China’s top ten water purifier brand rankings, Liyuan water purifier is not as good as Hanston

 The water purifier is now a kind of equipment for filtering water quality, generally a small filter for household use. The water purifier makes the household water more clean and healthy, and is a very suitable household appliance. Many households now buy water purifiers, but they must be well screened for water purifiers. After all, a good quality water purifier can filter the water source. The poor quality water purifiers of the three are definitely not acceptable. The following list 123 network for you to announce China’s top ten water purifier brand rankings, Liyuan water purifier is not as good as Hanston.

  China’s top ten water purifier brand rankings : Hanston, Midea, Lisheng, Liyuan, Quanlai, Aihuipu, Smith, Paragon, Emma, ​​Angel.

China’s top ten water purifier brand rankings

  1. Hanston water purifier

  Hanston, the full name of the German Hanston Water Group, is a global water purifier manufacturer. The 2003 company started to be established in Shenzhen. Hanston (China) Water Purification Equipment Co., Ltd. has now become: “National Water Purification” The executive committee unit of the industry committee, the member unit of the national water purifier and its system standardization working group, the 3AAA enterprise of China’s water purifier, and the top ten brands of China’s water purifier, and won the second-class scientific and technological progress. Award”, Hanston’s real top ten water purifier brand in China.

  2, the United States water purifier

  Midea’s Group, founded in 1968, is a large-scale comprehensive modern enterprise group focusing on the home appliance industry and involved in logistics and other fields. In the evaluation of “2009 China’s Most Valuable Brands”, Midea’s brand value reached 45.33 billion yuan. Ranked sixth in the nation’s most valuable brand. In February 2010, Midea Group was selected as the only Chinese home appliance company in the “World’s Most Valuable 500 Brands” published by Brand Finance, the international authoritative brand value assessment agency.

  3, Lisheng water purifier

  Since its establishment in 1992, Lisheng Enterprise has been a high-tech enterprise group integrating water treatment science and technology research, ultrafiltration equipment manufacturing, sales and service. Since 1998, Lisheng has applied ultrafiltration technology to the field of household water purifiers and established a comprehensive marketing and service network throughout the country. It has been adopted by urban families across the country and has become the preferred water purification equipment for improving family water quality and creating high quality of life. Is China’s top ten water purifier brand ranked highest technology brands.

  4, Qinyuan water purifier

  Gengyuan Group is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in water purification equipment, drinking water equipment, industrial complete water treatment equipment, water treatment membranes and other environmental protection products. It is the world’s first water purifier special water purifier and the world’s first. The invention and manufacturer of the Taiwan-free hot bile speed hot water dispenser is the unit leader of the national water purifier and its system standardization working group. It is the most advanced brand in China’s top ten water purifier brands.

  5, spring to water purifier

  Shenzhen Chengdelai Industrial Co., Ltd. is a high-tech brand enterprise specializing in the production of water purifiers. The company now has the world’s leading ultrafiltration membrane technology and water purifier research and development capabilities, becoming one of the most powerful, largest and most competitive products in China’s water purification industry. With the leading technology in China, it has developed China’s first kitchen water purifier. The company has obtained a number of national invention and utility model patents for many years, and also obtained a number of qualifications and honorary certifications for national high-tech enterprises.

  6, love Huipu water purifier

  Aihuipu is one of the brands of the Pentair Water Group, the world’s largest professional water treatment equipment manufacturing company. Since 1933, Aihuipu has been a food manufacturing and processing industry, vending machines, household, commercial, marine. , aviation and other water treatment programs are the world’s leading companies. In 2007, Aihuipu won the 2007 Commercial Kitchen Product Innovation Award. Received the most innovative award for annual household items. Today, as the world leader in the field of drinking water treatment, Aihuipu is the most recognized brand.

