Top 10 ice cream brands in the world, which is the best ice cream brand?

Delicious imported snacks list must eat, mouth can't stop at all

 Ice cream is a must-have consumer product in the summer. Even in the cold winter, many people can hardly resist the temptation. With the improvement of living standards, everyone is more and more willing to accept brand ice cream. Although these prices are high, they are taste It is definitely worth it. Today, the list 123 will introduce the top ten ice cream brands that are popular in the world, and tell you which is the best ice cream brand?

Top 10 ice cream brands in the world

  1.GELATO, Italy


  3.COLD STONE ice cream in the United States

  4, and Lu Xue

  5. Delicious ice cream in Vidadu, Havana, Cuba


  7. BERTHILION ice cream in Paris, France

  8.DQ ice cream


  10.New Zealand Tip Top

  I. GELATO, Italy

Top 10 ice cream brands in the world, which is the best ice cream brand?

  Gelato, a classic hand-made ice cream, is the representative of Italian desserts. All ingredients are seasonal fruits, natural nuts, milk, eggs, etc., without any additives. “Cooling down”, the air content is relatively low, the ice cream made is delicate, dense, and sweetness is just right! And this ice cream has at least 12 flavors for consumers to choose from.

  Comments: This ice cream can be said without exaggeration as one that you will want to buy when you see it. The characteristics of this ice cream are that it can have many mixed flavors, fruity, sweet and sour, and fruity. The texture is dense and delicate, the berries have a lot of grains, and there are surprises for each taste. Even people like me who do n’t eat ice cream can hardly stop the temptation. Those who love ice cream must try it!


Top 10 ice cream brands in the world, which is the best ice cream brand?

  Haagen-Dazs ranks first in the world’s top ice cream brand list , sells its brand ice cream in various countries, and opens more than 700 stores in 54 countries or regions. In addition, in terms of market share: 6.1% in the United States, 3.5% in the United Kingdom, 1% in France, 4.6% in Japan, 4% in Singapore, 5% in Hong Kong, and less than 1% in South Korea. Haagen-Dazs products include ice cream, ice cream sticks, ice cream and frozen cheese.

  Comments: Haagen-Dazs will always be one of the sweet food lovers. Women and children may be more favored. Some people may think that it is high in price, but it must be reasonable. Xiaobian thinks Haagen-Dazs is still Good, good taste, good shape, no matter how expensive the price is just happy to eat.

  COLD STONE ice cream in the United States

Top 10 ice cream brands in the world, which is the best ice cream brand?

  This ice cream has more than 1500 stores in the world. Cold Stone not only produces lubricated cream ice cream, but also specializes in packaging. Each shovel can add a different mix to an ice cream according to your requirements, such as candy, nuts, fruits or more, and then put it into a freshly baked waffle cone. The perfect ice cream experience has been All ice cream lovers talk about it.

  Comments: This ice cream can see a cool performance when you buy it. Choose the flavor you want to eat. Then add it with various ingredients (chopped peanuts, chocolate, dried nuts). have eaten. After eating the ice cream inside, and then eating the bottom biscuit block, you will be very full, and even you ca n’t eat anything.

Fourth, He Luxue

Top 10 ice cream brands in the world, which is the best ice cream brand?

  He Luxue (English: Wall’s) is a well-known ice cream company in the UK. Is a subsidiary of Unilever. Unilever, the world’s fast-moving consumer goods manufacturer, has acquired several ice cream manufacturing companies. Including France’s miko, many countries around the world have different names. In the United Kingdom and Asia, the English name is wall’s Chinese name and Road Snow.

  Comments: He Luxue enjoys the reputation of “Ice Cream Expert” in the world. It has been committed to providing consumers with more delicious ice cream, but it still adheres to the path of diversified development. There are also many varieties of ice cream. Not only The price is affordable and the taste is very flattering. Among them, Heluxue Melaleuca is the ninth best ice cream in China in 2017 .

  Fifth, delicious ice cream in Havana, Cuba

Top 10 ice cream brands in the world, which is the best ice cream brand?

