Top 10 Food in Jiqing Street, Wuhan: Ten Time-honored Foods That Must Go to Eat

Top 10 delicious restaurants in Zhangdian

Speaking of Jiqing Street in Wuhan, I believe that many Wuhan friends must be familiar with it. It is a street located between Dazhi Road and Jianghan Road in Jiang’an District, Wuhan. There is a saying in Wuhan: “Too early on Hubu Lane, late night Jiqing Street”. At night, Jiqing Street is brightly lit, people are crowded, and all kinds of mountains and sea are full of flavors. Jiqing Street has undergone various changes in decades, but the old Wuhan people still have a special feeling for it. So what are the recommended flavors in Jiqing Street? Now I will talk to you about the top 10 restaurants in Wuhan Jiqing Street.

1, old Tongcheng bean skin

10 places to eat at Jiqing Street in Wuhan

Using fresh meat, eggs, and shrimps as stuffing, three fresh tofu skins are made. The bag is shiny and shiny, and the mouth is tender and tangy, which makes people appetite. It is nicknamed “Doufu King”. Chairman Mao also praised this, so Wuhan Jiqing Street was the first to eat.

2. Wuzhong Fried Meat

10 places to eat at Jiqing Street in Wuhan

Lean pork is the main raw material, mixed with many auxiliary flavors, it needs to be squeezed in a wok for about six minutes. The color is golden with red, the meat is juicy and full of flavor, and a strong fragrance runs through the mouth.

3.Four Seasons Soup Soup

10 places to eat at Jiqing Street in Wuhan

The filling is exquisite, the skin is thin and the filling is thick, fresh and delicious. There are seven drawers, and the ingredients are ginger, sauce and vinegar. And there are many kinds, with all kinds of fillings, it is one of the must-have breakfast for Wuhan people.

4. Cai Linji Hot Noodles

10 places to eat at Jiqing Street in Wuhan

Cai Linji hot dry noodle belongs to Wuhan specialty noodles. Mainly alkaline surface, strong gluten and refreshing, dry but not greasy, so carry. Its bright color and pleasant taste make it one of the five famous faces in China.

5, Dehua water milled rice cake

10 places to eat at Jiqing Street in Wuhan

A kind of rice cake. The production process is more complicated, and the material handling is very particular. In particular, it is necessary to repeatedly beat with wooden clogs, and to evenly penetrate. As a representative of traditional culture, many people in Wuhan buy one every New Year.

6, Jiang Yuxia absolutely crisp

10 places to eat at Jiqing Street in Wuhan

The ingredients are of high quality and unique flavors, and each ingredient is carefully selected. Looking at it makes people appetite, the appetite of the smell moves, crispy and refreshing, bright and pleasant. It is simply the “robbery” of Wuhan people.

7, Guanshengyuan pastries

10 places to eat at Jiqing Street in Wuhan

Guanshengyuan is a century-old brand in Wuhan, and the traditional pastries produced by it are also well received by everyone. Its flavor is very Wuhan-like and deeply loved by Wuhan people.

8. Old Wancheng Sour Plum Soup

10 places to eat at Jiqing Street in Wuhan

A century-old brand, mainly selling sour plum soup. The taste is refreshing and delicious, relieves heat and relieves heat. The original flavors of hawthorn and ume are preserved to a large extent during the production process, and the sweetness and taste are pleasant.

9. Wufangzhai Zongzi

10 places to eat at Jiqing Street in Wuhan

It is dominated by zongzi, a collection of traditional cakes and lo-mei products. Known as “King of the South Jiangzi”. The glutinous rice is cooked but not rotten, but the meat filling is not greasy, and the salty sweetness is moderate, which is quite delicious.

10.Donglaishun Hotpot

10 places to eat at Jiqing Street in Wuhan

The typical representative of northern hot pot, the shop mainly serves mutton and roast duck. Suitable for business banquets, family gatherings, friends gatherings, etc., the taste is reliable, and there are many types of lamb and duck meat.

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