The world’s top ten most exotic restaurants, the toilet theme is only ranked eighth

  The restaurant is a place that everyone has long been familiar with and integrated into, but do you know that there are some restaurants in the world with quirky themes? Want to find out? Recently, the US Fox News Network has collected a series of such restaurants for you, and have a long experience together!
    10. Cave Restaurant

The cave restaurant called Ali Barbour in Kenya is located in a reef cave. Here, the original ecological things are displayed one by one. The most special one is the “skylight” at the top of the cave. It is especially suitable for diners to come at night, the moon. And the stars have become a bright light, is there a feeling of returning to the original?

9. Roller Coaster Restaurant

Eating and roller coasters are things that gossip can’t do, but the German restaurant combines the two. This roller coaster restaurant is fully automated. You just need to sit on your seat and order from the tablet, then just wait for the food to “ride” the roller coaster to come to you!

8. Toilet restaurant

The unique “toilet restaurant” is designed with the theme of toilet culture. Customers can sit on the toilet and use the dishes like the mini toilet to enjoy the delicious food in the shape of a stool. I really admire the diners who dare to try, so you can eat it in such a “nausea” dining environment?

7. Waterfall Restaurant

Luzon Island in the Philippines has a peculiar waterfall restaurant. The tables and stools in the restaurant are placed in the place where the waterfall flows. During the meal, the customers can not only enjoy the beauty of the waterfall, but also the beauty of the waterfall. The flowing water passes under the feet and is in close contact with nature.

6. Prison restaurant

This prison-themed hotel in Jilin, China is very unique. The customers dine in the iron cage. The waiter sends the meal to the cage from the small window of the cell door. The sign of each place is also a prison uniform. In addition, the hotel has specially developed a prison. Package”. Many customers are curious to come to experience the “iron window life”, the owner said that the decoration is to attract customers, on the other hand, to warn the public not to commit crimes.

5. Sexy Robot Restaurant

In addition to a variety of flavors, the biggest gimmick in Japan’s robotic restaurant is the sexy girl robot who can sing and dance. They are hot, not only squinting at the guests, but also dancing their hands with the rhythm of music. When dining in such an environment, customers will definitely be able to feast their eyes!

4. Automatic robot restaurant

Science fiction has always been a popular theme. The “beauty” robots with different colors are shuttled back and forth in the restaurant. They are laid along the ground with a magnetic strip track. They walk along the road to be flexible and light, and serve customers, and interact with guests from time to time. Turning people, they will say “Hello, welcome,” “Trouble you please, thank you” and other statements.

3. Ninja Restaurant

The ninja restaurant in New York, USA has a unique atmosphere. The waiters are all dressed up as ninjas, and they are equipped with knives. They will suddenly turn down from the ceiling and hang up for customers to order, and the timid customers will be careful!

2. Sky Restaurant

The sky restaurant is popular all over the world. The diners can not only enjoy the food and wine at high altitude, but also enjoy the charming scenery of the city. The aerial dining environment is open, no walls are separated, no floor, and the eager eateries come quickly. Experience it!

1. Hospital theme restaurant

There is a hospital-themed restaurant in Latvia. The waiters are dressed in sexy hot nurses to entertain customers. All the restaurants are built according to the hospital. Do you still have to eat in such a unique atmosphere?

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