Harm of drugs, home destruction is the end of drug abuse (drug-derived crime)

  Everyone knows the dangers of drugs is huge, the most harmful drugs rankings and the most difficult to quit drugs rankings , there are a lot of drugs introduced fatal information. But I’m afraid some people still don’t understand it and take drugs out of curiosity. The following list 123 net will give you a detailed introduction to the dangers of drugs. Be sure to stay away from drugs, and do not contaminate them at all.

1. Harm of drugs: endangering society

  (1) Harm to the family

  Once a drug addict appears in the family, the home is no longer a home. At the same time as drug users self-destruct, they also destroy their families, putting them in a difficult situation of economic bankruptcy, separation of relatives, and even destruction of their families.

  Once a person is addicted to drugs, he will lose his personality and lose his morality. After depleting legitimate income for the purchase of drugs, he will become a seller’s property, borrow everywhere, ruin his family, and the six relatives will not recognize it. Recognition of the mother: As long as there is a drug addict in the family, the family will never be in peace, which means that the family begins to be poor and full of contradictions. His wife is scattered, and the death of the family is often the end of the drug addict’s family.

  (2) Huge damage to social productivity

  ① Drug abuse and crime are like twin brothers. Drug users often disregard morals and laws to obtain drug funds, violate crimes, and seriously endanger people’s lives and public security. It is reported that half of drug addicts in the UK obtain money for drugs by crime.

  ② Drug users’ inability to work and normal life, various medical expenses for drug users, investment in drug collection and detoxification forces, and development of drug abuse prevention and treatment work have all brought serious losses to society and the economy. Nowadays, drug abuse has become a social dysentery, spreading all over the world, and human society is therefore burdened with heavy social burdens.

  (3) Drug activities disrupt social order

  The intensification of drug activities has induced various illegal and criminal activities, disrupted public order, and posed a huge threat to social stability. No matter how you use drugs, it will cause great damage to the human body.

2. The dangers of drugs: crisis mind and body

  (1) Physical dependence, a strong dependence caused by repeated medication

  Drugs act on the human body, causing the body’s physical capacity to undergo adaptive changes and form a new state of equilibrium under the action of drugs. Once the drug is stopped, the physiological function will be disturbed, and a series of serious reactions, called withdrawal reactions, will make people feel very painful. In order to avoid withdrawal reactions, drug users must take drugs regularly and continuously increase the dosage so that drug users can’t live without drugs all day.

  (2) Spiritual dependence

  Drugs enter the human body and act on the nervous system of the person, causing a strong desire for drug users to drive drug users, driving drug users to desperately seek and use drugs. Once mental dependence occurs, even after detoxification treatment, after the withdrawal of the acute phase is basically controlled, it often takes months or even years to fully recover the original physiological functions. What’s more, dependence on drugs is difficult to eliminate. This is the reason why many drug addicts are here and there again and again, and it is also a problem to be solved by the medical and pharmacy world.

  (3) Mechanism of drug harm to human body

  Heroin is the most widely used and most harmful drug in China. Heroin is an opioid drug. There are endogenous opioid peptides and opioid receptors in normal human brain and some organs in the body. Under normal circumstances, endogenous opioid peptides act on opioid receptors and regulate human mood and behavior. After inhaling heroin, people inhibit the production of endogenous opioid peptides, and gradually form a state of equilibrium under the action of heroin. Once stopped, there will be restlessness, anxiety, sudden cold and fever, goose bumps, tears, runny nose, Sweating, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, etc. The pain of this withdrawal response, in turn, prompts drug users to do everything possible to maintain the state of drug use in order to avoid this pain. In the pharmacological action, methamphetamine and ecstasy are central stimulants, which destroy human nerve centers.

3. Harm of drugs: poisoning response

  (1) Toxic effects of drug use on the body: Toxic effects refer to a harmful effect on the body caused by excessive dosage or prolonged use of the drug, usually with dysfunction of the organism and histopathological changes.

  The main characteristics of poisoning are: lethargy, dull feeling, ataxia, hallucinations, delusions, disorientation, etc.

  (2) Withdrawal response: It is a serious and potentially fatal physical and mental damage caused by long-term drug use, which usually occurs after abrupt termination of the drug or reduction of the dosage. Some patients who choose to detoxify themselves at home simply choose to harm themselves or commit suicide because they can’t stand the withdrawal response.

  (3) Mental disorders and abnormalities: The most prominent mental disorders caused by drug use are hallucinations and thinking disorders. Their behavior characteristics revolve around drugs, and even lose their humanity for drug use. In the end, it can lead to direct schizophrenia and psychosis.

  (4) Infectious diseases: Intravenous drugs bring infectious comorbidities to abusers. The most common are purulent infection and hepatitis B, and worrying AIDS. In addition, it also damages the nervous system and immune system and is susceptible to various diseases.

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