Types of drugs, types of new drugs (don’t eat milk tea jumping sugar by the way)

  They all know the dangers of drugs , and they are not contaminated. They also explain why drugs are addictive . However, there are many drugs in the world, and some people are infected with drugs by ghosts with ulterior motives. The following list 123 website will announce the types of drugs for you, as well as the types of new drugs. Do not eat when you see it.

Types of drugs


  Opium is a tan or black paste extracted from poppy fruits. It is called “opium” in medicine, and it is called “big smoke”, “smoke soil”, “smoke cream” and so on in the folk. The opium herbaceous plant poppy immature fruit is cut with a knife and the sap flowing out is air-dried and concentrated to a brown paste. This is raw opium. Raw opium is matured by heating and frying. It is a brown viscous liquid, commonly known as tobacco paste.

  Opium is a primary drug. Opium mainly contains opium alkaloids. There are more than 25 known species, the most important of which are morphine and codeine. The content can reach 10% to 20%. Opium and morphine, heroin and other drugs derived from it are the most harmful addictions and are extremely susceptible to poisoning. In the 1980s, as many as 100,000 people died of opioid poisoning in the world.


  Morphine is a white needle-like crystal or crystalline powder extracted from opium. It has a bitter taste, and is easily deteriorated when exposed to light. It is soluble in water and slightly soluble in ethanol. It is an alkaloid. It has a strong inhibitory effect on the respiratory center. Excessive dosage can cause slow breathing and even respiratory central paralysis, which is usually the direct cause of death from morphine poisoning. Morphine is more addictive than opium. Generally, drug dependence (addiction) can occur for more than one week of continuous medication, and sometimes it can be addicted for several days.

  Morphine addicts often use subcutaneous or intravenous injections. At first it was used clinically as an analgesic, but because it has a strong inhibitory effect on the respiratory center, like taking evil tablets, coma, excessive pupil shrinkage, respiratory depression, and even respiratory paralysis after morphine overdose Stop and die. This extreme addiction damages the body.

  3. Heroin

  Heroin is a white powder extracted from morphine. It is currently known as the “king of drugs in the world”. It can cause psychological dependence after only one use, and it is extremely difficult to quit. Because heroin is the fastest addiction and the most toxic, it was once known as the “king of drugs in the world”. Generally, people who continue to use heroin can only live 7 to 8 years. Generally, continuous use of heroin is divided into “No. 2”, “No. 3” and “No. 4” heroin with different uses and purity.

  ”No. 2″ heroin is also called sub-heroin. Its chemical name is diacetylmorphine, which looks like a brick and has a light grayish brown color. Sub-heroin is made for easy transportation and trading.

  ”No. 3″ heroin is a brown or gray granular substance, also known as brown sugar cubes, containing 30-50% of heroin. It has been used for smoking.

  ”No. 4″ heroin is refined from morphine, after acetylation, hydrochloric acid, and then purified, whitened, into a light and fine white powder. Compared with morphine, heroin is more water-soluble, rapidly hydrolyzes to morphine in the body, absorbs quickly, exerts effects quickly, and is more fat-soluble. Addictive and difficult to quit. Once his addiction is severe, the painful torture will await him. The painful experience has made drug addicts trapped in poisonous ponds, and they are unable to help themselves.

  4 hemp

  There are three main forms of cannabis: cannabis resin and cannabis oil. Cannabis is usually smoked as a hemp smoke, or used as a cannabis drink, or mixed with food, and can also be chewed, snuffed, or swallowed. Those who use marijuana suffer from a decline in learning ability and memory, depression, and the formation of “fallen syndrome”. They lose control of their behaviors and suddenly have a desire to attack violently.


  Cocaine is an alkaloid extracted from the coca leaves of the South American bush. The chemical name is benzylecgonine. It is the strongest natural central stimulant. It is white crystal, odorless, bitter and hemp.

  A small dose of cocaine can cause a slowing of the heart rhythm; an increase in the dose causes a rapid heart rhythm, shortness of breath, vomiting, tremors, convulsions, and convulsions; large doses can cause death. A dose of 70 mg of pure cocaine can kill a person weighing 70 kg on the spot.

  Cocaine is abused by drug users through nasal mucosal absorption. Because of the irritating and vasoconstrictive effects of cocaine, the nasal mucosal tissue of long-term nasal users can be necrotic or ulcerated. Because of the stimulating effect of cocaine on the nasal mucosa, drug users often dig their noses involuntarily, resulting in perforation of the nasal septum or even Collapse. Adding cocaine can lead to addiction within a few weeks, accompanied by loss and can lead to paranoid psychosis. Large-dose inhalation can stimulate the spinal cord and cause respiratory failure and death.

  6 Ice

  ”Ice” poison belongs to a class of amphetamine derivatives, also known as methamphetamine, and the drug is called “methamphetamine”. Such drugs were mainly used at the time to treat narcolepsy and ADHD in children. Because it has the functions of exciting the brain, enhancing vitality, and eliminating fatigue, it was widely used by some countries in the military during World War II to relieve the fatigue of soldiers and strengthen their combat operations. After the end of the Second World War, a large amount of “ice” poison stored in the army flowed into society, resulting in a pandemic of “ice” poison in some countries. By the 1970s, countries had implemented legislation and controls on amphetamine abuse.

