The best top ten biscuits list Want Want Snow Cake is not the first

Counting the top ten old snacks in Shaanxi has a long history

As a veteran foodie, Xiaobian has endless possessiveness for all kinds of snacks. Of course, Xiaobian prefers to eat biscuits. Many brands, Xiaobian have tried, the following list 123 network ( Xiaobian based on their many years of food experience to pick up the best to eat the top ten biscuits, the following rankings in no particular order.

NO.1 three cow biscuits

The best top ten biscuits list Want Want Snow Cake is not the first

The best top ten biscuits list Want Want Snow Cake is not the first

  Sanniu Food was founded in Shanghai in 2001, focusing on the authenticity and superiority of biscuit raw materials, adhering to traditional crafts. Among them, the old brand “special fresh onion crisp, high-grade condensed milk, evergreen, American flavor cake, British flavor cake” and other well-known products. As a Shanghai native, Xiaobian likes to eat three beef biscuits for the first time from the age of 8 or 9. The favorite is the three-character specialty fresh onion and the British delicious cake. Yes, Xiao Bian also recently found that Zhang Xinzhe also likes to eat San Niu food. In the “Singer Live Room” and the fans asked for praise and sent a three-character fresh onion cake!!! Xiaobian that excited, minute response Azhe The call to revisit the three cow biscuits is really delicious~.

NO.2 Wangwang Snow Cake

  Want Want Snow Cake is a puffed food launched by Want Want, which is crispy and sweet. Xiao Bian believes that Wangwang Snow Cake should be a favorite product of many people when he was a child. The crispy sweetness of Wangwang Snow Cake makes Xiaobian now especially like to eat.

NO.3 Kraft Fun

  Chips Ahoy! – A combination of crispy butter cookies and fragrant chocolates, creating a delicious combination that is quickly loved by consumers. Xiaobian is also a favorite for a lot of fun, especially like to eat chocolate first, fun and delicious.

NO.4 Dali Park

  Dali Park has been recognized as the leading brand of snack food. There are many types of biscuits in Dali Park. There are pies, cakes, and finger cakes that are interesting. Here, the reason why Xiaoli Park puts Dali Park in front of the friends is because of the class and cakes of Dali Park. Slightly a little bit better, and the other biscuits in Dali are fun and delicious.

NO.5 Hao Liyou

  Hao Liyou (China)’s product line mainly distributes products, cake products and chewing gum products. Excellent quality makes the products popular among consumers in China. The class and cakes of Haoliyou are delicious and are the best choice for the breakfast crowd.

NO.6 Master Kong Soda Crackers

  Crispy soda sandwich biscuits, with a rich and delicious sandwich layer of hugs, each bite brings a relaxed and enjoyable experience, there are six kinds of fresh flavor for you to choose, whether it is to eat salty taste, or hobby sweet taste, Can find a suitable one for you!

NO.7 Xu Fu Ji

  Xu Fuji is famous for its Xu Fuji’s products registered in mainland China in 1992. The Xiaobian thinks that Xu Fuji’s Shaqima is also a must for Xu Fuji. Other biscuits are very unique, but they are easy to eat.

NO.8 Kraft Oreo

  Born in 1912, Oreo quickly became the best-selling sandwich biscuit in the United States. It is the superstar of Kraft Foods and the king of biscuits. It is synonymous with chocolate-flavored biscuits. The taste is slightly sweeter, not a special appetite for Xiaobian, but the overall is good.

NO.9 edo cookies

  The biscuit brand of Korea Haitai Fruit Co., Ltd., the biscuit making process is crisp and delicious, and it is well-known and sold in many countries at home and abroad. In recent years, it has also been very popular among consumers in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

NO.10 delicious

  “Good food” is the brand name of a biscuit series. There are more than 30 kinds of flavors such as crispy series, layered pine series, high-fiber cake series, crispy series, bean-flavored workshop, soda cake series, miscellaneous grains series, and salted bread series. Some products are easy to eat, often eat incomplete boxes, but eat less, or very delicious.

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