Top 10 Hot Noodles in Wuhan: Which of the 10 Best Hot Noodles in Wuhan Meets Your Taste

Must-eat food in Wenzhou Wuma Street

Wuhan, which is a “nine provinces thoroughfare”, is an early capital. Among the many early features, everyone can’t get away with hot noodles. The number of hot dry noodle shops in Wuhan is staggering, and almost everyone has their favorite hot dry noodle restaurants. Today, I will talk about the top ten hot noodles in Wuhan?

1. Cai Linji Hot Noodle

Top Ten Hot Noodles in Wuhan

Cai Linji’s hot dried noodles in Wuhan’s top ten hot dried noodles list is the most famous one. Their family is the representative of black sesame hot dried noodles. There are also many branches in Wuhan. More in line with the public.

2. Master Zhao Red Oil Hot Noodle

Top Ten Hot Noodles in Wuhan

Friends who like spicy food must not let go of this hot dry noodle. Master Zhao’s red oil hot dry noodle can really cry you every minute. They also need to order the fried rice cakes and burnt wheat. It is necessary to remind him There are many people lined up in the morning, so be sure to go early.

3. Roche hot and dry beef noodles

Top Ten Hot Noodles in Wuhan

Ordinary hot dry noodles are not addictive? It doesn’t matter. Come and eat Roche’s hot and dry beef hot dry noodles to ensure that you are full of vitality throughout the day. .

4. Peng Ji Hot Noodles

Top Ten Hot Noodles in Wuhan

This is also a noodle restaurant that has been open for many years. Their hot and dry noodles have a sweet taste. They add sweet and crispy radish, and then a spoonful of spicy oil with sesame flavor. Mix while hot, the aroma overflows, and the teeth are spit .

5.Zeng Mazi Hot Noodles

Top Ten Hot Noodles in Wuhan

Zeng Mazi is also a chain of hot dry noodle shops. His hot dry noodles are authentic and can taste the taste of traditional hot dry noodles. The quality control is stable and the taste of each branch is not bad.

6. Shenjia Crab Feet Hot Noodle

Top Ten Hot Noodles in Wuhan

This is a kind of hot and dry noodles that have been “everyday up.” His family was originally a small shop, because more and more people like his home, so the store is now more and more open. The crab feet in the noodles are very large and the meat is very tender. The hot and dry noodles are soaked with the sweetness of the crabs and very delicious. His house usually opens at noon. Don’t go too early.

7. Pang Kee Hot Noodle

Top Ten Hot Noodles in Wuhan

This noodle restaurant is different from ordinary hot noodles. It is a halal hot noodles that is open 24 hours a year, so you can eat hot noodles from his house at any time. The boss is very generous, and his family has a lot of hot and dry noodles, which is very satisfying.

8. Mai Xiang Yuan Hot Noodles

Top Ten Hot Noodles in Wuhan

Mai Xiang Yuan is a comprehensive noodle restaurant. The variety of their homes is not much compared to other homes, but surprisingly, each item is delicious. In addition to tasting the hot and dry noodles of his house, you can also try other early mornings at his house.

9. Laotianji Hot Noodles

Top Ten Hot Noodles in Wuhan

Laotianji’s hot and dry noodles have read “China on the Tip of the Tongue”, and even Chen Xiaoqing, who has eaten a lot of food, praised it. Mix the noodles while they are still hot, and buy a noodle nest at the stall next door. This is the most standard Wuhanese package.

10. Mother-in-law Yu Hot Noodles

Top Ten Hot Noodles in Wuhan

The hot dried noodles of Yu’s mother-in-law’s house are the legendary “hot dried noodles downstairs”, the traditional Chinese hot dried noodles. There are many neighborhoods to eat nearby. When the store is full, everyone sits on the street to eat, and some will bring their own bowls to take home.

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