The world’s top ten best-selling airplanes are also enjoyed by planes.

Traveling by plane or on a business trip, long-term flight is not only good to sleep, it is best not to be too terrible to eat, but some airplanes are often difficult to eat “disgusting.” Today’s leaderboard 123 ( editors have checked out the world’s top ten best airplane meals for everyone. After reading it, I can’t help but say that Air China is really defeated!

TOP10 delicious and environmentally friendly Thai Airways

 They all say that Thai aviation sisters are beautiful. They are always dressed in colorful national costumes and smile to provide pleasant “Asian style” services. In fact, Thai Airways’ dining has a very high reputation and has been voted the most delicious economy class airplane meal. On the menu, Thai-style soups such as Tom Yum Goong, Curry Chicken, and Coconut Cake can’t be less. There may also be “Fish Soup”, “Salmon Shrimp” or “Broiled Meat” to comfort your Chinese stomach. Among them, salads and desserts are the most popular, so be sure to remember them. Thai Airways is also the first airline to offer a carbon footprint-labeled aircraft meal, reducing carbon emissions to a minimum standard and practicing environmental protection at a fine level.

TOP9 is the only French airline that offers champagne in economy class

 French dinner is famous, and Air France’s plane meals are naturally not lost. As far as Chinese food is concerned, it is jointly launched by Air France and “South Beauty”, and the menu is changed every three months. It is very authentic. It is worth mentioning that Air France is the only airline in the world that provides champagne to all classes on long-haul routes. Passengers can also choose a small bottle from the six wines offered for their own consumption.

TOP8’s most lavish Emirates

 The flight search engine Skyscanner announced the results of the aircraft meal comparison of the world’s major airlines. Six of the top ten airlines are from the Middle East and Asia, and none of the airlines in China, the United States and Australia can reach the top ten, and Emirates Airlines Ranked first in the list.

 Emirates attaches great importance to the eating habits of passengers of different nationalities, with a special focus on nationality and diversity. At the same time, it may be the most lavish flight. The tableware used only for tableware is all stainless steel and fine porcelain. Most airlines are concerned about the load, so use plastic disposable tableware to reduce weight and save fuel.

TOP7 Star Chef: Lufthansa

 Lufthansa is a subsidiary of Lufthansa, which specializes in aircraft meals and serves hundreds of airlines. It is reported to account for about 30% of the aircraft meal market. With such strong support, Lufthansa’s catering is quite standard.

 It also created the “Star Chef” program to find top chefs on a global scale. The “Star Chef” team strives to showcase local cuisine in an original way and guarantees that the menu will be changed every two months. For example, since September 2012, passengers who boarded the first class or the morning cabin from China can taste the cooking skills of Huang Xiaowei, the chief chef of the Portman Ritz-Carlton in Shanghai.

TOP6 Singapore Airlines: Have an appointment with a chef

 Singapore Airlines has won numerous awards for its catering. Since 1998, it has established an international culinary advisory group composed of top chefs from all over the world. Zhu Jun, the executive chef of Shanghai Jinmeng Suzhehui, is the only Chinese chef. Its service is also notoriously intimate, with Chinese service on board, passengers with a range of 4 hours or more can choose their own meal time, tableware and linen napkins are designed by Givenchy. Singapore Airlines also offers exclusive culinary services, just pick up the reservation from the chef’s menu 24 hours in advance, but this service is only for luxury suites, first class and business class passengers.

TOP5 “Catering Housekeeper” on Etihad Airways

 Etihad Airways is the national airline of the United Arab Emirates. It claims to have the most spacious economy class seats and has opened direct flights between Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu to Abu Dhabi. On the menu, the Arabic flavor is naturally indispensable, but you can also taste the Chinese taste of beef noodles, rape, mushrooms, egg noodles and so on. Etihad Airways also has a menu service, so you can enjoy your meal at any time without having to eat time. It is particularly worth mentioning that Etihad has set up a unique “food housekeeper” on the plane. They have worked in five-star hotels. If you don’t know what to eat, please consult these experts.

TOP4 is now ready to do Cathay Pacific

 Cathay Pacific is the leader of Hong Kong’s aviation industry. Its food service company is as big as five football fields and can produce more than 80,000 plane meals a day! Cathay also placed rice cookers, toasters and pans on board. The flight attendants were able to cook rice, toast and omelettes, but only in first class, but all classes of cabins offered Chinese tea after meals.

 On long-haul routes, Cathay Pacific also provides nightingale service for passengers. Just press the service bell to get hot steamed noodles. In addition, its wine is also very famous, you can buy or log on the “DiscovertheShop” online platform on the plane, select “Future Delivery Service”.

TOP3 EVA Air’s HelloKitty Super Plane Meal

 For passengers on the EVA Air HelloKitty Painter, Kitty is omnipresent from the moment of boarding the boarding pass. Whether it is boarding pass, luggage tag, aircraft body, or hand sanitizer, paper cup, screen, toilet paper in the cabin… even the flight attendants are wearing pink kitty aprons. The plane meal is no exception. The main course, dessert, seasoning, tableware and even paper towels are all full Kitty. This kind of airplane meal may not be the most luxurious and best, but it must be the most loved, the most crazy girl. Screaming. Since May last year, EVA Air has opened the Shanghai Hongqiao-Taipei Songshan route, and everyone who has a pink kitty dream is welcome to take it.

TOP2 ANA: “The best on-board light meal”

 ANA is Japan’s largest and most passenger airline, and has the reputation of “the best on-board light meal.” The Japanese have high requirements for food, and they pay great attention to the details of the plane meal. The production and placement of the dishes are very particular. The raw materials and seasonings are also made in Japan. And the most fresh seasonal seasonal dishes are introduced every month, and the passengers who like “new and tired” are very happy.

 The plane meals are mainly Western and Japanese, and no order is allowed. For coffee, only coffee, Japanese tea, apple juice, and mineral water are free, and they are required to be provided to the flight attendants. Cola and beer are available for a fee.

TOP1 Asiana Airlines: “Da Jang Geum” at high altitude

 Asiana Airlines is one of the six five-star airlines rated by Skytrax. In South Korea, its boarding pass can be used in a designated steaming hall. The plane meal is not even said, even the economy class meal evaluation is very good. High, with a special focus on healthy fit. Hana’s healthy recipes include traditional court cuisine, gourmet acorn rice, seasonal vegetables and fruits, tofu skin for the elderly, nutritious stewed ginseng chicken and more. In addition, on Asiana Airlines, you can enjoy the authentic Rainforest Alliance certified natural green coffee without pesticides, and the “ASIANATeaGarden” service including a selection of teas to ensure the original taste. Oh.

 After reading these introductions, will you go to the food selection airline next time you travel? Eat the food and share it with your friends!

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