Top 10 private dishes in Wuhan: delicious and affordable without a flavor

Top 10 delicious restaurants in Zhangdian

There are many interesting places in Wuhan, such as Yellow Crane Tower, Yangtze River Bridge, Guanggu Pedestrian Street, Jianghan Road, and so on. There are also a lot of delicious things, such as Cai Lin Ji’s hot dry noodles, and three fresh tofu, cold skin, cold noodles, and so on. For those who are accustomed to high-end restaurant cuisine, changing the taste is a good choice. And the private house dish just happened to satisfy people’s aspirations. Today I will talk about the top ten private house dish in Wuhan.

1. Diaojiao Private Kitchen

Top Ten Private Dish in Wuhan

The location of Diaojiao Tower is relatively remote, just like its name. You need to make an appointment in advance. You can’t eat without an appointment. Also, the menu here is not fixed, but the owner prepares dishes due to the season. The special dish is beef mustard and it tastes good.

2. Xinsheng Private Kitchen

Top Ten Private Dish in Wuhan

It has been around for some years, it is quite well known in the local area, and many people come to taste it. His signature dish is garlic fish, which looks unsatisfactory, but it tastes delicious in his mouth. His fragrant tofu is also good.

3, fish idiot drunk private dishes

Top Ten Private Dish in Wuhan

The interior decoration is exquisite and elegant, which has a classic Chinese artistic conception, and it is the style of Chinese water village. The main dishes are fish, and the fish ball soup here is particularly delicious, with a tender and smooth texture.

4. Out of water hibiscus private dishes

Top Ten Private Dish in Wuhan

Hidden in a residential building, the appearance is very ordinary. Without prominent billboards and slogans, eating here is as easy as eating at home. His signature Coconut and Horseshoe Qingyuan Chicken Soup is rich in flavor and delicious.

5, Baifulou Restaurant

Top Ten Private Dish in Wuhan

The authentic Chinese classical restaurant has a small store and a large space on the second floor. His pepper and spring chicken is limited in daily supply, and the ginger and spicy chicken feet are also very authentic. It is highly recommended.

6. Eat home

Top Ten Private Dish in Wuhan

The decoration style of this home is similar to ordinary houses, with old photos hanging on the wall, which looks very old-fashioned. When you come to this restaurant, be sure to order Crab Enoki Mushroom, this is a dish that tastes amazing, smooth and delicious, full of freshness.

7.Drunkard House

Top Ten Private Dish in Wuhan

Known as the “Late Night Cafeteria” in Wuhan, the decoration is very retro and nostalgic. After entering, it feels like the last century. Many people come here to eat his small yellow croaker, the meat is delicate and flavorful, sour and sweet.

8. The Museum

Top Ten Private Dish in Wuhan

Eating at this place is pure luck, because there is no menu in this place, it can only be what the chefs make and eat. But the decoration of this house is very good and the dishes are exquisite. Mostly Chinese and Western dishes will always surprise you.

9.Bamboo Mountain House

Top Ten Private Dish in Wuhan

The location is relatively remote, but the environment is quiet and quiet, but it is a good place for a tea break. There is no menu here, and some dishes need to be prepared by yourself, which is a special feature and not expensive.

10, sweet aunt’s private dishes

Top Ten Private Dish in Wuhan

It used to be called “Aunt Tian”, but it was changed later. The environment is elegant and chic, and the tables and chairs are arranged in an orderly manner. Many young women come to check in just to take a look here. It’s a bit like a coffee shop and a dessert shop.

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