Kunming Consumers Association list of the top ten junk food list

Kunming Consumers Association list of the top ten junk food list

Kunming Consumers Association list of the top ten junk food list

  According to the “Urban Times” reported on September 16, the Kunming Consumers Association recently issued a consumer warning to remind consumers to “let junk food out of your life.” According to the association, junk food only provides calories, no other nutrients, and is most likely to induce multiple diseases in children. The list of 10 types of junk food that it produces is:

  Fried food

  Soda, cola food

  Processed meat products (meat, meat, sausage, etc.)

  Plum preserves (fruit)

  Biscuits (excluding low temperature baking and graham crackers)

  Convenient food

  Canned foods (including fish and fruits)

  Barbecue food

  Frozen desserts (ice cream, popsicles and various ice creams)

  Pickled food

  Junk food may cause disease, Kunming Consumers Association reminded that diabetes patients are mostly middle-aged and elderly, but the latest data show that the proportion of children patients has increased year by year. Diabetes patients are “young” and improper diet is the culprit. Although some do not develop in childhood, they also pose hidden dangers for future high blood pressure, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and diabetes. Kunming Consumers Association believes that foreign fast food has the most serious impact on children’s health.

  Consumer warnings also mention that junk food promotes premature aging and affects intelligence: popcorn and canned foods contain high levels of lead, and lead is not metabolized in the human body and will accumulate slowly. Long-term consumption of foods high in lead can lead to mental retardation, child stunting and malnutrition.

Top Ten Tainan Food List

Tainan can be said to be a large-scale urban food museum. The various small and inconspicuous small facades are full of delicious food, so you must try the local delicacies when you go to Tainan. Speed ​​to introduce Tainan cuisine to everyone.

  Top Ten Tainan Food List

  1) Zhou’s Shrimp Roll (Head Office)

Top Ten Tainan Food List

  It is a leading dish in Tainan cuisine. The signature dishes are traditional Tainan snacks, shrimp rolls, noodles, fish balls, shrimp soup, and fish gizzards. The “Tainan snacks national banquet-style meal” will wipe out the Tainan snacks, allowing visitors to have fun.

  Address: No. 408-1, Anping Road, Anping District, Tainan City

  Opening hours: Monday-Sunday, 10:00-22:00

  2) Degree Xiaoyue Duanzi (head office)

Top Ten Tainan Food List

  This is the head office of Xiaoyue, sitting on the first floor near the door, you can see that the store retains the original stall form. Speaking of the origin of the name, following the Guangxu period of the Qing Dynasty, Hong’s Shantou Gong originally used fishing to maintain his livelihood. Later he learned the noodle cooking practices from the Fujian Luzhou fellows, provoked the burden and sold his face in front of the Tainan Shuixian Temple. For the “bearing face”, the selling face is a small month in the fishing work, so it is called “small month”. The characteristics of the noodles are delicate small bowls. The meat without dry meat is very strong and strong. It is served with a broth made of sweet shrimps. It can be picked up with a little hot surface. Sprinkle with bean sprouts, parsley, and served with meat. , garlic, black vinegar, shrimp, will be a bowl of hot, special flavor of the noodles. Therefore, the weight is really small, and the stomach can swallow a few bowls. The price is expensive. However, it is this skill that is worth eating, and it is worth experiencing.

  Address: No. 16, Zhongzheng Road, Zhongxi District, Tainan City

  Business hours: Monday – Sunday, 11:00 – 00:30 the next day

  3) Tainan Choi Fish

Top Ten Tainan Food List

  The squid is a traditional dish of Tainan. It can be eaten from start to finish. There are various names: fish porridge, fish skin soup, fish soup, fish ball soup, fish head soup, fried fish belly, fried fish sausage, simmered fish belly, You can go to Tainan Tsai to eat a full set of milkfish. This is the first 24-hour milkfish store in Tainan. It is self-supporting and self-selling. The open kitchen allows you to enjoy the whole process of processing the milkfish.


  Old shop: No. 236, Section 4, Ximen Road

  Zhonghua Store: No. 8 Section of Zhonghua North Road

  Chongde Store: No. 648, Chongde Road

  Hai’an Store: No. 509, Section 2, Hai’an Road

  4) Yang Ge Yang Hao champion

Top Ten Tainan Food List

  A selection of braised pork, soy sauce, and the unique recipe of the top noodles. There are also meat clams, mung bean mite, peanut meal, grain glutinous rice, purple rice bran, etc., which are also very popular.

