China’s sanitary napkins 10 major brands list domestic sanitary napkins which brand is good

 In the physiological period, in addition to taking a good rest, it is very important to choose a sanitary napkin. There are many brands of domestic sanitary napkins, many of which have many different functions. The following list 123 ( will recommend the top 10 brands of sanitary napkins for you, and see what are the best sanitary napkins in China.

  Top 10 brands of sanitary napkins in China: ABC sanitary napkins, seven-degree sanitary napkins, Jieting sanitary napkins, cotton-era sanitary napkins, free points, Taotao oxygen cotton, Free sanitary napkins, geron sanitary napkins, smiles Sanitary napkins, motherwort sanitary napkins

China sanitary napkins top 10 brands list

  1, ABC sanitary napkins

Price ¥39.90 Monthly sales: 17327

  Recommended reason: ABC is also the most common sanitary napkin brand in China. It has a unique KMS health formula, designed for younger skin. It uses innovative technology blue core 2, sanitary napkin second generation central processor, faster absorption, faster Infiltration. It is very healthy and safe.

  2, seven degree space sanitary napkin

Price ¥79.90 Monthly sales: 25212

  Recommended reason: Seven-degree space has always been trusted, the brand that has been used all the time, the big brand price is also quite high, is the girl series sanitary napkin brand launched for young women, designed to make the sanitary napkin close to the body, more secure. The ultra-thin design of the towel body is more breathable and gives a feeling of ease.

  3, Jie Ting sanitary napkins

Price ¥49.90 Monthly sales: 17041

  Recommended reason: Jie Ting sanitary napkin is a very popular sanitary napkin brand in China. It is refreshing and breathable. The unique breathable base film is used for moisture dissipation and long-lasting ventilation. To prevent side leakage, the new patented suction area, the elastic force to stand the second blocking flow, the first suction and the rear block double leakage prevention, double the peace of mind.

  4, cotton era sanitary napkins

Price ¥60.23 Monthly sales: 724

  Recommended reason: The first time I used this brand, it is very comfortable. It is suitable for sensitive people. Although it is not very thin, it feels very comfortable and breathable. It is cotton, very dry, definitely the best sanitary napkin I have ever used.

  5, free point

Price ¥79.00 Monthly sales: 56614

  Recommended reason: ultra-thin and non-inductive, and absorption penetration is particularly fast. Ultra-thin, very comfortable to use, very clean, good texture, moderate price, cost-effective. Soft and comfortable, especially for the seven days is the best.

  6, Taotao oxygen cotton

Price ¥89.90 Monthly sales: 2934

  Recommended reason: I have always used this brand, I feel pretty good, the cotton quality is good and the fragrance is easy to use. The quality is really good. Use peace of mind and rest assured. Personally feel better than Sophie. It does not add any flavor ingredients and absorbs well.

  7, Free sanitary napkins

Price ¥9.90 Monthly sales: 17118

  Recommended reason: like free girl style, and independent packaging, carrying out is very user-friendly, skin-friendly is relatively thin but compared with ultra-thin, still a little thicker, compare the introduction, skin-friendly than ultra-thin There is more anti-side leakage. Ultra-thin is very easy to use, and there are seals that are easy to store.

  8, geron (geron) sanitary napkins

Price ¥54.90 Monthly sales: 638

  Recommended reason: the brand that has always been trusted, has always had allergies of aunt’s towel, changed a lot of brands, the slightest will be red and swollen, but there is no problem with Jieling. It feels very comfortable to use, the price is very affordable, it is really dry and comfortable, very good.

  9, smile clean sanitary napkins

Price ¥26.90 Monthly sales: 856

  Recommended reason: It feels very good, it is cotton and it won’t be too thick for summer. It feels so comfortable and soft, absorbs it very well, and it is also very comfortable to use! It is more reliable than some foreign brands Sophie, Shushu, and Kao. They are all cotton, very comfortable to use and not allergic.

  10, motherwort sanitary napkin

Price ¥45.90 Monthly sales: 1645

  Recommended reason: Motherwort has been used before, not bad, quite cotton soft. It feels very comfortable to touch, feels soft and thin, and is also easy to use. Yimu Herbs is a gynecological Chinese herbal medicine that is better for women. I have never used allergies, and allergies are different from person to person.

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