Top ten sweater brands list

In cold weather, woolen sweaters have become the first choice for many people to buy warm clothing because of their good warmth effect. Which brand of woolen sweater is good? What are the woolen sweater brands? Together with Xiaobian Come and see!

Top ten sweater brands list

  Top Ten Cardigan Brands List 1, Erdos

  Since the establishment of the parent company in 1979, after 30 years of high-speed rolling development and large-scale industrial expansion at the beginning of the new century, the strategic pattern of “six major business sectors are promoted in an orderly manner and the top ten leading industries are coordinated” has been formed. . The group has entered the list of 520 key enterprises and top 500 Chinese enterprises. As the first brand in China’s textile and garment industry, “Ordos” ranks among the most valuable brands in China for more than a decade with a brand value of 30.326 billion yuan.

  Top Ten Cardigan Brands 2, Hengyuanxiang

  Hengyuanxiang is currently the world’s largest manufacturer of wool yarns, covering three major industrial sectors: home textiles, knitting and apparel. There are hundreds of alliance factories, more than 4,000 distribution outlets, and more than 2,000 varieties of textile comprehensive group companies. .

  Top ten sweater brands list 3, Chunzhu

  Headquartered in the bustling Nanjing West Road shopping district in Jing’an District, Shanghai, Chunzhu Group is a professional clothing group integrating design, production and marketing. It has a 50-year history of state-owned enterprises. It has three major brands, seven series; spring bamboo sweater, spring bamboo cashmere sweater, Montagut cashmere sweater, Montagut women’s sweater, GOOD LUCK cashmere sweater, GOOD LUCK men’s wear and GOOD LUCK women’s wear.

  Top Ten Cardigan Brands List 4, Zhenbei

  Zhejiang Zhenbei Co., Ltd. is located in Huzhou, the “Home of Silk and the Hometown of Fish and Rice”. It is a garment enterprise mainly engaged in the production of medium and high-grade cashmere sweaters, sweaters and silk underwear. It is also a large-scale private enterprise in Zhejiang textile industry. One of the companies is one of the concession members of the International Wool Bureau’s pure wool logo.

  Top ten sweater brands list 5, Lu Wang

  Inner Mongolia Luwang Cashmere Co., Ltd. is a Sino-foreign joint venture private enterprise re-registered by “Luwang Cashmere (Group) Company” after the restructuring. Its predecessor was the “Baotou City Luyuan Cashmere Sweater Factory” founded in 1985. With the party’s reform and opening-up policy and cashmere resources in Inner Mongolia and surrounding areas, after more than 20 years of “bringing in” entrepreneurship and “going out” development, it has built an autonomous region’s agricultural and livestock products processing advantages and characteristic industry backbone enterprises, and created “ Luwang Cashmere is a national brand of cashmere textile and clothing.

  Top ten sweater brands list 6, St. Xuerong

  Ningxia Shengxuerong International Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. was established in 1988, legal address: No. 363 Jiefang West Street, Yinchuan City, Ningxia, legal representative: Hou Yuqian. Shengxue Group is a joint-stock enterprise. It is a cross-industry, cross-regional and cross-border industrial and trade enterprise group. Its main business is cashmere industry and real estate . Cashmere products are sold in two markets at home and abroad. The United States, Japan and the European Union countries, and in France, Germany, Canada set up the St. Xuerong brand cashmere clothing chain store, the domestic sales of products in the country to set up more than 200 outlets in the form of direct sales and distribution.

  Top ten sweater brands list 7, Xuelian

  Founded in 1964, Beijing Xuelian Cashmere Co., Ltd. is the first textile enterprise in China to produce cashmere products. In order to achieve greater and faster development, in December 2000, six shareholders participated in the shareholding. After the overall change, Beijing Xuelian Cashmere Co., Ltd. was established, with a total share capital of 138 million shares, total assets of 543 million yuan, and annual business volume of 4.2. 100 million yuan.

  Top ten sweater brands list 8, Weixin

  Weixin Cashmere Group was established in 1992 and is mainly engaged in the production of cashmere products. The annual production of 600 tons of cashmere, cashmere woollen, worsted yarn 600 tons, cashmere scarf, shawl 2 million, cashmere sweater 2 million, cashmere woolen fabric 500,000 meters, high-end cashmere clothing 80,000.

  Top Ten Cardigan Brands, Tianshan

  Xinjiang Tianshan Wool Textile Co., Ltd. was established in 1980. It is a well-known textile enterprise specializing in the production and operation of cashmere sweaters and sweaters with its own brand. It is the first Sino-foreign joint venture in Xinjiang and the textile industry. . The company was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 1998 with a total share capital of 36,345.6 million shares and total assets of 600 million yuan.