  Address: 41 Qingzhong Street

  5) Master Xue Angelica

Top Ten Tainan Food List

  Formerly known as “three good and one fair”, it has been in existence for more than 50 years. Although the storefront of the old store is small, it is a customer’s door every day, and often even has to wait in line. After the change of name, it not only expanded the storefront, but also changed a variety of flavors such as sesame oil fried chicken hearts, ginseng chickens… Only the tradition of fine work has not changed.

  Address: No. 56, Section 1, Fuqian Road

  6) Yifeng Achuan Winter Melon Tea

Top Ten Tainan Food List

  To eat the most authentic melon tea, you must come to Yifeng next to the Wu Temple. It seems to be plain and simple, but it is from the famous 100-year-old gold-plated signboard. It always adheres to the ancient method and is made by hand cooking. It is loyal to the original taste, but the Tainan fruit is only the old shop that makes the melon block. The melon tea production process is very complicated. After the melon juice is squeezed, it is cooked with the special sugar. After adding the brown sugar water, it is stirred into the winter melon pulp. The sugar water produced by this ancient method is cooled and turned into melon sugar. It became a particularly sweet melon tea. Iced melon tea is especially thirsty when it is hot. If you like, you can buy some melon tea bricks to brew or cook the dessert. The sweetness is really natural, and the fresh fragrance is straight through the internal organs. Derived winter melon latte, winter melon chocolate milk tea is also extremely popular.

  Address: No. 216, Section 2, Yongfu Road, Tainan City (near Wu Temple)

  Opening hours: Monday-Sunday, 9:00-22:00

  7) Amin pig heart winter powder

Top Ten Tainan Food List

  This is a snack bar strongly recommended by the locals. The small shops that often go to the TV show often line up, and the boss is also very popular. Pig heart winter powder is a special feature here, the soup head is sweet, and there are a lot of traditional Chinese medicine ingredients inside, which is really a big supplement, which shows that the chef has a good heart.

  Address: 72 Baoan Road, Tainan City

  Business hours: 18:00-24:00

  8) Asya Hotel

Top Ten Tainan Food List

  Asya Hotel is one of the top ten famous restaurants that are officially certified. Its signature red glutinous rice cake is served on the table, and the red glutinous rice cake is spread on the fragrant rice cake. Under the double stimulation of visual olfactory, the conditioned spurt slobber, directly dispatching Wuzhishan, grabbing the clam cover and eating crab paste. . Asya uses wild red peony, completely odorless, and the meat is very elastic and sweet. Even better is the rice cake, which can be described as complicated and beautiful.

  Address: No. 7, Lane 84, Section 2, Zhongyi Road, Tainan City

  Opening hours: 10:00-22:00

  9) Tongji Anping Bean Flower (Anping Head Office)

Top Ten Tainan Food List

  The bean curd with dense taste, strong bean flavor and traditional practices is a must-have for this 40-year-old shop. Business is very good, often a hard to find, see the wall is full of pictures of artists and politicians who have come to taste the beancurd. Especially recommended is the red bean bean flower, full of early ancient taste, boiled sweet red beans, and then with the smooth and tender bean flowers, it is a great enjoyment of life.

  10) Atang salt porridge

Top Ten Tainan Food List

  The well-known Atang salty porridge always makes the guests long queues. There is no reason. The soup base of the salted porridge is cooked with the bones of the milkfish, and it is also placed in the big bones and the old hens. In addition to the sweet taste of the milkfish itself, the soup base has the rich and rich taste of pork bones and old hens. In addition, whether it is solid fish, dense fish skin, oily flowers and fish belly, Atang can make you satisfied once.

  Address: No. 728, Section 1, Ximen Road, Zhongxi District, Tainan City

  Hours of Operation: 5:00-12;00 every day, public holiday on Tuesday.

2017 China’s top ten gourmet cities (Figure) Beijing, Guangzhou, Tianjin, the top three

Which city in China has the most food? Which city is the most suitable for food? When we travel to a certain city, the first destination is mostly thinking about what is fun here, but the first thing for food is that there is What is delicious. Today, Xiaobian has collected the top ten Chinese food cities for everyone. Have you been to the foodies?

  Top Ten Food City in China in 2017

  NO.1 Beijing

2015 China Top Ten Food City

  Beijing’s capital, the benefit of the capital, brings together national cuisine, and it can be said that there is nothing to eat. Not only that, but the Western cuisine that has flowed into Beijing in recent years has also spread throughout Kyoto. French cuisine, Russian Western food, Italian flavor, and American fast food have become the best choice for Beijingers to taste. However, since I came to Beijing far away, I had to taste the authentic Beijing cuisine first. Beijing Roast Duck is known as the “first delicious in the world” and is also a masterpiece of Beijing flavor. The best place to eat roast duck is the “Jingjude Roast Duck Restaurant” outside Beijing’s Qianmen, Hepingmen and Wangfujing. The store was created 130 years ago. If you count the ducks from Yang Renquan, the originator of the roast duck restaurant, it will be pushed up for 30 years. Palace cuisine is a pillar of Beijing cuisine, reflecting the historical characteristics of Beijing for 800 years, with a full aristocratic lineage. Today, the court dish has already flowed into the private sector, although the aristocratic style is strictly preserved.

