic dairy milk sources. Milk powder is not too popular in China, so domestic mothers may not be as well-known as the first two, but it is also a high-end organic milk powder brand that is very suitable for newborn feeding.

  Banbaole is an old-fashioned organic milk powder in France, which has a very good reputation. The organic ranch in Normandy, France where Banbaole ’s milk source is located, is different from other European ranches, especially its proud and romantic feelings of the French nation. Every local herder in Normandy, France, continues the ingenious way of breeding, dedicated, solid work style, inheriting the fine style of history from generation to generation, eliminating any crude production mode, inheriting generations of Normandy ecological organic manufacturing Craftsmanship and its organic and natural concepts have been embedded in the thought and action of each generation of herders.

X. German version of Tefalfen milk powder

  Tefalf is also a well-known German baby food company. It was founded in 1911 and has a brand history of more than a century. However, Tefalf organic milk powder was developed in 1989. Tefalf organic milk powder is organically certified by Germany and the European Union. Milk powder and German Hipp milk powder organic certification standards are completely the same, are very strict.

  Tefalhan organic infant formula does not add flavor, sucrose, solubilizers, etc. However, as an organic fresh milk raw material, in addition to being safe, containing no pesticide residues, no antibiotics, hormones and genetically modified substances, it contains more omega-3 fatty acids, important unsaturated fatty acids, carotene and vitamin E, and Other amino acids are more nutritious. Tefalhan Organic Baby Milk Powder is supplemented with active Bifidobacterium, Bifidobacterium longum, Bifidobacterium infantis and Bifidobacterium breve. In the test, even at 50 ° C, the number of active probiotics was more than 5 billion per thousand milliliter of milk, which promoted the baby’s digestion and strengthened its resistance.

  Tefalfen organic milk powder is not as high in the local market in Germany as Xibao organic milk powder, and the brand development is so large. Tefalban organic milk powder is a high-end German brand with a higher price and only in organic food specialty stores in some parts of Germany The German mother who sells and saves money thinks that the German milk powder has the same supervision and quality, and the milk source is similar. Therefore, she prefers the cost-effective German milk powder brand, such as German Hipp organic milk powder.

What are the chronic diseases? The World Health Organization identifies the top ten chronic diseases

  Nowadays, there are more and more various diseases, especially chronic diseases. People get entangled with people when they have not noticed them, and they will be very painful when they are discovered. So what are the top ten chronic diseases identified by the World Health Organization? What are the symptoms? The following list 123 will explain it in detail for you.

World Health Organization identifies top ten chronic diseases

  1. Simple obesity

  Simple obesity is also obesity, a chronic metabolic disease caused by a variety of factors. Obese people are physically obese, not locally obese, so there are no endocrine disorders. Generally speaking, people with obesity are more likely to be inherited in their families, and this is caused by sedentary living habits. More and more people are suffering from obesity. So it was included in the World Health Organization’s Top Ten Chronic Diseases.


  Diabetes is common in the elderly and obese. Generally because of genetic predominance. However, many elderly people also have increased insulin due to aging, leading to diabetes. In fact, a large part of patients with diabetes are also obese, so there are still many complications caused by obesity above. People with diabetes generally have symptoms such as excessive drinking, polyuria, polyphagia, wasting, and fatigue.

  3. Chronic low back pain

  Chronic low back pain is also one of the ten chronic diseases identified by the World Health Organization, and it is also the most common chronic disease in modern society. Many jobs now suffer from chronic low back pain. Taking workers, white-collar workers, and others as examples, they are all potential patients with chronic low back pain. Generally there are symptoms such as local tenderness or accompanied by radiation pain, unfavorable movements, inconvenient pitching, inability to hold weight, difficulty walking, limb fatigue, etc., and severe cases of spinal deformity.

  4.Heart disease

  Heart disease is also a common chronic disease. He has palpitations, dyspnea, cyanosis, cough, hemoptysis, chest pain, edema, and oliguria. Mainly because of heredity. Many people are invisible heart disease patients. If you have bad habits, such as smoking, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc., you can also cause heart disease.


  As one of the three high schools, hypertension is also a very common chronic disease. In fact, hypertension is no longer the patent of the elderly, and more and more young people suffer from hypertension. Because many young people now have mental stress, high sodium, low potassium diet, heavy drinking and other lifestyle habits, they will suffer from hypertension. Its main symptoms are dizziness, headache, tight neck, fatigue, and palpitations.

  6, chronic bronchial / asthma

  Asthma is a chronic disease that can be fatal. The famous movie star Teresa Teng died of asthma. However, now that technology is developed, today’s treatments can bring about 80% of asthma patients with very good disease control, but they cannot be eradicated. So patients with asthma still have to pay attention.

  7, chronic renal dysfunction

  Chronic renal dysfunction is due to the substantial damage to the kidney, leading to atrophy and failure. In chronic renal dysfunction. Chronic renal failure is a severe stage of renal insufficiency. Causes Chronic renal dysfunction is diabetes, hypertension is an important factor in the worsening of kidney disease, and then it will cause people to have symptoms such as loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, and urine taste.

