Top 10 best toothpaste brands in China ranked best in domestic toothpaste

To protect your teeth, you need to start by choosing toothpaste. There are many toothpaste brands on the market in China. Colgate and Crest are very common, but these are not domestic brands. What are the domestic toothpaste brands? The following list 123 ( will recommend the best toothpaste brands in China for you to see what are the best toothpaste brands in China.

  China’s best toothpaste brand ranking : Yunnan Baiyao toothpaste, black (DARLIE) toothpaste, comfort, Chinese toothpaste, Shuke stereo toothpaste, Shu Youge washing powder, small giant egg LITTLEDOM toothpaste, good Yikang biological toothpaste, double-sided needle toothpaste, Cold sour toothpaste

Top 10 best toothpaste brands in China

  1. Yunnan Baiyao Toothpaste

Price 28.30 monthly sales: 95908

  Price: ¥28.30

  Recommended reason: Always used, very fond of toothpaste, the best toothpaste brand in China. It was a bit embarrassing at first. Very clean, the texture is not bad, since I bought this to use, I have not changed other toothpaste. Yunnan Baiyao is very easy to use, and the gums are bleeding and it takes a while.

  2, black (DARLIE) toothpaste

Price 15.90 monthly sales: 146920

  Price: ¥13.80

  Recommended reason: Always use black toothpaste, the toothbrush is white. Brushing is very fresh, the toothpaste is full and it is very comfortable to wash. Mint is the most classic and best to use, the tone is very fresh, the mint ingredient also has a refreshing effect, the teeth care effect is obvious.

  3, comfortable toothpaste

Price 56.00 Monthly sales: 24739

  Price: ¥29.00

  Recommended reason: suitable for improving dental allergies, oral ulcers, etc., especially allergies, persisting for half a month, will feel the effect. I brushed my teeth and tried to feel that my taste was a bit weak. I didn’t use it at first, but I couldn’t say it.

  4, Chinese toothpaste

Price 25.00 Monthly sales: 3182

  Price: ¥16.90

  Recommended reason: Chinese toothpaste, herbal extracts, anti-allergic toothpaste, like the color of toothpaste, extruded pink, the first time with pink toothpaste. It smells quite normal, but it tastes good when brushing your teeth. You can also use it to refresh your breath.

  5, Shuke stereo toothpaste

Price 31.80 Months sold: 319

  Price: ¥21.90

  Recommended reason: used fresh, teeth appear white. It’s all three-dimensional, and it’s very cheap. It’s early and late. It keeps your breath fresh in the morning and cleans your breath at night. It feels good, better than Yunnan Baiyao and Blacks!

  6, Shu Youge washing powder

Price 38.00 monthly sales: 4

  Price: ¥66.00

  Recommended reason: Always use the tooth beauty, the effect is really good, it is fresher and lasting than the toothpaste brushing, the whitening effect is obvious, because it is powdery, so it is more comfortable to use than the toothpaste, more foam. The quality is very good, the teeth are also very white, and my years of rhubarb teeth are also clean.

  7, small giant egg LITTLEDOM toothpaste


  Price: ¥128.00

  Recommended reason: how to look is not like toothpaste. The taste is not bad. Whitening teeth work well. The taste of mint is very strong. Good-looking, good-smelling and easy to use, rich in foam, very good in use, fresh in tone, very convenient to use.

  8, good Yikang biological toothpaste

Price 19.90 monthly sales: 4136

  Price: ¥42.80

  Recommended reason: no dental stones can prevent oral diseases. There are calculus stones that feel full and fall off. You can use your hands to rub them down and stick to them. The teeth were washed a lot of white, and the mouth was fragrant, and the brush was very fresh. Personal feeling after use to prevent oral ulcers is very good.

  9, two-sided needle toothpaste

Price 10.00 Monthly sales: 3565

  Price: ¥18.50

  Recommended reason: the old brand of double-sided needle toothpaste has an effect on the swelling and pain of the gums. It is more significant to continue to use. The traditional Chinese medicine materials are added, no fluoride, and focus on oral health. Domestic quality levers. The price is also affordable. Although it is a Chinese medicine toothpaste, the taste of the home feels good.

  10, cold sour toothpaste

Price 19.90 Monthly sales: 4891

  Price: ¥10.90

  Recommended reason: cold sour toothpaste main to relieve tooth soreness, this is good for relieving toothache, sensitive teeth, every time you brush your teeth will be irritating sharp pain, cold sour spirit is really easy to use, feel cold sour toothpaste treatment of sensitive teeth Better than comfort.

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