Top 10 famous dishes in Wuhan: duck neck hot and dry noodles on the list must not be missed in Wuhan

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Wuhan in March with the cherry blossom screen network attracted tourists from all over the country and around the world. The pink and white flowers look very lovely against the clear blue sky. In addition to the beautiful scenery, Wuhan’s cuisine is also a magic weapon to retain tourists from all over the world. Want to know what Wuhan’s food is, take a look at the top ten famous Wuhan foods compiled by Xiaobian.

Hot dry noodles

Top Ten Food in Wuhan

As one of the five famous noodles in China, the hot noodles are a cultural business card of Wuhan. The noodles are all cooked in advance. After ordering, the chef will blanch in hot water, then add brine, small ingredients and sesame sauce. Everyone stirs hot, so that each noodle is evenly covered with sesame sauce, eaten with small ingredients, full of flavor and aroma.

2. Bean skin

Top Ten Food in Wuhan

Sanxian beancurd is a unique snack in Wuhan. You can’t eat it in other places. The noodles made from rice milk are brushed with egg liquid, covered with glutinous rice mixed with various vegetables, and then dropped out, cut into squares, and sipped, the skin is crispy, and the glutinous rice is soft.

3. Soup bag

Top Ten Food in Wuhan

It is said that Wuhan ’s beancurds need to eat “Old Tongcheng”, so Wuhan ’s soup buns must eat “Four Seasons”. There is a shortage of soup buns in his home, and many people line up every day. When eating soup packs, be sure to drink soup first, then eat the dough and fillings.

4. Noodle nest

Top Ten Food in Wuhan

Whether it is eating hot dry noodles in bowls or beef noodles rich in soup, Wuhan people like to add a noodle nest, as if they can fully feel the flavor of Wuhan. The noodle nest is thin in the middle and thick in the periphery. The thin part is crisp and the thick part is soft.

5. Soup powder

Top Ten Food in Wuhan

The spicy and spicy soup noodles, accompanied by scorching churros, is an early “package” for many old Wuhan people. If you want to feel the breath of Wuhan’s “hometown of fish and rice”, it is most correct to have a soup powder.

6. Bean Shreds

Top Ten Food in Wuhan

The shredded beans from Wuhan Huangzhi are delicious, whether fried, soupy or hot-dried. Its main raw material is mung beans, which is a natural green food. Every year in the lunar month, every household in Huanghua District will make shredded beans in preparation for the New Year.

7. duck neck

Top Ten Food in Wuhan

The duck neck in Wuhan has always been the best choice for family travels, meeting friends and relatives. Friends who come to Wuhan will always take a box or two with them when leaving. Those who have been to college in Wuhan will never forget it Wuhan duck neck.

8. Pork Ribs Soup

Top Ten Food in Wuhan

Wuhan is rich in ravioli, and the quality of ravioli is excellent, and almost every household makes ravioli soup. Pork rib soup is delicious and nutritious, which can strengthen physical strength and strengthen bones.

9. Wuchang fish

Top Ten Food in Wuhan

“Before drinking Wuchang water, and eating Wuchang fish” is Wuchang fish in Wuhan. There are many methods of fish in Wuhan Wuchang, steamed, dried, fried, etc. are very delicious.

10. Oiled Prawns

Top Ten Food in Wuhan

To say that the supremacy of Wuhan’s late-night stalls in summer is the crayfish. A few friends sat around in a group, came with a few bottles of cold beer, and finally came on a large plate of red and oily prawns, and made the wine happy.

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