  NO.2 Guangzhou

2015 China Top Ten Food City

  Guangzhou people love to eat, will eat, the world is famous, exaggerated point is: Guangzhou people eat nothing except the four-legged table, so, sparrows, donkeys, pangolins, bats, fur seals, rats, cats, dogs , snakes, monkeys, turtles… More than a thousand kinds of materials can be turned into table dishes, even those who don’t know who are mistaken for “grasshoppers” are also cooking, and once they are the hands of the chef, they will suddenly It turned out to be a strange and delicious dish, which made Chinese and foreign people look at each other with great surprise.

  NO.3 Tianjin

2015 China Top Ten Food City

  Tianjin’s food culture is well-known at home and abroad, and many people who travel to Tianjin are rushing to eat. Tianjin cuisine has a history of more than 300 years, thousands of varieties, cooking technology is mainly salty, the main ingredients are outstanding, the ingredients are exquisite, the color is delicious. In addition, in the streets and alleys of Tianjin, you can also taste the flavors of the country. The main specialty food streets in Tianjin include Nanshi Food Street, Heping District Food Street and October Food Street. In addition, there are some old and famous brands in Tianjin, such as Guishunzhai, Xiangdezhai, Zhengxingde Tea House, Yipinxiang Pastry Shop, Siyuanxiang Pastry Shop, Duqiqi Steamed Food Shop, Enkede Lamb Buns Shop, and Keshi Linxi restaurant, etc.

  NO.4 Shanghai

2015 China Top Ten Food City

  In Chinese cooking, Shanghai cooking has been popular, colorful, and unique. Therefore, there has long been a saying of “eat in Shanghai” at home and abroad. Shanghai has a variety of flavors, famous dishes, can taste Shanghai, Suzhou, Wuxi, Ningbo, Guangzhou, Beijing, Sichuan, Anhui, Fujian, Hunan, Henan, Shandong, Yangzhou cuisine, Chaozhou cuisine, halal dishes and vegetarian dishes. Shanghai is indeed a paradise for gourmets. There are many unique “old-fashioned” restaurants in Shanghai, all of which have their own unique features – signature dishes, attracting many foodies at home and abroad.

  NO.5 Chongqing

2015 China Top Ten Food City

  Chongqing is one of the birthplaces of Sichuan cuisine, and it is also one of the main representative areas of Sichuan cuisine. Chongqing’s Sichuan cuisine is the longest of the country’s major cuisines, and it is endless. There are many kinds of cooking methods, and there are more than 4,000 kinds of colored dishes. Chongqing Maodu Hotpot and Shancheng Snacks are well-known to Chongqing to appreciate the Bashu food culture, taste the unique Sichuan cuisine and famous snacks, especially the ones that are unique in the world. Chongqing Hot Pot has become a great pleasure for Chinese and foreign tourists and gourmets. You can choose according to your own economic situation. The authentic Sichuan cuisine is generally more spicy. Some nourishing dishes are also made with Chinese herbal medicines and flowers. The taste is quite special.

  NO.6 Foshan

2015 China Top Ten Food City

  Foshan is the “hometown of food” in the Pearl River Delta. The land here is fertile, the water network is staggered, and the material is natural and competitive. The “sea, land and air” products are quite abundant. Whether it’s flying in the sky, walking on the ground, drilling in the soil, animals swimming in the water, or the fruits and vegetables of the green and green, can be turned into delicious food under the careful cooking of the culinary masters. There are many restaurants in Foshan Restaurant, and there are many food villages, which are open day and night. It is a favorite of Foshan people to drink tea in the restaurant in the morning and evening. Whenever you drink tea, the restaurant is full of people, family size, friends and friends, or chat, or share the family, to form a unique local food culture. According to the specialties and tastes of different places, Foshan people have created many different styles of gourmet dishes. Foshan’s Zhuhou food, Shunde’s “Fengcheng (Daliang) speculation,” is well known. Many snacks in Foshan, such as Foshan blind cakes, hooves, big pheasant rolls, fried milk, laksa, double skin milk, Xiaofeng cake, Nanhai fish, Dafu cake, Jiujiang fried pile, Sanshui dog duck, etc. All are famous.