  This ice cream may have been heard relatively little, but COPPELIA is almost the national ice cream representative of Cuba. Almost every town has a COPPELIA ice cream shop, and there is a continuous stream of diners.

  Comments: This ice cream is the representative of the ice cream in Cuba and one of the top ten ice cream brands. It is worth trying ice cream in terms of taste and variety.

  Six, the United States RON’S GOURMET ICE CREAM

Top 10 ice cream brands in the world, which is the best ice cream brand?

  This unique family-run ice cream parlour is combined with a bowling alley. Its ice cream shop offers up to 32 different flavors of ice cream, some of which change as the seasons change. The nut chocolate cake ice cream here is made with homemade vanilla ice cream mixed with first baked brownies and is very popular with customers.

  Comments: RON’S GOURMET ICE CREAM has a perfect texture, the best of which is Oreo cake and brownie nut flavor. Rum raisin ice cream, large portion, cream is very delicate, can be said to eat every day without getting tired.

  7. BERTHILION ice cream in Paris, France

Top 10 ice cream brands in the world, which is the best ice cream brand?

  This is the kind of ice cream that makes the French crazy. If you travel to France, you must try BERTHILLON. There are up to 50 flavors of charming ice cream. BERTHILLON has branches all over Paris, but you must visit the flagship store in Saint Louis.

  Comment: The sherbet here is a kind of sweet fruit ice (without cream or milk), which tastes great! Two of the most popular ones are the rich lemon flavor and the new strawberry flavor.

 Eight, DQ ice cream

Top 10 ice cream brands in the world, which is the best ice cream brand?

  For a long time, DQ ice cream has been known as the “Ice Queen”. Its originator was American McCulllough. In 1938, American McCarlo tried to make new ice cream products. In 1940, the first Dairy Queen ice cream shop opened in Joliet, Illinois, USA. This is today’s DQ ice cream. DQ ice creams are all soft ice creams. After being evenly stirred, they have the reputation of not being poured.

  Comments: This ice cream made Master Buffett love it. It is said that because he likes to eat, he also bought DQ as a whole. Have a drink every time you eat or watch a movie. This flavor has many flavors and is very rich in taste. It is used to DQ, rich milk flavor, and other ice cream, you will feel a taste of milk essence.

  Nine, Meiji

Top 10 ice cream brands in the world, which is the best ice cream brand?

  The Meiji Group, which originated in Japan in 1917, is a well-known food and nutrition manufacturer. Meiji ice cream has a history of nearly 100 years. From 1996 to 1999, it has ranked first in sales for four consecutive years in Japan. There are more than 40 varieties of Meiji ice cream, mainly including: “Uji Gold Time”, “Hokkaido Red Beans”, “Shizuoka Strawberry”, “Mullet Red Beans”, pearl milk tea and other sticks; “Torch Modern”, representative of science and technology crispy ice cream Tube series; cup series; color box for family food etc.

  Comments: This ice cream has a strong flavor, pure natural feeling and large-capacity enjoyment. Many people are attracted to it. I think this ice cream cookie is very delicious, and ice cream must be delicious. Try it.

  Ten, New Zealand Tip Top

Top 10 ice cream brands in the world, which is the best ice cream brand?

  This Tip Top ice cream, which is always placed in the most prominent counter in New Zealand, can be described as one of the “New Zealand national brands”. As one of the world’s leading dairy production and manufacturing countries, all raw materials are taken from New Zealand’s fresh milk , Cream, and fresh fruit. Although ice cream is high in oil and sugar, it is quite unhealthy, but every New Zealander consumes dozens of liters of ice cream every year.

  Comments: This ice cream is full of ingredients, rich in flavor, sweet and not greasy, and some of them will have some small biscuit balls. It tastes full of rich flavor in the mouth, and it will not be as thin as some ice cream. This brand is also in front It was only recently introduced by our country. At present, there are many local fruits made of New Zealand that are not available elsewhere. Don’t miss it if you go to New Zealand.

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