Top 10 best breakfasts in Wuhan: what can’t miss classic breakfast in Wuhan

Must-eat food in Wenzhou Wuma Street

Wuhan, which will host the “Military Games” in 2019, has always been a city of food and a city of breakfast. People in Wuhan call breakfast too early. It ’s too early in Wuhan. It ’s no exaggeration to say that you can stay awake early for a month, and everything will make you eat praise. So Xiao Bian will bring everyone today. “Go” into Wuhan, “go” into Wuhan’s breakfast culture, take a look at the top 10 best breakfasts in Wuhan.

Hot dry noodles

Top 10 best breakfasts in Wuhan

The first is, of course, the “hot dry noodles” which is the top of Wuhan’s breakfast. The buttery bright noodles are mixed with brown sesame sauce, and sprinkled with various small ingredients. Mix while hot, and the sesame will overflow. Endless aftertaste. Regarding the humidity of the noodles, you can discuss with the owner of the noodle booth. The boss will adjust the amount of noodle water according to your needs.

Bean skin

Top 10 best breakfasts in Wuhan

In some places, “tofu skin” refers to tofu skin. It is not in Wuhan. Mix seasoned glutinous rice with pork, bamboo shoots, dried tofu, shiitake mushrooms, and mustard diced rice. , Take a sip, Pigiomi is soft and full of flavor.

3. beef noodle

Top 10 best breakfasts in Wuhan

In Wuhan, the delicious beef noodles do not need to be hot and dry at all. The smooth wide noodles are added with brined soft beef. The brined soup with bright red oil is poured in the summer and the winter is warm. If you come to Wuhan, you must try it.

4. Noodle nest

Top 10 best breakfasts in Wuhan

The noodle nest is an authentic specialty of Wuhan. In addition to ordinary noodle nests that want to be “donuts”, Wuhan people have also created noodle nests, noodle nests and so on. These noodles of the same shape, but not all similar, are put into a hot oil pan, fried and crispy, and eaten only crunchy, soaked in hot soup noodles has a special flavor.

5. joy

Top 10 best breakfasts in Wuhan

In Wuhan, Huan Xiong is also called Ma Yuan, Xi Tuan, etc. It has also been selected as a “Chinese Famous Places” list. Some Huan Xiong will be filled with red bean paste, some are hollow, each has its own delicious flavor, guaranteed to eat I want one after the other.

6. Roasted wheat

Top 10 best breakfasts in Wuhan

Roasted wheat, Wuhan is also called “Roasted Plum”. The authentic Wuhan roasted wheat has a heavy pepper flavor. The glutinous rice wrapped inside is steamed and soft, and the grains of glutinous rice are hardly visible. . You must eat roasted wheat while it’s hot. Although it’s hot, you can’t regret it.

7. Soup powder

Top 10 best breakfasts in Wuhan

The common way of eating paste soup powder is just the oil skin. You can find the owner of the fried dough stick next to the stall selling paste soup powder. The soup made with fresh anchovies for a long time, the fish and fish bones are boiled. The essence is all blended into the soup, and it is delicious and salty.

8. glutinous rice fritters

Top 10 best breakfasts in Wuhan

Wuhan’s glutinous rice churros are salty and sweet, and some people only make churros without ingredients. They are the most casual breakfast in the top ten breakfast list in Wuhan, and the boss will according to yours. Taste for you exclusive custom “exclusive glutinous rice churros”.

9. Eggnog

Top 10 best breakfasts in Wuhan

Add rice wine, sugar and raw eggs to the bowl, stir well and pour in boiling water. You will see the egg flowers and rice grains tumbling in the bowl. Wait a moment, a bowl of wine and egg egg cider will be fine.

10. glutinous rice wine

Top 10 best breakfasts in Wuhan

Rice glutinous rice is regarded as one of the healthier “premature” in many breakfasts in Wuhan. It contains rice flour, rice wine, red dates, small dumplings, dried osmanthus, etc., and translucent rice flour is wrapped around these ingredients, whether it is using a straw or a straw. You can eat all the ingredients with a spoon.

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