Demystify the 15 signs before death, and you’re done

  Although there will be reflections before people die, they will not stay long. So how to judge that a person is not far from death, Xiaobian collected and sorted out the 15 symptoms before death, and discovered the problem in time. I also hope that netizens cherish their health and do a physical examination once a year. belowThe ranking 123 net will introduce 15 kinds of signs before death.

15 signs before death

  1. I breathe into the palm of my hand, and I feel that the spit is cold. Exhale into the palm of your hand, and the exhale we generally have must be hot. This feels cold.

  2. You can’t see your shadow in the pupils of other people’s eyes. Generally, this is visible. Anything can be seen, but people who are dying cannot see it.

  3, the four major attenuation, severe pain in the limbs, for no reason.

  4. The stool becomes white.

  5. Teeth become very dry and dark.

  6. The ears are withered and tarnished. So we said earlier that the ear is also very important. At first glance, the ear suddenly became dull, withered, almost, and there were still six months.

  7. The nose is crooked, and the nose is crooked.

  8. During the daytime, other people can’t see it, so you can see the stars in the daytime.

  9, when looking at the sun, it does not feel dazzling. Of course, it is the noon sun, not to say that it is early in the morning. When the noon sun looks, people look, oops, very dazzling, dare not look, he can look at it without glare.

  10, urine becomes sour. Has a great acidity, sour taste.

  11. It doesn’t matter if it’s under the sun or under the moon. You can’t see your shadow, there is no shadow.

  12. The lines on the forehead will swell.

  13, Dantian will appear a more red cricket.

  14. The pain in the soles of the feet, Yongquan and Yintang on the soles of the feet seemed like acupuncture. The thirteenth and fourteenth, if any, are more dangerous.

  15, moody. For no reason, it is very volatile and cannot be controlled.

  The above 15 signs of death before the death of three or more, then you are not far from death. So Xiaobian recommends to exercise more, drink more water, and check up more!

Back to light

  In the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the 15 signs before a person’s death are short-lived, and the reflection of a person’s life is that before a person dies, the energy left in his body erupts instantly in a moment! People will be just like ordinary people, even better looking healthy! However, that is only a momentary thing! The candle is the same, and before he goes out, there will be a brightest moment!

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