  7, Smith water purifier

  AO Smith water purifier is a well-known brand in the United States. AO Smith reverse osmosis water purifier is an innovative product developed for long-term research on water quality in China. It has been used in Beijing National Technical Supervision Bureau. AO Smith established the WPC Global Engineering R&D Center in Nanjing in January 2004. This R&D center has become the source of the unique technology of Smith’s water purifiers. The center is equipped with a leading-edge internal inspection platform that is reliable for AO Smith water purifiers. Products, to win more trust in the guarantee.

  8, Paragon water purifier

  Paragon Water Purification Equipment Co., Ltd. is a world-renowned manufacturer of water purification equipment. It is also the best-selling brand among China’s top ten water purifier brands. In 1988, the company’s headquarters was established in Florida, USA. The “Paragon” Paragon brand water purifier was sold in the United States for nearly 20 years. In 2002, Paragon came to China, a well-known domestic restaurant group, such as Haagen-Dazs. French restaurants, Shuyou Seafood Group, etc. are also using Paragon products.

  9, Emmat water purifier

  Shenzhen Amat Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech water purification brand enterprise specializing in deep purification of drinking water. 2010.05 Amart has passed the international ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification. 2007.10 Amart water purification machine won the national health Part of the wading product sanitation license, 2007.04 won the honorary title of the top ten quality products recognized by the China Famous Products Committee.

  10, Angel water purifier

  Shenzhen Angel Drinking Water Industry Group Co., Ltd. is the earliest professional company engaged in research, development, manufacturing and sales of drinking water equipment in China. Its leading products are “Anjier” brand water dispensers and water purification equipment. It is the earliest brand in China’s top ten water purifier brands. In 1999, the “Anjier” trademark was awarded the title of “The Most Influential Famous Brand in the 20 Years of Reform and Opening up”; in 2003, it was awarded the title of “Guangdong Famous Trademark”; in June 2005, it was recognized as “China Famous Brand” by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. In March 2006, Angel was awarded the China Famous Brand Product by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine.

Birthday gives mother a top ten gift, the best gift for mother to give ten gifts

Lead: Mom is angry with us to support our people, it is very important for the meaning of each person’s birthday is a very important thing, then what mom birthday gift when to send or best? Chart 123 mesh with everyone Let’s take a look.

Birthday gives mother a top ten gift

  1, skin care products

  The years of women are not forgiving, and even after 30, they begin to age. Mothers are generally more economical and reluctant to buy better things. As children, they should be considerate of their mothers and give their mother more and better things. For example, carefully select a better skin care product to protect the mother’s skin and make her look younger.

  2, health products

  Health is very important for everyone. Mother is older and needs to be well cared for. Buy a good health care product with good reputation, so that mother can have a better body to enjoy life.

  3, flowers

  Although many people think that sending flowers is too popular, in fact, flowers are really very touching things. Buy a bunch of flowers, you can choose the general carnation, you can also choose lily and other things, so that the home is full of the fragrance of flowers.

  4, jewelry

  The choice of jewellery is also quite diverse. You don’t have to choose expensive ones. The good-looking design is the factor to consider. The price is a secondary consideration.

  5, cordial condolences

  Generally speaking, there are very few people working around their parents. Everyone is working outside and even going to the Chinese New Year to go back. Give a phone call to your mother’s birthday and let the family not worry.

  6, arrange a trip for your mother

  Mom and Dad struggled for a long time before giving you a better life. You can make an appointment with the tour group in advance and give them a surprise. Of course, the best thing to do is to go with them. Companionship is the best gift.

  7, buy clothes

  There is always a set of clothes in the woman’s closet, which is true. Although my mother is working at home every day, but they also want to be more beautiful, choose a good-looking clothes for them, and send them out on her birthday, I believe it is very good.

  8, beauty card

  Every woman loves beauty, buy them a beauty salon beauty card with a good reputation nearby, let her regularly skin care, keep more radiance, people are younger and their mood will be better.

  9, family portrait

  If you go to work in the field, you can go home with your family to take a photo at the mother’s birthday. The family and the beautiful, the whole family are happy.

  10, massage instrument

  My mother is working hard every day, choose a better massage device for my mother, so that my mother can stretch more after work, and the body is more comfortable.