Have you ever eaten the top ten famous dishes in southern China?

Counting the top ten old snacks in Shaanxi has a long history

Every place has its own unique specialties in the taste of its own place. Some dishes attract a lot of tourists because of its delicious taste. China is a place with a lot of food, and different regions have their own unique features. In the south of China, there are many foods, some of which have become famous dishes. The following list of 123 nets for you to count the top ten famous dishes in southern China, have you ever eaten?

Have you ever eaten the top ten famous dishes in southern China?

Have you ever eaten the top ten famous dishes in southern China?

  One of the top ten famous dishes in southern China: Ayi Abalone

  Hong Kong Fulin Hotel. The cooking skills of Ah Yi abalone all infiltrate the Chinese traditional food culture. Mr. Yang Guanyi, who made the abalone, also won many honors for his outstanding achievements in promoting the Chinese food culture internationally. He was recognized by the international food industry as “abalone king” and “food master” and won the “International Outstanding Man of the Year”. title. Like shark’s fin, it is one of several high-end ingredients that can’t be found in Cantonese cuisine. As a famous dish, it was listed as one of the eight treasures during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Nourishing yin and nourishing yang, supplementing but not drying, the nutritional value is extremely high. Cantonese cuisine uses dried abalone. Ai abalone is simple to cook and delicious. It is the top ten famous Cantonese cuisine in this “First China Cantonese Cuisine Summit”.

  The top ten famous dishes in South China: Guangzhou Wenchang Chicken

  Guangzhou Restaurant. It is the sister dish of the traditional Cantonese chef “Jinhua Yushu Chicken”. At the beginning, it was the famous chicken produced in Wenchang County, Hainan Province. It is reported that when the Guangzhou restaurant sent several famous chefs to visit the local area, after the tasting, Wenchang chicken was found to be fat and fleshy, and the name was well-deserved. The fly in the ointment was that the chicken bones were too hard and inconvenient to eat. After some research and development, we will remove the bones and pieces, and fight with Jinhua ham, Zhengan, seasonal vegetables, etc., and the food is smooth and fleshy, with unique flavor. Because the chicken comes from Wenchang County, the Guangzhou Restaurant is located right on Wenchang Road. The name “Guangzhou Wenchang Chicken” is named after it.

  The top ten famous dishes in South China: the oven-baked suckling pig

  China Grand Hotel. There are two ways to burn pigs in Guangdong. One is to burn light skin, the fire is slower, and the oil is less when burning. The second is to burn it into a skin, to burn it, and continuously apply oil. The finished skin is golden in color, and the sesame-like bubbles are evenly distributed. The surface layer is the same size and the skin layer is more crisp. Baked suckling pigs use a knife to peel out the skin (without meat), and each piece of skin is made into 8 pieces, a total of 32 pieces. The suckling pigs are placed in the pots, the pigskin is covered on the pigs, and then the layers of cakes are served. The two small plates, such as onion balls, sweet sauce and white sugar, are eaten together and have a unique flavor. Home cooking practices

  Four of the top ten famous dishes in South China: New Dragon King Banquet

  Shunfeng Mountain Villa. This dish, choose about 3 pounds of Australian lobster, lobster meat with fresh lily, asparagus and other fried shrimp balls, lobster claws and salt, when placed, still placed as lobster, shrimp ball in the middle, claw feet on both sides, lobster head The tail is reserved and looks like a dragon. The New Dragon Emperor Night Banquet is not the same as the general fried lobster ball. It has a head and tail, and this is in line with the Shunde people’s style of doing things.

  Five of the top ten famous dishes in South China: Peninsula Royale Guanyan

  Peninsula Pearl Restaurant. The “Peninsula Royal Swallow” produced by Guangzhou Pearl Wine Restaurant has become the top ten famous dishes of Cantonese cuisine in this “First China Cantonese Cuisine Summit”. Guanyan adopts the self-selection mode and adds multicolored: jujube juice, coconut juice, papaya juice, apricot juice, and camphor juice. They are served together with colorful juice, also known as “colored bird’s nest”, “sweet bird’s nest” and so on. A dish is a “self-selected supermarket”. Some customers have their own needs and hobbies, which fully reflects the spirit of human service. This is the reason why this dish is favored.

  Six of China’s top ten famous dishes: steamed East Star spot

  Donghai Seafood Restaurant. When you arrive in Guangzhou, you must eat seafood. The East Star spot is full-bodied, fresh and tender, and the meat is white, and the steamed fish oyster sauce makes the tastes complement each other. It is one of the representatives of Cantonese cuisine, which highlights the essence of Cantonese cuisine, fresh, tender, smooth and cool. Really fresh steamed fish, when the table is on the table, the fins are dilated, the fleshy pieces are separated, and they are never sticky.

  Seven of the top ten famous dishes in South China: Hanging roast goose

  Remember the restaurant. In the late Qing Dynasty, the roast goose in Guangdong was already well-known, and now the siu mei shop in the streets of Guangzhou is indispensable. The “goose” of roast goose is best to use a small black-eyed goose with a small head. The meat is tender and delicious. After the whole goose body is spread with a special sauce, it is hung with a roast goose ring and placed in a micro-fire grill. The skin is dry and then air dried. The sauce with sour sauce is very particular. If you have enough time to go to Hong Kong, then it is recommended to try the roast goose. The Kee Roast Goose became the top ten famous dishes of Cantonese cuisine at the “First China Cantonese Cuisine Summit”.

  Eight of China’s top ten famous dishes: raw crab meat, sea tiger wings

  Shangri-La hotel. Shark fin is an important ingredient in high-end Cantonese cuisine. The braised large group of wings is the traditional signature dish of the big three yuan. It is said that in the 1920s and 1930s, it was necessary to spend 60 silver dollars to eat this dish. The shark fins of the sharks such as tiger sharks were used as raw materials. It is made by rolling many steps, such as rolling the wings, and the fins are transparent and soft, and the taste is delicious, and the toughness is crisp, thick and not greasy. Nowadays, the practice of shark’s fin in Guangzhou is very popular. The recent Cantonese cuisine at the Shangri-La’s Summer Palace in Guangzhou Pazhou is the representative of the shark’s fin.

  Nine of the top ten famous dishes in southern China: Yannanfei tea field duck

  Meizhou Yannan Feiwei Long Restaurant. At the “First China Cantonese Cuisine Summit” of the 2009 Guangdong International Tourism and Culture Festival, the “Yannanfei Tea Field Duck” produced by the Weilong Restaurant was selected by the Organizing Committee for nomination and expert jury. The “Top Ten Famous Cuisine of Cantonese Cuisine” was selected.

  Ten of the top ten famous dishes in southern China: Chaozhou lo mei

  Chaohuang Restaurant. An important component of Chaozhou cuisine, its brine is made of fine pork bone, plum meat, chicken, ham, scallop, and star anise, cinnamon, bay leaf, fresh lemongrass, licorice, turmeric, mangosteen, clove, garlic, red onion, west Parsley, carrots, onions and soy sauce, fish sauce, chicken essence, Huadiao wine, rose wine and so on. Then, poultry and livestock or aquatic products are put into it, heated and marinated to form various kinds of lo mei, such as brine goose, brine duck, brine chicken, etc., and the taste is delicious. The “Chaozhou Lo Mei” produced by Chaohuang Restaurant became the top ten famous dishes of Cantonese cuisine in this “First China Cantonese Cuisine Summit”.

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