Top ten luxury restaurants in Shanghai: “Kurogi Kuroki”, known as the most expensive Japanese restaurant in Shanghai

Shanghai is also known as China’s Magic City. Here you can feel the prosperity of the international metropolis, the drunken nightlife, and the delicious food from all over the world. Today I will introduce to you the top ten luxury restaurants in Shanghai! !

1. ULTRAVIOLET by Paul Paire

Top 10 luxury restaurants in Shanghai

A Samsung Michelin restaurant in Shanghai costs around 5,000 yuan per capita and is a very mysterious restaurant, because few people know the exact location of the restaurant. The restaurant ’s delicacies are made by French chef Paul Paire and have only ten seats. Diners who accept the reservation will gather at the designated location and then be sent to the restaurant as a creative French cuisine, exquisite shapes and creative cooking techniques, which will always stimulate your taste buds and let you enjoy the luxurious restaurant experience in Shanghai.

Huang Gongzi

Top 10 luxury restaurants in Shanghai

It is a privately-made private room cuisine. The restaurant is divided into three specifications: 1,500 yuan, 3,000 yuan, and 5,000 yuan. Huang Gongzi is a strange woman and a celebrity Wang clan. Because of his hospitality and mastery of cooking, This private restaurant is opened in a detached bungalow in Hengshanfang. The restaurant environment is very elegant. Every detail can see the exquisite and elegant of the owner. The dishes from appetizers, appetizers to main dishes are very delicate and delicious. It is worthy of everyone. Tasting luxury restaurant.

3. Wangjiang Pavilion

Top 10 luxury restaurants in Shanghai

One of the top ten luxury restaurants in Shanghai, located on the Bund of the Huangpu River, is an octagonal pavilion. Wangjiang Pavilion is not only a luxurious restaurant with beautiful Huangpu River views, but also a marriage proposal site. The hotel’s per capita consumption is 3,000 yuan Above, one-to-one butler full-service, private room layout, and live music can be arranged in advance according to customer requirements, because the hotel location is very hot, it is recommended to book one month in advance.

4.8 Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA

Top 10 luxury restaurants in Shanghai

Luxury Italian-style restaurant, Michelin-starred chef Bombana is located on Yuanmingyuan Road, next to the Huangpu River and looking up at the Oriental Pearl. Here you can not only enjoy the exquisite cuisine, the restaurant bar, and cocktails and wines from all over the world, let you enjoy A leisurely meal.

5.Bo Shanghai

Top 10 luxury restaurants in Shanghai

Opened by the well-known “kitchen demon” Liang Jinglun, the restaurant is hidden in the back door of the No. 5 Bund, with a per capita consumption of 2,100 yuan, and it is a new Michelin restaurant. The restaurant menu is innovative and novel, and you can taste creativity here. The eight major Chinese cuisines, and the restaurant Chef Table, you can watch the entire process of chef cooking from a distance, 12 dishes named after Chinese provinces, let you have a wonderful taste bud journey.


Top 10 luxury restaurants in Shanghai

The restaurant is located on Zhenning Road. The restaurant has 22 seats and two decks. The entire kitchen is a wraparound design. Is a Michelin one star restaurant. Per capita consumption is about 1700 yuan, with a total of 10-14 dishes. The level of Michelin placement, each dish is exquisite, and the overall environment is very quiet and elegant.

7. Blessing 1015

Top 10 luxury restaurants in Shanghai

One of the top ten luxury restaurants in Shanghai, located at 1015 Yuyuan Road, is a French-style old Shanghai house with a per capita consumption of 1,400 yuan. It mainly promotes traditional Shanghai cuisine, combined with open Chinese and Western menus, which can satisfy guests with a variety of taste options.

8. Empty Chan Kaiseki cuisine

Top 10 luxury restaurants in Shanghai

Located on the third floor of Yifeng Bundyuan, the restaurant is designed by top Japanese designers. All the ingredients are shipped by air in Japan, and the per capita consumption is 2,700 yuan. The purpose of the restaurant is to let every diner experience the most authentic and exquisite kaiseki cuisine.

9. L’ATELIER de Joël Robuchon

Top 10 luxury restaurants in Shanghai

Located on the eighteenth on the Bund, the location is excellent. You can enjoy the beautiful night view of the Huangpu River by the table. The per capita consumption is 1,700 yuan. The restaurant advocates a more complicated way to present simple-looking food. If you want to taste French cuisine, this Don’t miss this restaurant.

10. Kurogi Kuroki Japanese Cuisine

Top 10 luxury restaurants in Shanghai

One of the top ten luxury restaurants in Shanghai, a famous luxury Japanese restaurant in Shanghai, with a per capita consumption of 3,500 yuan. Located on the first floor of the Polaroid Hotel, it is a Samsung Michelin Japanese meal. The restaurant ’s signature dish is yummy tofu and Japanese. Special sake is also very delicious, it is a recommended restaurant.

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