  NO.7 Hangzhou

2015 China Top Ten Food City

  When people talk about Hangzhou, they can’t want to go to the West Lake. The reason why Hangzhou cuisine can occupy a place in the Zhejiang cuisine is also related to the famous name of Hangzhou. For example, the Xihu Shijin Banquet in Hangzhou cuisine is a famous dish containing the ten scenic spots of the West Lake, such as Su Di Chun Xiao, Qu Yuan Feng He, Ping Hu Qiu Yue, Broken Bridge Remnant Snow, Liu Lang Wen Yu, Hua Gang Guan Yu, San Tan Yin Yue, Lei Feng Xi Zhao, Nan Ping Evening clock, double peaks, etc., the food will produce unlimited thoughts. Hangzhou cuisine is dominated by river fresh, finely cooked, not obsessed with stereotypes, and rich and varied. The cooking is mainly based on explosion, frying, simmering and frying, fresh and crisp, and the population is soft and slippery. Many of the ingredients used in the dishes are taken directly from Hangzhou West Lake, such as the West Lake Leek Soup in the Lai Lai, not only from Hangzhou, but also from the West Lake Santan Yinyue, extraordinarily fresh and smooth, do not have a flavor. The famous dish “Dongpo Meat” has bright color, crisp and tender, thick and not greasy. “Furong Fish Fillet” draws on the cooking method of the famous Beijing Furong Chicken Slices, which is slippery, fine, tender and fat. The population of the squid in the “clear broth” is instant, without bones and slag.

  NO.8 Nanjing

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  Nanjing cuisine has always been known as Jingsu cuisine, while the chef claims to be “Jingsu Bang”. Nanjing cuisine is famous for its rigorous selection, fine production, outstanding main ingredients, exquisite and exquisite color, and bright colors. It is constantly refurbished according to seasonal seasons. Its flavor characteristics are mainly expressed in the taste of alcohol, moderate saltiness, and wide adaptability. The dishes are authentic, fresh, fragrant, crisp, rotten and tender. Its shape is hard and soft, the soup is thick and mellow, fat but not greasy, light and not thin. Crisp boring without losing its shape, smooth and crisp without losing its taste. Nanjing’s duck-making technology has long been famous, and it was recorded in the Southern Dynasty as early as 1400 years ago. Nanjing’s duck dishes are famous throughout the country. In addition to Jinling roast duck, plate duck, salted duck, roast duck, Jinling sauce duck, crispy duck, eight treasure pearl duck, salted duck gills, etc. also have their own characteristics. In addition, Nanjing’s Longchi squid is famous for its small size, large body and thick belly, and delicate and delicious meat. The “water eight fresh” in aquatic products is “fish, ling, glutinous, glutinous, white, and water. Celery, dried cappuccino, and lotus root are the best products for the Mid-Autumn Festival. The famous restaurants in Nanjing include: Laozhengxing Restaurant, Maxiangxing Restaurant, Green Liuju Vegetable Restaurant, Quyuan Restaurant, and Dasanyuan Restaurant. Dashiba Confucius Temple and Hunan Road Lion bridge is famous food street.

  NO.9 Changsha

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  Hunan has a lot of delicious dishes. Let’s just say that it is a green pepper fried meat. It is also more authentic than most places. Green pepper is deep green, meat is a kind of sauce red, and a grain of green pepper seed is Bright yellow, oil but not greasy, spicy but not fire, smelling the scent of the sultry, eating even the soup is not left. Other dishes will not be introduced, just introduce some Hunan snacks – taste shrimp! Changsha people like to taste shrimp, in fact, this is not very accurate, Changsha is delicious, love, and love to eat, this taste shrimp The popular time is only a few years, and it has been used in tornadoes in Changsha. The restaurants in Changsha have been rolled up many times by various foods. To the point).

  NO.10 Chengdu

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  Sichuan cuisine is famous for its spicy, but not just spicy. Sichuan cuisine is one of China’s four major cuisines (Chuan, Yue, Jing, Su), and its strong influence has penetrated into every corner of the country. The signature dishes of Sichuan cuisine include: spicy tofu, eight-flavored cold dish, glutinous tea duck, casserole, fish-flavored pork, kung pao chicken, hot and sour tendon, hand-cut meat, pork back, ant on tree, jade shoot duck tongue, water Boiled beef, Dongpo elbow, steamed beef, pickled fish, etc. The most revolutionary of Sichuan cuisine is the hot pot. The hot pot conquered the spleen and stomach of the entire Chinese people with its all-encompassing, enthusiasm-like, approachable and rapid carpet-like bombing.