Anorexia: Demon behind skinny figure (up to 20% mortality)

  Earlier we had understanding of the world’s most thin man and the world’s most thin woman because of anorexia, and anorexia as a disease, the mortality rate as high as 20%, entertainment actress is deeply disturbing, though Anorexia can bring the body down quickly, but it is extremely harmful, and the number of people who have died of anorexia in recent years has gradually increased, causing concern. What is anorexia? How severe is anorexia? The following sisters will answer them one by one.

  What is anorexia?

  Anorexia refers to menstrual anorexia (AN) refers to an eating disorder characterized by an individual deliberately causing and maintaining weight that is significantly lower than normal through dieting and other means, and belongs to the category of “physical disorders related to psychological factors” in the psychiatric field .

  Anorexia is mainly divided into two categories: restricted patients rely mainly on fasting and exercise, and binge eating patients have intermittent binge eating, and then use various methods to reduce weight. In addition, anorexia is a mental disorder that causes excessive weight loss, malnutrition, and even refusal to maintain a minimum weight due to a depressed mood.

  Characteristics and harms of anorexia

  The main features of anorexia are extreme attention to weight and body type, which is characterized by a strong fear of weight gain and obesity, blind pursuit of slimness, significant weight loss, malnutrition, metabolic and endocrine disorders, such as amenorrhea in women. Severe patients can suffer from cachexia due to extreme malnutrition, body failure, and endanger life. 5% to 15% of anorexia patients eventually die of cardiac complications, multiple organ failure, secondary infections, suicide, etc.

(The picture shows patients with anorexia)

  Causes of anorexia

  The cause of anorexia varies according to each situation, but is roughly divided into the following cases:

  1. Social factors : Because of worrying about getting fat, thinking that being fat is unhealthy and unattractive, and being thin is energetic and attractive. Therefore, the requirements for body shape and expectations of themselves make them pay great attention to diet and weight, lest they will become fat when eating. So eat less or no food, or try to spit it out.

  2. Climatic factors : High air temperature and high humidity can affect gastrointestinal function, reduce digestive juice secretion, reduce digestive enzyme activity, and decrease gastric acid, etc., resulting in decreased digestive function and anorexia.

  3. Family factors : Anorexia is also related to the family environment, such as: parents are too strict with their children and excessive pursuit of perfection; children are too dependent on their parents; they have been abused since childhood, single-parent families, and so on. Such children are prone to extremes, are very sensitive, and have poor psychological tolerance.

  4. Emotional factors : Forced feeding causes aversion in children. Various factors that affect children’s emotions can cause anorexia.

  5. Physical factors : Anorexia is related to hormonal imbalances in the body, such as decreased estrogen, thyroid hormone secretion, and elevated corticosteroid hormones. In addition, acute and chronic diseases can cause gastrointestinal insufficiency (functional dyspepsia) and cause anorexia. The long-term application of almost all antibiotics will cause intestinal flora disturbances and micro-ecological imbalances, causing abdominal distension, nausea and anorexia.

  Representative population of anorexia

  1. The thinnest man in the world suffers from anorexia and weighs only 41 kg.

  It is reported that the world’s thinnest man is Frail Jeremy Gillitzer (Gilitz) of Minnesota, USA, and weighs only 41 kg due to anorexia. In fact, at first, Ji Liz would feel sick when she looked thin and skinny, but later she told others about her daily life and even wrote her experience as a blog to warn others not to have anorexia. It has attracted much attention because it is the thinnest man in the world. [Click to view the world’s thinnest man, suffering from anorexia weighs only 41 kg (thinned into a bamboo pole) details]

  2. One of the thinnest women in the world, American girl Ashley

  Ashley, an American girl with extreme anorexia, weighs only 30 kilograms. From the information on her various social networking sites, despite being tortured by anorexia, she is still a cute and naive girl. I hope she can receive good treatment and return to normal weight as soon as possible. After all, food is the true meaning of life. [Click to view the list of the world’s thinnest people, Tita Wantis ranked fifth (sexy 16-inch waist) Details]

  3.Supermodel Ataui Deng

  Supermodel days later rely on anorexia to maintain weight. Models need to diet to skinny, but also under heavy pressure. Some people will use drugs to “refresh”, Ataui Deng can be considered a representative. She confessed that she was seen as the source of evil in the world because of her anorexia, smoking and drug use. A tabloid disclosed video footage of her taking drugs five times in 40 minutes.

  4.Famous Brazilian models

  An 18-year-old model died of anorexia, 1.74 meters tall and weighing 40 kg. In November 2006, 18-year-old Brazilian model Anna Carolina Reston died of anorexia and sepsis. Before dying, Anna, who was 1.74 meters tall, weighed only 40 kg.


  It is reported that when Lynn was 14 years old, her breast cup reached 34E, which often attracted the attention of men. Male students in school also laughed at her, making her feel embarrassed and depressed. Lynn started dieting and shrinking because she didn’t like her breasts being too plump. Lynn suffered from anorexia due to a crazy diet. By the age of 26, she weighed less than 29 kg and was admitted to hospital for treatment three times.

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