  ”Ice” addicts are characterized by compulsive heavy drug use every day. These people have become strongly dependent on it and have become a necessity of their lives, so they must use “ice” every day to keep them excited, otherwise they will be difficult to spend; they are unable to fall asleep at night due to the highly excited nerves and must use Sleeping pills to make up for the unpleasant effect of the “ice” effect in the later stage, otherwise sad; the vicious cycle began again the next day, so repeatedly, can not dial. High-dose or repeated use of “ice” can produce toxic psychosis, medically known as amphetamine psychosis, clinical symptoms are very similar to paranoid schizophrenia, mainly due to forced delusions, hallucinations, hallucinations, and disorganized speech. Drug addicts experience intense pain, anxiety, terror, and suicide are not uncommon. There are also some mixed types of hallucinogens and stimulants, which are derivatives of methamphetamine, which are very harmful to human health. Sufferers will have disturbances of consciousness and various unrealistic delusions. Their behavior is extremely abnormal and it is easy to cause violent punishment. .

  7.Ecstasy drugs

  ”Ecstasy” is a new drug-the common name of methamphetamine (MDMA) and methamphetamine (MDA), derivatives of “ice” poisonous drugs. Get the name. “Ecstasy” originates from the Netherlands. According to the type of hallucinations, the time when hallucinations occur and the duration of hallucinations, there are 198 kinds of products. At present, there are about 20 kinds more commonly found in Shenzhen.

  About twenty minutes after taking “ecstasy”, first I was dizzy, my palms sweated, my feet started to soften, and then I felt excited, appeared hallucinations, and couldn’t control myself. Some wanted to do whatever they wanted, such as fighting or driving fast . In the strong dance of music, the stronger the music, the more comfortable it feels. There is a feeling of wanting to get into the music. Without music, you will feel tired, shake your head slightly, and want to sleep. “Ecstasy” can be used for 4-6 hours, and can be tested from urine within one month after taking it.


  Cannabis dependence is dominated by psychological dependence, physical dependence is relatively light, and it is not easy to develop tolerance. After taking it, it has some potential social hazards and is considered to be one of the three major drugs in the world. Moreover, the cultivation and processing of cannabis is relatively easy, and it has become the most popular and cheapest drug in western countries today, known as the “poor drug”.

  The toxicity of cannabis is very low, and the lethal dose in humans is estimated to exceed 5000 mg / kg. Therefore, it is extremely rare that cannabis is fatal. But cannabis, like other psychoactive substances, can cause problems such as dependence if it is used in large quantities for a long time. And worldwide, the vast majority of drug-related crimes are related to cannabis. So it’s one of the hardest drugs to quit.


  Its main ingredient is methamphetamine, which is a processed methamphetamine tablet with an appearance similar to that of ecstasy. It belongs to the amphetamine-type stimulant and has been tested to contain methamphetamine and caffeine. Has a strong addiction. After taking it, it will make people’s central nervous system and blood system extremely excited, which can greatly exhaust people’s physical and immune functions. Long-term use can cause depression and fatigue, mental disorders, damage to the heart, kidneys and liver, and even severe death.


  Duolidine, namely pethidine hydrochloride, is a synthetic opioid receptor agonist and belongs to the phenylpiperidine derivative. It is a clinically used synthetic analgesic. It is a white crystalline powder with slightly bitter taste and odorless Its effect and mechanism are similar to morphine, but its sedative and anesthetic effects are relatively small, only equivalent to 1 / 10-1 / 7 of morphine. Long-term use creates dependence and is classified as a strictly controlled narcotic.

Types of new drugs:

  1. Qat grass is commonly known as “Arabian Tea”

  The price is surprisingly cheap, the effect is similar to heroin, the toxicity is amazing, and it is very easy to be addicted to the spirit! Its appearance is very confusing. Many drug addicts chew directly, so in case someone passes you such a “leaf” for you to chew, don’t say no.

  2.Milk tea

  Be wary of the new drug “milk tea”. It is powdery in appearance. It is usually masked with milk tea, coffee, tea bags and other packages. It is ready to drink, and after brewing, it smells milk tea, but it is mixed with methamphetamine and K powder.

  3. Cough water

  Commonwealth, Li Jianting, Au Ting … their common names are cough water, the main ingredient is codeine phosphate, and its metabolite is morphine. On the black market, cough water trades from time to time. Police said that nowadays, students are drinking in large bottles, and the addiction of morphine is highlighted.

  4.Red ice

  Shaped like amethyst, shaped like large grains of sea salt. Its power is at least two or three times that of ordinary methamphetamine. Once you get used to it, you will be deeply addicted to drugs and the amount will continue to increase.

  5.Jump Candy

  Dissolve in water, drink immediately, mix with a variety of drinks, the taste does not change, and even the flavor is similar. This new drug has a strong stamina, and the brain will be excited for two days after drinking it. Be wary, if a bad-hearted person gives you such a pack of so-called “nostalgic snacks”, you don’t even open it.

  6.Bath salt

  Is a new type of hallucinogen, colorful. It is actually a high-purity crystal of a highly effective psychotropic drug, cathinone. Police said that “bath salt” is the most powerful drug available today. After eating, you will feel like a giant and inaccessible. There have been cases in other countries. After taking “bath salt”, drug addicts sacked almost 80% of each other’s face.

  7.Dried flowers

  Dried flowers are actually a substitute for cannabis drugs. They dilute K3 and soak it in flowers and leaves, and then dry it. Dried flowers are deceptive. First, they can avoid inspection. At the same time, they can also cause artifacts when they smoke. When they want to attract others to drink, they will say that this is just a good smelling flower, which is easy to be fooled and become a drug addict without knowing it.

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