Which drugs are the most harmful? The most harmful drugs list

  Everyone should know the words of cherishing life and staying away from drugs, and everyone knows that drugs are inaccessible, but many people have their homes destroyed when they become infected with drugs. Although drugs are not the most poisonous substances in the world, they are also the most vicious substances in the world. The following list 123 net will announce for you which drug is the most harmful? The most harmful drug list.

Which drugs are the most harmful? The most harmful drugs list

  1. Heroin: King of Drugs

  Heroin is known as the “King of Drugs in the World”. Heroin crimes top the list of all drugs and are the main drug banned in China. Heroin can’t be completely abstained from smoking. Although it can be treated by methadone, etc., methadone itself is also addictive and has a very high relapse rate.

  Heroin is a kind of opium drugs (maca, codeine, etc. also belong to the opium category). The difference is that heroin is semi-chemically synthesized, and the traditionally called opium is poppy extract. After ingesting opioids, there will be emotional processes such as ecstasy-apathy-irritability. Stopping intake will cause symptoms such as irritability, vomiting, insomnia, diarrhea, muscle pain and so on.

  2, methamphetamine: new drug

  It is a new type of chemically synthesized drug, but its toxins are not small at all. After ingestion, it seriously affects the patients’ brains and some organs in the body, thereby regulating human emotions and behaviors.

  When the user takes methamphetamine, the body will appear a new equilibrium state under the action of gambling, which will make the patient feel a short-term comfort. That is, the normal transmission of neurotransmitters is destroyed, and dopamine (making pleasure) and norepinephrine (inhibiting pain) are continuously released, but preventing these neurotransmitters from being retaken by the nerve receiver is at the cost of destruction, and all the pleasure is overdrawn in advance . But once you stop taking drugs, you will have a corresponding withdrawal response.

  3. Marijuana: Star favorite

  Cannabis is a plant extract, which is not objectively dangerous, or even less than nicotine. After ingesting cannabis, the mood will be relaxed, the senses will be enlarged, and the cognition will be impaired. Larger doses may cause hallucinations and paranoia. In addition, underage cannabis can cause permanent damage to the brain.

  4. Opium: the originator of drugs

  Opium is probably one of the most familiar drugs in the country. It is almost the founder of the drug industry. Extracted from poppy fruits, carried out by smoking guns, etc., also by direct swallowing. Opium has a strong addiction, and the withdrawal response is obvious. There will be symptoms such as tears and tears, body tremors, and uncontrollable symptoms. Of course, the young commander Zhang Xueliang is said to have successfully quit opium.

  5. Morphine: Spreading AIDS

  It is an alkaloid isolated from opium. It contains about 10% of opiates. It is a colorless or white crystalline powder. Opium is easily addicted. Long-term use can cause mental disorders, delirium and fantasies, and excessive use can lead to respiratory failure and death. Historically it has been used as a psychotropic drug to withdraw opium, but due to its excessive side effects, it was eventually classified as a drug. Morphine is mainly used for injection. Zamorphine is one of the main channels for HIV transmission.

  6. Ecstasy: ice poison derivatives

  Derivatives of methamphetamine, with amphetamine-type stimulants such as MDMA as the main component, have dual effects of excitement and hallucination. After abuse, they can shake the head violently with music for a long time, so it is called ecstasy. The appearance is mostly tablets, colorful. After taking it, it will produce strong excitement of the central nervous system, shaking his head and delirious movements. Under the effect of hallucinations, he often causes collective immorality, self-harm and aggressive behaviors, and can induce schizophrenia and acute heart and brain diseases, and has strong mental dependence. MDMA is mostly circulated in entertainment venues, also known as entertainment medicine.

  7. Triazolam: Sweat medicine

  Also known as Hai Le Shen, Xi Le Xin, light blue tablets, is a strong narcotic drug, can quickly make a person faint and faint after oral administration. Can be taken with alcohol, but also soluble in water and various beverages. Quick effect, 45-100 times stronger than ordinary stability.

  8. Coca: severe death

  Coca is a tropical shrub that grows in the American continent, Southeast Asia, and Africa. It is a traditional plant in South America. Local residents generally chew coca leaves in their mouths, or smoke coca leaves in a pipe, or mix with cannabis, usually by nasal inhalation or smoking.

  After taking coca leaves in large doses, a series of poisoning symptoms such as increased mood, increased alertness, vigorous energy, and decreased judgment will occur in smokers. On the basis of increased tolerance, chronic drug abusers may also have withdrawal syndrome, which is mainly manifested as emotional disorders, fatigue, sleep disorders, psychomotor excitement, and severe cases leading to suicide. A major alkaloid, cocaine, can be isolated from coca leaves.

  Cocaine: highly addictive

  Cocaine is a white crystalline alkaloid extracted from coca leaves. It is a potent central nervous system stimulant and local anesthetic. It can block human nerve conduction and produce local anesthesia. It can stimulate the cerebral cortex by invigorating the activity of chemicals in the human body, excite the central nervous system, show high mood, active, talkative, and sometimes have a tendency to attack. Addictive.

  10. Magu: Rape Medicine

  ”Magu” is a transliteration of Thai. Its appearance is similar to that of ecstasy. It is round, tablet, berberine tablet size, rose red, orange red, apple green and other colors. It is printed with “R”, “WY”, “66”, “888” and other tags. Its ingredients contain methamphetamine and caffeine. Has a strong addiction. After taking it, it will make people’s central nervous system and blood system extremely excited, which can greatly exhaust people’s physical and immune functions. Long-term use can cause depression and fatigue, mental disorders, damage to the heart, kidneys and liver, and even severe death. This kind of drug directly affects the central nervous system of humans, has psychedelic effects, is toxic, and exhibits physiological reactions such as talkativeness and hypersexuality after ingestion. People with heart problems can cause shock or sudden death after taking it.

  Taking this medicine can make the user give their secrets and privacy to others freely through conversation and other methods, and promotes the user to be dominated by people, appearing fantasies and other symptoms, which can be easily used by criminals, and its harm is unimaginable. Therefore, this medicine is also commonly known as “peony medicine”, “robbery medicine” and “rape medicine”.

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