Why drugs are addictive, why drug addiction cannot be quit (dopamine’s fault)

  Drugs are extremely dangerous and inaccessible. In the list of the most difficult drugs to quit , there are also some reasons why drugs are addictive, and the harm of drugs is frightening. The following list 123 net gives you a detailed introduction to why drugs are addictive and why drug addiction cannot be quit.

Why drugs are addictive: excessive dopamine production

  When people do anything pleasant and exciting, the brain produces dopamine, which is a kind of excitement-generating substance. If the amount of dopamine produced by doing something reaches a certain amount and exceeds the willpower of the person, the person will do it uncontrollably. Any addiction is like this: Dopamine has reached a certain amount and the will is uncontrollable.

  Ordinary excitement, such as going to the amusement park on a roller coaster, eating ice cream, and dopamine are kept in the normal range, but drug and addictive behaviors will make dopamine exceed the will of people, and have a reflection on this matter Live again. This reflection is too strong to control the desire to do it again. For example, drugs: the stimulus of sex × 30 times, you can imagine what it feels like to do it absolutely uncontrollably. (Quiting quit means never to do it again. Anyone who feels that he has a strong will, can first try not to have sex for a year.)

  What is dopamine: neurotransmitters

  Dopamine, like serum, is a neurotransmitter that transfers neuron information from one part of the brain to another. Serotonin is associated with emotional sadness and depression, while domamine is closely linked with excitement and joy. Sometimes a hug, a kiss, a word of praise, or even winning a deck of cards can cause dopamine to rise. The intense excitement is like the action of drugs. Researchers even believe that dopamine is not only a chemical that transmits excitement, but also the “culprit” that causes addiction.

  People who lack self-control are more addicted

  When obese people see that they like food, the cerebral cortex will be stimulated to change, and their mouths, tongues, etc. will be involuntary. For them, the stimulation of these areas opens the door to happiness. So in this sense, anything that makes you deeply happy can be addictive. So drugs first addicted to people who lack self-control.

Why can’t quit drug addiction

  Drug use leads to increased blood oxygen supply

  The brain of a normal person can produce two substances, “endorphins” and “dihydrophenylalanine”. They are the source of all pleasure. When drugs enter the human body, they can replicate these two substances and greatly To increase the blood oxygen supply, which produces excitement and pleasure above normal levels. When this effect disappears, there is a sudden shortage of oxygen in the body, resulting in hypoxia in the blood. The normal oxygen supply function of the human body is weakened. At this time, drugs must be repeatedly used to stimulate the supply of oxygen in the body. Over time, if not stimulated by drugs, the blood is in a stagnant state and produces a variety of extremely painful symptoms. Do not use drugs again. This is why the human body develops drug dependence (addiction).

  Physical damage can only be compensated by drugs

  Because drugs can give people a sense of euphoria, this euphoria cannot be sustained for long. Therefore, the only way to continue to pursue this thrill is to keep taking drugs.

  Moreover, because the original balance mechanism in the human body has been disrupted, once the drug is stopped, anxiety, panic, fear and desire to re-use drugs will appear after 8-14 hours; various symptoms will occur after 36-38 hours It will reach an orgasm, like Wan Ant rodent, Wan needle stabbing heart, Wan mouth sucking blood, Wan insect broken ribs, Wan blade split skin, unbearable, unbearable, so it leads to the desire to re-drug; 36-38 hours after various Symptoms can reach orgasm and lead to mental and behavioral out-of-control, and in some cases suicide. In order to get rid of this pain, drug addicts will naturally search for drugs desperately. Some drug addicts will say, “Just let me take another sip, and it won’t matter if I get shot right away.” It is not difficult to understand.

  This is why drugs are addictive, and why drug addiction cannot be quit. Drugs can’t be contaminated bit by bit, they will never be contaminated if they are contaminated. Below is the advice of a special anti-drug policeman, with his years of experience in drug control and detoxification, to tell everyone how terrible drugs are.

Advice from an anti-drug swat:

  We now assume that you want to take drugs. If you have the idea to try now, I must tell you the fact that heroin cannot be completely banned.

  Don’t be curious, don’t have to worry, don’t try, don’t try. People who are contaminated with Shanghai Luoyin are better off than die. The only hope is to die from drug overdose.

  Inside my army, we all know that the relapse rate of heroin addicts is 100%. This is not much data. This is only what I have seen with my own eyes. As for the various data given from the perspective of medicine and statistics, we have different opinions. Anyway, I do n’t believe it. The facts I have seen with my own eyes are like this. Countless people have died of drug abuse, and countless others have died. But they have never seen a single person successfully detoxify.

  In fact, this question represents the curiosity of many people, and I worry about them. It’s a very vulgar saying that people do not live for themselves, and your parents, wives, children, brothers and sisters. Taking care of yourself means taking care of them.

  Finally warn you, friends, stay away from drugs. treasure.

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