Top6 Airlines offering luxury airline meals

Most people mention airplane meals, and they all look disgusted. Yes, the meals served by the aircraft usually have fewer choices and a bad taste. In addition to no need to save money, there is basically no difference with the train. But if you are on the flight of the following six airlines, it is another matter.

 6. Etihad Airways

 First appearance is the Emirates Etihad Airways, ranked sixth in the delicious index. The reason for the three-foot-high dining experience and the five-star restaurant is that the chefs come from Michelin restaurants around the world. Can’t afford first class? It doesn’t matter, Etihad Airways of the United Arab Emirates is not inferior to the standard of economy class.

 5. Cathay Pacific

 Cathay Pacific is currently one of the few airlines that have the first frying pan, rice cooker and steam oven on the plane. Although Cathay’s production is not high and fine, it is absolutely fresh enough. Allows passengers to taste the baked toast, organic omelet, espresso or cappuccino. Passengers in the Deluxe Economy class can also use metal cutlery and enjoy Haagen-Dazs ice cream~ If you are hungry, there are an unlimited number of cup noodles for you to enjoy! Great value!

 4. Singapore Airlines

 The most creative aspect of Singapore Airlines’ catering service is that it will make a special menu based on the destination. If you fly to Hong Kong, the plane meal will be Hong Kong-style noodles, rice wine stewed cowboy bones; if you fly to Tokyo, then you can taste traditional Japanese tea; if you fly to Italy, then a variety of meat sauce pasta Appear on your table. There are also local and local Michelin restaurant chefs from around the world who are at your disposal, quality assurance!

 3. Emirates

 In the first class of Emirates, you are waiting for a 7-course luxury jet meal! The economy class also has delicious meals, smoked tuna with marinated vegetable salad, fragrant kebabs with broccoli, chocolate, cheese and biscuits, and brandy will be presented to you one by one.

 2. Air France

 Thibaut Ruggeri, winner of the 2013 Bocuse d’Or Cooking Competition, is the master of the Air France design menu. Every 8 months, the company will re-select a palace-level chef to help redesign the aircraft meal, so that the trapeze can taste different star flavors. And no matter which route you fly, every 10 days, it will change.

 Turkish Airlines

    The airline champion of the world’s most luxurious airline meal is awarded to the Turkish Airlines that won the Passenger Choice Awards “Best Food and Beverage Award” this year. As long as you board the plane, you will not feel that your purpose is to fly to a certain place, a row of white The chefs in the overalls will send you greetings one by one, you are like entering a top restaurant. Enjoy the food, the dining is finished, your destination is here.

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