Top 10 delicious restaurants in Suzhou: Suzhou popular restaurant list, which restaurant is the most popular

Must-eat food in Wenzhou Wuma Street

Suzhou is not only beautiful, it is full of classical atmosphere, especially Suzhou gardens, and it is Suzhou’s business card. And Suzhou cuisine is Suzhou’s second business card. Suzhou’s cuisine is as exquisite as its city. Today I will talk about the top ten delicious restaurants in Suzhou.

1. Suzhou Songhe Tower

Top 10 delicious restaurants in Suzhou

Can be called the top ten delicious restaurants in Suzhou. This restaurant is a bit old, built during the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty, and has a history of more than 200 years. Mainly engaged in pasta and meals, it has been identified as a long-established restaurant by the Ministry of Commerce. His favorite dish is squirrel catfish, which is said to be praised by the emperor.

2.Lu Dianjian

Top 10 delicious restaurants in Suzhou

Built in the Kangxi reign of the Qing Dynasty, it has been over 300 years ago. It is famous in Suzhou and is one of the old names. It is mainly known for its sauce meat in Suzhou. The four signatures of his family are “five spice sauce meat”, “honey sauce sauce duck”, “wine sauce sauce meat” and “jincheng sugar hoof”

3. Suzhou Tongdexing Noodle House

Top 10 delicious restaurants in Suzhou

It is a noodle restaurant with a unique style, and has also appeared in “China on the Tip of the Tongue” many times. His family’s Fengzhen large meat noodles are a must. It has the advantages of Oozao noodles and the characteristics of Su Bang noodles. It is made of pork belly with wide soup, the meat is crispy, the entrance is instant, and the noodles are smooth and firm.

4. Grandma’s House in Suzhou

Top 10 delicious restaurants in Suzhou

This is a chain restaurant, spread all over the country. The main business dishes are Jiangsu and Zhejiang cuisines, which are quite popular in the local area. His family’s signature dishes include grandma’s stone pot fish, grandma’s braised pork and so on.

5. Old Suzhou Guest House

Top 10 delicious restaurants in Suzhou

This business is very popular, and many people come here to taste the food. His family mainly deals in classic Suzhou cuisine, as well as a variety of Su-style snacks. The taste of the dishes is more authentic.

6, Suzhou Xinxianghui

Top 10 delicious restaurants in Suzhou

Formerly known as Houwei Spicy Restaurant, it started in 2003 and is a Sichuan-style restaurant. The price is high, the per capita consumption is not expensive, and the Sichuan flavor of his family is very authentic, and it is loved by diners.

7, Mei Niang’s family

Top 10 delicious restaurants in Suzhou

This shop can be regarded as a net red shop in Suzhou. The main feature is lobster, especially the drunk lobster with flower carving, which is beautiful and beautiful.

8.Rage grilled sea fish (Guanqian Street)

Top 10 delicious restaurants in Suzhou

The decor of this home is dark, accompanied by gentle music, which can relax. And it’s nice to eat here without too much restraint. His grilled fish is spicy and fragrant, and it’s worth a try.

9, Changshu King Four Restaurant

Top 10 delicious restaurants in Suzhou

One of the old names, the decoration style is Suzhou garden style, it is still the first in the local area. Mainly based on traditional special dishes, but also introduced other local cuisine. His chicken has a unique flavor and sweet-scented osmanthus wine.

10, Deyue Tower

Top 10 delicious restaurants in Suzhou

This house is even earlier, according to investigations, it has a history of 400 years and was founded during the Jiajing period of the Ming Dynasty. The Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty was hailed as “the first restaurant in the world”. The cuisine is a typical Soviet style cuisine, with exquisite methods, excellence, and especially good at boat cuisine.

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