  8. Rheumatoid arthritis

  Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic systemic disease of unknown etiology, mainly inflammatory synovitis. Mainly because of heredity, infection and other reasons. Generally, people aged 40-60 are at high risk for this disease. The main symptoms are morning stiffness, arthritis of the hands, feet, wrists, ankles, temporomandibular joints, and joint deformities. Patients with advanced rheumatoid arthritis can be life-threatening.

  9.Primary osteoporosis

  Patients with primary osteoporosis are generally female and elderly. Divided into postmenopausal osteoporosis (type I) and senile osteoporosis (type II). Among them, postmenopausal osteoporosis is caused by a decrease in estrogen. And senile osteoporosis is caused by aging and osteoporosis.

  10.Stiff spine

  Stiff spine is a chronic inflammatory disease, mainly due to the rigidity of the spine joints, which is the legendary “bamboo stem disease”. Many patients develop hump. In general, the disease is predominantly 20- to 40-year-old adults, and more men than women. The disease is similar to the onset of arthritis in the early stage, but it can be life-threatening when severe.

World’s top ten diseases list

  There are many diseases in the world, and the incidence is very high in every country. In the world’s top ten diseases list, heart disease causes one-third of the world’s deaths, the mortality rate of cerebrovascular diseases is very high, and the probability of influenza is very high. Disease information, let’s take a look at the detailed information with the ranking 123 net editor.

Top 10 diseases in the world

  1.Heart disease

  One-third of the world’s deaths are caused by heart disease, and in our country hundreds of thousands of people die each year from heart disease. So heart disease is definitely one of the top ten diseases in the world. In general, the high-incidence population is men older than 45 years and women older than 55 years. In addition, people with high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, and familial inheritance are all at high risk of heart disease.

  2.Cerebrovascular disease (also known as stroke or cerebral hemorrhage)

  Cerebrovascular disease is a very horrible disease. Many people either go abruptly after the onset of the disease, or the sequelae are very serious, and the mortality rate is very high. Cerebrovascular disease refers to hemorrhage in the brain parenchyma caused by rupture of blood vessels in the brain. Mainly due to arteriosclerosis and hypertension. So people with these two diseases should pay attention.

  3. Influenza and pneumonia

  The high-risk groups of influenza and pneumonia are old, young, weak and patients with original heart and lung disease. For patients with pneumonia, bed rest, plenty of water, oxygen, and active sputum are important. The most important thing is to fight infection. Because pneumonia can lead to physical weakness, the virus will enter while the body is weak, and the body’s relative health can only be guaranteed by improving its ability to fight infection.

  4, bronchitis (including emphysema and asthma)

  Due to the current ambient air, more and more people suffer from bronchitis. The general symptoms of bronchitis are cough and sputum, with bronchospasm, wheezing and shortness of breath. At present, bronchitis can be controlled, but it cannot be cured, so patients should pay attention to their own physical health, especially a cold, which can easily cause bronchitis to recur.


  Tuberculosis is a relatively common infectious disease that mainly invades the lungs and is called tuberculosis. It was called “rickets” in ancient times. It was previously incurable, but now it can be recovered through treatment. Tuberculosis is a chronic and delayed infectious disease prone to young people. It is mainly transmitted from person to person through the respiratory tract, so it is the most deadly infection in the world.

  6.Malignant tumor (cancer)

  Malignant tumor is definitely one of the most terrifying diseases in the world’s top ten diseases list. Malignant tumors generally symbolize death. A tumor is a genetic disease in nature. Generally speaking, there are no symptoms at an early stage. At this time, unless he can be cured by chemotherapy, he can only be left to his fate.

  Gastroenteritis (including dysentery)

  In general, gastroenteritis is infected by food, pollutants, etc. Gastroenteritis generally has little effect on healthy patients, but it is still a well-known danger for frail and aging patients. If you want to prevent gastroenteritis, you need to pay more attention to your eating habits. For example, do not eat unclean food and so on.

  8. Cirrhosis

  Cirrhosis is a clinically common chronic progressive liver disease, mostly caused by hepatitis, alcoholism, and schistosomiasis. Cirrhosis often dies due to complications. Upper gastrointestinal bleeding is the most common complication of cirrhosis, and hepatic encephalopathy is the most common cause of death.


  Diabetes is also quite common. It has appeared in vicious developed countries. In China, diabetes is generally caused by heredity. The onset of diabetes is hidden and easily missed, but the majority are overweight and obese. Prone to many complications, and currently there is no cure for diabetes, and it can only be controlled by drugs.

  10.Infectious diseases and trauma

  Infectious diseases and trauma are because patients are infected with other diseases due to their poor physique and ability to resist germs during treatment. Generally speaking, such diseases occur more often in underdeveloped countries because of limited medical standards, which can easily lead to wound infections and ultimately have a high mortality rate.