Global milk powder brand rankings, inventory of imported milk powder brands with the highest sales in various countries

  Because Chinese milk powder always has various problems, all parents choose to import milk. But how good is imported milk? This depends on whether local sales are high. After all, the milk powder that locals like is definitely a good milk powder. The following list 123 net introduces you to the global milk powder brand list, and see which milk powder is the most popular in various countries.

 [Germany] Global Milk Powder Brand Ranking

  Top brands: Love Him, Merlot, Xibao, Tefal

  Upper and middle brands: Nestle Deluxe Edition, Beba, Humana

  Middle and lower brands: Nestle Mira Hill, Hi Baby Vita Milk Powder

  In Germany, high-income families generally choose to love him or xibao; Nestle milk powder is the milk powder promoted by midwives in the east; hi baby milk powder is cheaper, and it is used by families who have relief and subsistence security … … [click to view German milk powder brand list details]

 [Korea] Top Milk Powder Brands

  1.Nanyang Lin Beier xo milk powder

  2.Daily Masterpiece Milk Powder

  3.Daily milk powder

  4.Korea Nitto Goat Milk Powder

  5. Lotte Foods Noble Milk Powder

  Among the many milk powders in South Korea, the most popular and best-known is “Limbel Xo Milk Powder from Nanyang Dairy.” Nanyang Dairy has a market share of more than 50% in South Korea and is an old Korean brand. And Nanyang Linbeier xo milk powder ranks first in sales, and is a locally recognized premium milk powder brand … [click to view Korean milk powder brand list details]

 [Netherlands] Global Milk Powder Brand Ranking


  Talented Hero Baby

  3.Nestle Nestle

  4.Eko Baby


  In local supermarkets in the Netherlands, Nutrilon milk shelves occupied most cases sold empty and often appears, accounting for 80% market share in the Netherlands, is the most popular Dutch local milk …… [Click to view Netherlands milk powder brands Leaderboard details]

 [Poland] Global Milk Powder Brand Ranking



  3.Mead Johnson



  Poland is the largest milk producing country in Europe, and it may rank around 8-9 in the global rankings. Since joining the EU member states, the quality of the Polish dairy industry has greatly improved. All technical quality indicators have been produced in accordance with the EU ’s unified indicators … [click to view the Polish milk powder brand list details]

 [Australia] Global Milk Powder Brand Ranking

  1.Wyeth S26


  3. Love him

  4.Nestle NAN

  5.A2 Platinum

  The most popular and best-known in the local area is Wyeth S26 milk powder, which has a medium price and sells NO.1 locally. The local doctor will send some Wyeth S26 milk powder to the newborn baby after the mother is discharged … [click to view the Australian milk powder brand list details]

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