Top 10 common unhealthy foods, excessive intake can shorten life

 Introduction: There are too many things to eat in our lives. Besides the staple food, there are all kinds of choices. However, some common foods are very unhealthy, and the most serious ones may even shorten their lifespan. Let ’s take a look with the ranking 123 .

Ten common unhealthy foods


  Bacon has always been a very popular ingredient. It is not only wild and delicious, but in fact this meat is very unhealthy. According to research, it can be found that if a person eats three slices of bacon a day, the risk of death from heart disease increases A quarter.

  2. Alcohol

  Alcohol contains a lot of sugar, especially the cocktail is very unhealthy, it will make people’s body function collapse. Even alcohol consumes the body’s vitamin A, accelerating aging. If you are already 40 years old, physical function is not as good as that of young people. Drinking alcohol may shorten life.


  Many sodas contain caffeine and sugar, which will not only make you fatter, but also cause more problems and damage to your body. If you drink soda every day, the incidence of heart disease will increase by 20%.

  4.Fried food

  Whether it is French fries or other fried foods, they are full of oil heated to the extreme, and eating more will fill your arteries with these terrible things. According to research, eating more fried foods may increase the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

  5, flour products

  Many people prefer biscuits, bread rolls, etc. made from flour. Actually, these things increase inflammation in the body. According to research, this inflammation can lead to cardiovascular disease and diabetes. If you can’t help it, try cereal products.


  Donuts are mainly made of sugar, and there are more white flour and trans fats, which can cause heart disease. Worst of all, when these things are made into packaged products, they may contain acrylamide, which has been a carcinogen.


  There are popcorn sellers in movie theaters. It seems that there is no more fun to watch movies without popcorn. But in fact, popcorn does not contain any nutrition, it also has many unhealthy ingredients.


  Pizza is still quite famous in western countries. Although it smells very fragrant and tastes good, the calories of a pizza are already amazing, plus some preservatives and artificial meat, etc., which makes it even more harmful. Yili.

  9.Filling thick soup

  Drinking soup will not only help digestion, it will also be full of calories in winter. But although the thick soup seems to taste good, it actually doesn’t have any nutritional ingredients, and some only have a lot of preservatives and salt.

  10. Convenience food

  Instant noodles and the like have indeed facilitated our lives, but everyone knows that there is not only no nutrition at the same time, but also a large number of preservatives that endanger people’s health.

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