Most expensive drug list, LSD hallucinogen 19,000 yuan / gram

  Drugs are always dangerous and expensive. Drug users spend at least 40,000 to 50,000 a year on drugs. In the most harmful drugs rankings and the most difficult to quit drugs rankings , the promising you some drugs. The following list 123 website will publish a list of the most expensive drugs for you to see which of these drugs are the most expensive.

Most expensive drugs list

  1. LSD lysergic acid diacetamide

  3000 USD / gram equivalent to 19071 RMB / gram

  Such a high price is indeed the first place in the most expensive drug list. LSD is a strong semi-artificial hallucinogen. A typical dose of LSD is only 100 micrograms, which is only one tenth of the weight of a grain of sand. LSD can cause users to strengthen and change their senses, feelings, memories and self-awareness for 6 to 12 hours, and it can be used as a chemical weapon.

  Early injections of this drug show an early reaction within 30 to 60 minutes, the most serious after two hours, basically no longer develop after 6 hours, and its pathological effect can be maintained to about 12 hours. LSD is widely regarded as a very harmful drug in countries around the world and is severely banned.


  USD 215 / gram is equivalent to RMB 1366 / gram

  The price of heroin in Myanmar is 60 grams, which is delivered to Chinese traffickers. The first trafficker in China usually sells about 300 yuan to the second trafficker. The second trafficker will be shipped to all parts of the country for about 400– It is sold at a price of about -600, which is the third trafficker. Usually it is supplied directly to the drug users, the price is about 1,000 yuan a gram, and the price in some areas is 1500-2000, like somewhere in Beijing ~

  Cocaine abuse methods include nasal inhalation / nasal spray, burning, and injection. Using the most popular free cocaine on the black market, it produces a strong euphoria within 1 minute when inhaled for 5-10 minutes. For chronic poisoning caused by long-term low-dose abuse, it generally only affects the individual’s eating and sleeping, and produces minor abnormalities such as irritability and distraction, which are mainly psychologically dependent reactions and physiological dependence is very light.

  3.High-purity heroin (commonly known as No. 5)

  130 USD / gram equivalent to 826 RMB / gram

  Heroin is known as the “king of the world’s drugs.” Heroin has become the most widely abused drug in the world today. Of all drugs, drug crimes involving heroin manufacturing, smuggling, and abuse rank first. Known as the king of drugs in the world. It is recognized by the United Nations as a first-level controlled drug and is also one of the most important drugs monitored and banned in China.

  Perhaps the most terrifying aspect of heroin toxicity is the relapse caused by this psychological and physiological dependence. After the drug user has stepped out of detoxification, the relapse rate is above 80% within three years. Even within one year, the relapse rate exceeds 95%. There are even reports that only single digits in the country can support them for more than five years without relapse. No relapse has been reported for more than ten years. Deservedly the second most difficult drug to quit. It is also the second most expensive drug list.

  4. High purity methamphetamine methamphetamine

  100 US dollars / gram is equivalent to 635 yuan / gram

  Ice poison, a new type of drug, also known as methamphetamine and methamphetamine, is a odorless or slightly bitter transparent crystal. The pure product is very similar to rock sugar, and it looks like ice, so it is commonly called ice poison. Drug addicts also call it “ice.” It is the most widely abused drug in the 21st century.

  The drug has a small amount of positive effects such as excitement and anti-fatigue when it is in a small dose. It has a fast and strong effect in the human body, so its pills have been called “Dali Pill”. After a large dose of medication, there will be mental excitement, hypersexuality, reduced requirements for food and sleep, and often lead to agitated and violent behavior.


  100-150 RMB / gram

  Cannabis dependence is dominated by psychological dependence, physical dependence is relatively light, and it is not easy to develop tolerance. After taking it, it has some potential social hazards and is considered to be one of the three major drugs in the world. Moreover, the cultivation and processing of cannabis is relatively easy, and it has become the most popular and cheapest drug in western countries today, known as the “poor drug”.

  The toxicity of cannabis is very low, and the lethal dose in humans is estimated to exceed 5000 mg / kg. Therefore, it is extremely rare that cannabis is fatal. But cannabis, like other psychoactive substances, can cause problems such as dependence if it is used in large quantities for a long time. And worldwide, the vast majority of drug-related crimes are related to cannabis. So it’s one of the hardest drugs to quit.

Drug Price Law

  The price of drugs usually follows the following rules. Generally speaking, the farther away the drug is from, the more expensive the drug is; the demand for drugs is greater than the supply, the price will increase; , Drug prices in this place will rise. At present, the current status of drug abuse in China is that although most of the existing drug addicts are heroin addicts, a considerable number of them are dependent on amphetamine-type stimulants. The number of stimulant drug users is increasing year by year. Among them, Most are teenagers. In some areas, heroin is already more difficult to obtain, but amphetamine-type stimulants are relatively easy to obtain.

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