Demystifying the 10 signs of depression, killing invisible

 Recently, a well-known emerging photographer Ren Hang committed suicide, suspected of depression. This is also when depression comes back to people’s eyes. Depression is invisible. Entertainment stars such as Leslie Cheung and Qiao Zhenyu all died of depression. I do n’t know how many lives are lost to this terrible depression every year, so be sure to treat it as soon as possible before the 10 signs of depression appearThe ranking list 123 introduces 10 signs of depression.

I. 10 signs of depression:

  1. People are upset at happy events. I often feel depressed and frowning for small things for no reason.

  2. Lost interest in past hobbies, even hobbies, and daily activities.

  3, life becomes lazy, does not trim the margins, feels comfortable with the situation, does not think aggressively.

  4. Long-term insomnia, especially characterized by early awakening, lasts for weeks or even months.

  5, thinking reaction becomes dull, difficult to decide in case of trouble.

  6, always feel inferior, often blame, always regret the past and lose confidence in the future.

  7. Feeling suspicious, always suspecting that he is seriously ill. Although he constantly carries out various inspections, it is still difficult to explain his doubts.

  8, memory decline, often lost three.

  9, bad temper, irritability, difficulty concentrating.

  10. Frequently flustered and uneasy.

What are the ways to treat depression?

  1. Take a deep breath

  When there are many important things in life, people are easily nervous. The simplest and most commonly used method is deep breathing. This method is also applicable to the treatment of anxiety and depression. When you are emotionally stressed, take a deep breath to help relieve stress and anxiety and tension. When you feel anxious, your pulse speeds up and your breathing speeds up. Deep breathing can force you to slow down your breathing rate and convince your body that anxiety is over. The correct abdominal breathing is that when you breathe in and out, the abdomen will fall along with it.

  2. Affirm yourself

  The friends who suffer from anxiety and depression are usually extremely unconfident about themselves, and denying themselves at any time will only make them more vulnerable, so learn to affirm yourself. When anxiety strikes, you can tell yourself repeatedly, “No problem.”, “I can deal with it.”, “I do better than others.” This will allow you to gradually eliminate the instinctual response of rapid breathing and cold sweat in your hands, so that your intelligent response will gradually manifest. As a result, you really calm down.

  3.Learn to relax

  Relaxing for a few seconds before facing daily routine disturbances can greatly improve the level of anxiety. For example, when the phone rings, take a deep breath before answering. Develop this habit of deliberately relaxing for a few seconds, which can act as an effective sedative. Lets you control anxiety instead of being controlled by anxiety. On weekends and holidays, you can also go for a drive or go to the beach. Try to do something good for your body and mind, and let go of your work troubles.

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