  Top ten sweater brands list 10, Sanli

  Sanli Group was founded in 1986. It was formerly known as Hebei Sanli Woolen Mill. After more than ten years of development, Sanli Group has become a textile manufacturing, clothing and apparel industry, investment and consulting industry, real estate industry, Large private enterprise groups developing in the fields of dairy industry, new fabrics and international trade.

  How to tell the authenticity of sweaters?

  Pure wool logo products have become synonymous with high quality sweaters and are generally accepted. For this reason, counterfeit and pure wool logo products are also common. Consumers must carefully distinguish when purchasing. The permanent label of a genuine pure wool logo product is uniform (including size, color, content, etc.). The text below the pure wool logo is interpreted as “Pure new wool” or “pure new wool”. “If the label is “100% pure wool”, “100% full wool”, “pure wool” or pure wool logo directly embroidered on the sweater, it is not correct, it is difficult to keep it real.

World jeans brand ranking

 Which is better for the jeans brand? What are the world famous jeans brands? The leaderboard 123 takes you into the world of cowboys.

World jeans brand ranking

  World jeans brand ranking Top.1

  Levi’s jeans

  Levi’s, the “original ancestor” of jeans, was born in San Francisco in 1847, when it was sold on canvas. Later, I found that the local miners needed a pair of tough pants. So he made a batch of trousers on the brown canvas that was originally made into a curtain and sold it to the local miners. He was very successful. LEVI STRAUSS quickly set up the LEVI”S STRAUSS AND CO., the main myth of producing jeans.

  World jeans brand ranking Top.2

  GAP jeans

  In 1969, the founder of Gap, Don Fisher, was picking the right pair of jeans for a fashion store in California, but he couldn’t find a suitable one. Driven by this power, Don Fisher created this historic American brand, Gap.

  World jeans brand ranking Top.3

  7 for AllMankind jeans

  Founded in 2000 in Los Angeles, California, 7 For All Mankind has completely rewritten the history of denim fashion. This pair of jeans with a “luxury” halo turned out to break the traditional understanding of jeans, with a luxurious and sexy star temperament than the high fashion brand.

  World jeans brand ranking Top.4

  REPLAY jeans

  REPLAY Denim is a brand from Italy and a world-renowned casual brand REPLAY. And its main denim products, the reason why it is popular, is that from the design concept to the technical processing or the cutting of the pants, we are striving for excellence, and in the fashion and alternative, it makes people feel comfortable and close.

  World jeans brand ranking Top.5

  DKNY jeans

  The denim series has developed more and more mature in recent years, and has developed a unique logo. In the round double circle, in addition to the DKNY JEANS word, the English word of THE OFFICIAL UNIFORM is added to the outer circle. It seems to metaphorize the influence and universality of DKNY JEANS, which is almost equal to the “New York official uniform”.

  World jeans brand ranking Top.6

  GUESS jeans

  Founded in 1981, GUESS (Galles), originally from the cowboys, and the four brothers of the Marciano who yearned for the American style, came to this free paradise from the south of France, but encountered the depression of the American apparel industry, but The “Menglu” skinny jeans that they first launched were sold out overnight, so the GUESS brand was formally established.

  World jeans brand ranking Top.7

  LEE jeans

  LEE, a famous American jeans brand founded in 1889, pursues practicality and fashion, creates classic suspenders and pants, and produces the world’s first zipper jeans. With its original and classic design, LEE jeans become a jeans altar. The classic and authority, known as one of the world’s three major jeans brands.

  World jeans brand ranking Top.8

  Diesel jeans

  Diesel’s style is young and creative, and Diesel and Diesel customers have formed a niche and smug communication, as Renzo Rosso said: “Diesel never induces customers what to buy, Instead, it conveys a feeling of life. I believe in the intelligence of customers and they believe in me.”

  World jeans brand ranking Top.9

  Wrangler jeans

  Wrangler is a brand originating from the western United States. It is ranked among the top three denim brands in the United States with Levi’s and Lee. The long history dates back to 1904 and is popular among cowboys and rodeos. More than 80% of the cowboy champions use Wrangler. As a match costume!

  World jeans brand ranking Top.10

  Jack&Jones jeans

  Jack & Jones’s line of denim casual products is inspired by the soulless soul of Nordic jeans. The Jeans Intelligence collection is full of street energy and young souls, and the designer injects a casual dress style to create a cool and handsome model of denim.